Review: Parov Stelar – Voodoo Sonic | The Album

Voodoo Sonic | The Album is one of the more unique albums from Parov Stelar and is one of the most diverse electro swing albums/releases from 2021. However Parov Stelar relies and focuses on using a more electronic based sound with this album of his. He doesn’t just rely solely on jazz.

Parov explains what goes on at night with the song Go Wake Up. He explains the late night festivities that take place when it gets late. He also tells us to wake up and be active.

Gather around while Parov explains on what goes on when it gets late. The time is not long until midnight. It’s 5 minutes to 12 AM. The current time is 11:55 PM. Get together and be yourself. There’s people out there bothering. Some have fears and some that are wondering. Doesn’t matter what kind of skin color you have.

Go wake up. Make other plans. Reach our hands. Don’t be blind. Just be kind. Know your rights. Gеt up and fight. Doesn’t matter what kind of skin. Don’t stop to figure out a plan. Don’t negotiate with a fearing man. Don’t close your eyes. Step in the spotlight.

Tango Del Fuego is a romantic “tango in the fire” type of song perfect for a romantic night or getaway. The sounds of vintage swing and modern jazz meet electronic music on Tango Del Fuego. Tango Del Fuego is Spanish for “Tango of the Fire”.

Parov touches your lips. And the sparks go flying all at once. Those devil lips that know so well the art of lying. And though he sees the danger, the flame still grows higher. He knows he must surrender to your kiss of fire. Just like a torch, you set the soul within him burning. Parov must go on along this road of no returning. And though it burns him and turns him into ashes, his whole world crashes without your kiss of fire.

He can’t resist you. What good is there in trying? What good is there denying you’re all that he desire? Since he first kissed you, his heart was yours completely. If he is a slave, then it’s a slave he wants to be. Don’t pity him.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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