Review: MC Smooth – Smooth & Legit

MC Smooth – Smooth & Legit is one of the best female rap singles from the year 1990. A super dope classic that most certainly extremely underrated. Her flows are exciting and attract audiences. Her flows were smooth. Her songs most certainly had bars that were fire due to her flows. MC Smooth was killing it her flows and rapping on this single. You don’t hear this kind of rap anymore. MC Smooth is the dopest female MC along with several others to ever do it.

The song Smooth & Legit was the second single off her album that kept her name afloat during the year of 1990 on both the radio and television. This was the buzz single off her album.

Her flow was incredible and smooth on the song Smooth & Legit. Her flow was smooth on the song as is the case with the songs on this album. This just goes to show and exemplify how MC Smooth was fire from the jump and how her rapping skills are not to be played with or taken lightly.

The production on Smooth & Legit is dope. The way MC Smooth rides on the beats over an impeccable selection of samples is pure perfection without any flaws. The way the backing track drops out at 2:01 and returns when the then the bass returns at 2:33 after she says, “Well, come get some of this.” is just lovely. Well, come get some of this if you can compete with MC Smooth.

The samples used in this song were a reprogrammed breakbeat from Lyn Collins – Think (About It), Lightnin’ Rod f/Kool & The Gang – Sport, collected snares from Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam, and Tyree – Hardcore Hip House (Double Trouble Mix).

You Think You Want Some is a bragging rights braggadocious type of rap song where MC Smooth challenges rappers and emcees (MC’s) to step up if they think they can compete with her. Again she proves that her rapping skills are not to be played with or taken lightly. You can tell she was determined. There is nothing like old school rap in the world.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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