What happened to Caro Emerald?

What happened to Caro Emerald?

Many people have been wondering has happened to Dutch singer and songwriter Caro Emerald (Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw). She has been out of the spot light for 2 years. Her last release was “Wake Up Romeo” which was released as a digital single in 2020. Since then, nothing else has been heard from the Dutch singer.

Here is what happened to Caro Emerald. Dutch singer and songwriter Caro Emerald (Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw) has returned to the music business scene under the ambiguous name “The Jordan”. In the summer of 2022, Total Ntertainment had revealed the Dutch singer and songwriter Caroline Van der Leeuw to be “The Jordan”. Caroline Van der Leeuw the voice behind new act The Jordan.

Caroline has been struggling for years dealing with identity crisis and repressed feelings. This had left her feeling doubt over the years no less. Her identity crisis was the main issue she was dealing with prior to 2022.

The reason Caroline chose the new alias “The Jordan” is because she wanted a brand new fresh start under a different name to record her music under. She wanted a new identity that would fit her new outlook as a singer and songwriter. So through her acts of self-determination and empowerment, she decided to rename herself “The Jordan” after years of issues of identity, internal sorrow, repressed feelings, and doubt nonetheless.


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