Review: Z-Ro – Gangstafied

Z-Ro – Gangstafied is one of Z-Ro’s lesser known albums which received hardly any recognition or any form of publicity. The album featured gangstafied Southern unreleased songs that are considered to be exclusive material solely for this album. A majority of this album is chopped and screwed (SLABED) while a small portion is regular.

Now the design used an opaque monochromatic color scheme which used the colors of blue, silver, and white. The album has the iconic signature monochromatic white colored “PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT” label in the lower lefthand corner.

Eyes On Niggas explains how stays one step ahead of niggas and how he has his eyes on niggas.

Z-Ro rides on niggas in disguise. That’s how he puts a surprise on niggas. He is fiending to pull another homicide. So he keep his enemies close and his eyes on niggas.

Z-Ro keep his eyes on niggas because they watching him. These niggas are plotting on his downfall hopping that he will fail and not succeed by setting up road blocks to hold him back. That is planning on stopping Z-Ro. But they can’t stop Z-Ro as he is way too throwed. Blowing on dro blowed out and dranked out sipping on bar. Doesn’t matter who you are. Z-Ro don’t give a fuck about nothing but his paper. Z-Ro, Trae, and Jay are about to pull a caper where they running up in your motherfucking house today and tomorrow. They will be taking your TV and your VCR.

Up In My Face how people are up in his face constantly. Don’t these niggas know Z-Ro murders niggas for real man? You are dead wrong for fucking around with Z-Ro. He doesn’t know why motherfuckers are up in his face bumping they gums lately. What the fuck do they want with him?

When he walk in the club, niggas be hating. He has seen some niggas tonight that should be having they head stomped. Z-Ro ain’t got no love for you motherfuckin hoes. It’s non-stop now around the clock now. Z-Ro is riding with his brother, Trae, and Jay’ton on a money making mission stackin their fetti. That’s how it is. If you talking shit to them, they shoot it up. Nothing but thousand dollars spreads up in their hands. Fuck going to jail.

Z-Ro raps these lyrics in the fashion, delivery, and form of Yungstar’s verse on Wanna Be A Baller. “With a left, a right, I’m out-of-sight, I’m boss/I don’t give a fuck, you see me flippin when I floss”

One thing that stands out about the song is how many times Z-Ro uses the word “motherfuckin” during the song. Read these lyrics to get a better understanding and perspective.

I beat the nigga like a motherfuckin motor
Like a transmission, and I’m standing up hustlin
On the motherfuckin corner and I’m scufflin
To get my motherfuckin cheese my motherfucking bread
Gotta get my motherfucker paper

What Happened to That Dude has Z-Ro freestyling over the 2003 song Baby (Birdman) – What Happened To The Boy. Many of ya’ll have been wondering what happened to that dude Z-Ro. Many of ya’ll thought he fell off. Well here are the answers.

Y’all fellas know what happened to that dude who ran up in Z-Ro’s face and ruined his mood? Z-Ro couldn’t let it slide and couldn’t let it go. He couldn’t let a motherfucker play him for a hoe. So he resorted to violence by pulling out his .44 millimeter handgun. He will never trust anyone unless they’re his own people. Z-Ro don’t love shit but his people and his ends. That boy Z-Ro is way too rude.

Z-Ro had to do it like that and like this. He had to break a bone and make a motherfucking wish. A nursery rhyme and still broke a bitch back. Z-Ro is all about his dough standing on the corner with his chrome .44 millimeter handgun. Maybe a .45 shotgun or maybe a twelve gauge (12 gauge).

Z-Ro is trying his best just to make the front page. To put a homicide on worldwide news
If a nigga chases him, he’ll give him the blues by pulling out his motherfucking power pellet. Now he feels fine as he just dropped himself an eighth in a Thunderbird wine. Then he checked his pager. It was time to attack the motherfucking dope fiends to get money.

Never Take Me Alive explains how haters and law enforcement will not take Z-Ro alive and that’s on everything. This is a Z-Ro/Trae cut.

They’ll never take Z-Ro alive, He is sleeping with one eye open and another on the glock. That’s how a paranoid man thinks. He is paranoid. Fuck sleep. There ain’t no love in his heart. It’s been broken too many times. So fuck y’all niggas. He ain’t joking.

They’ll never take Z-Ro alive. He’ll be dumping with a 50 caliber pistol in his holster until it’s over. He is a soldier to the end. Ready to brandish his weapon on the bitch made hoe ass niggas like Crooked Profit (Straight Profit Records) Then he will get the switchblade. He hopes you bitches and you hoes know that he doesn’t love you. Z-Ro is dropping salt on his enemies.

Z-Ro showed hatred and animosity to his former record label Straight Profit Records in these lyrics.: “Ready to brandish my weapon, on the bitch made/Hoe ass niggas like Crooked Profit, get the switchblade” This was because of monetary disputes and contractual differences. He called Straight Profit Records “Crooked Profit” which was meant as disrespect to the label.

He handles his own beef. He ain’t gotta get nobody else to solve it because his .357 can just revolve it. Set tripping is what he does. Wet niggas and bitches too. Or go with them hands in the middle of the sand. Z-Ro going out on his own terms is his plan. Those are some examples of how he does things by taking matters into his own hands.

These motherfuckers got Trae clicking and running out of his mind. But he ain’t slowing down. He’s been a soldier from the jump. Don’t run up to get stomped. So Trae clicked up with guerillas that was Maabing, drug dealing, and robbing on the block shifer than vaulters because motherfuckers was starving. His brother got caught in the midst.

Them courts hit him 3 with a L. So the only thing that Trae and his brother got is communicating through mail. Fuck the judge and the district attorney. All the pain building up is gonna teach them bitches a lesson.

Trae ain’t never did shit and never had shit. So don’t you look like you confused when he hops in his mask. Blast or become another victim of homicide. You’re in danger if his anger gets provoked. He is wishing murder on every friend that turned to be his foes. Trae is an asshole by nature forever. So fuck you hoes.

Ain’t no escaping guerillas when they’re coming in packs ready to attack with a black gat. Only to leave your lifeline flat. On the block late night running with rocks and it don’t stop because they are untamed trying to escape the rain. No matter how hard that they try, they just can’t escape the pain.

So catch Z-Ro one deep out the window as he is bucking his .9 millimeter handgun. He ain’t got no love for nothing that got love for a nigga. Because in the end, they end up having slugs for a nigga. So fuck a vest if he’s destined to get one in his chest.

Long Time is dedicated to them niggas that hate it. It’s been a long time but Z-Ro has finally made it. Z-Ro is the realest of the real can never be faded. Breaking laws and jaws. Trae, Fred, and Jay’Ton have verses on the song.

Long Time serves as a diss to Presidential Records. Z-Ro showed hatred and animosity to his former record label Presidential Records in the lyrics to his verse. This was because of monetary claims and financial differences. Z-Ro showing animosity, hostility, and hatred to his former record labels is a reoccurring theme in his songs. Presidential Records sued Z-Ro for $160,000 because he still owed them an album.

In these lyrics, Z-Ro showed hatred and animosity to his former record label Presidential Records for the reasons listed above.

Presidential got a problem, with me making my cash
Trying to starve a nigga out, and have me flat on my ass
One hundred and sixty thousand, what they suing me fo’
But since my shit’s selling, you could never ruin me hoe
25 hours a day, I be packing that lead
Chasing paper so me and Fred, steady stacking our bread
I understand that you bullshit niggas, done flip-flopped
Trying to hold on to a nigga, hitching a ride to the top
(and 97.9), the biggest hoes I know
Now Walter D is my nigga, the rest of em be hating Ro
What do you know, why these niggas all up in my face
Back back I’m about two seconds, from catching a case
When I walk up in the club, they act like they don’t see me
Nervous in my presence, praying that Z-Ro will take it easy
I’ma take it hard, while I’m killing em softly
Till they gone, they been hating us for way too long

Jay’Ton also disses Presidential Records with his lyrics. However he does not have as much hatred or animosity towards the label since he was never signed to the label. This was just out of respect for Z-Ro since they are road dogs (road dawgs).

Bout paper, this motherfucking K, motherfucking Tre-8
This 4-5, 4-4, shit it goes on and on and on
Talking down on us nigga, you getting 17 hundred to the dome
So I know u gon be gone, you know I’m saying
Fred get your bread, Trae pass that motherfucking K

It’s the Jay’Ton, repping S.L.A.B
With Ro Dog and Trae, my flag be doing great
Undisputed like weight, when I’m upper cutting in your face
Body blows and jabs, for niggas hating on S.L.A.B
You come with that bullshit, guaranteed I’m beating your ass
It been a long time, and we finally made it
Hopped the slab off the AVE., and I finally sprayed it
No more slanging on the block, cause the block got raided

Slow Loud And Bangin in they face, and niggas acting like hoes
I think it’s cause we never went, when we be spitting out flows
Got cash I’m sick with it, I spit it cause I’m a G

All motherfucking day long, but it’s still God first though
This whole ass world got me this way, you know I’m saying
Bout paper, this motherfucking K, motherfucking Tre-8 187
This 4-5, 4-4, shit it goes on and on and on
Talking down on us nigga, you getting 17 hundred to the dome

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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