September 24, 2023

Caro Emerald – Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor will remind you of those vintage swing records and jazz records you see at thrift stores such as Goodwill or Half Price Books. The album has that vintage electro swing sound with modern jazz. A majority of her album is filled with love songs given that love songs are a common theme of hers. Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor is one of her best albums to date.

Caro goes lusting after a man she wants to fall in love with on That Man. He knows he’s got it made with Caro.

Caro is in a little bit of trouble and is in real deep. From the beginning to the end. He was no more than a friend to her. The thought is makin’ her hazy. Because like the sweetest serenade, he knows he’s got it made with Caro.

Twisting around on a carousel. This speed’s too much to stop. One second she is thinking she is feeling the lust and then she feels a lot. That man is like a flame. A flame to her fire. That man is who she wants, desires, and lusts after. However that man plays Caro like a game. He plays her like checkers. Her only sin is she can’t win. She wants to love that man. That man is on her list.

Now it’s like Caro on a mission. Headed everywhere in every possible direction. And if it takes a little long and feels a little wrong, who cares?

My baby He fits the description of what Caro wants out of a man. She wants a man like the actor Fred Astaire. That is what the lyrics, “A little Gable, some Astaire” indicate/imply. She can hardly breathe when he dances. And does it easily. Someone call a doctor as Caro needs some help to rescue her. One second she is thinking she might be lost and he keeps on finding her.

Caro has been eyeballing a man she wants to have one dance with. Caro knows that the man she has her eyeballs on and has been eyeing is the one. That is the plot of Just One Dance.

Caro asks this handsome man who she’s been eyeballing if he would like to dance with her. She’s been watching him since the moment he arrived. He is wearing expensive flashy clothing which is a white suit from London and shoes from Paris. A silk tie from Siam which displays and shows elegance and class. She asks him for the time. “Hey, handsome. Have you got the time?” “Don’t you wanna spend about an hour with me?”

The scent and the aroma refuses to breathe. It’s more like a haze that’s trying to succeed. His scent is what’s drawing her in and pulling her to him. And every thought she has turns the language blue.

All it costs for him to dance with Caro is $1 dollar and 1 minute. She’ll make his dreams come true in one dance. She tells him, “All it costs is just a minute now. For one dollar you can show me how. I’ll take your hand and then your worries too. In just one dance I’ll make your dreams come true. But underneath the mask I see the skin of a man smooth and seductive who’s really got a plan. It’s drawing me in magnetically to you.”

She doesn’t know why he plays hard to get. Caro is here to kiss away any thoughts of regret. She says to him, “Don’t know why you play hard to get. I’m here to kiss away any thoughts of regret. A silk tie from Siam shows elegance and class. Handsome as the heavens that a film would never cast.”

He is handsome as the heavens that a film would never cast. But underneath the mask she sees the skin of a man who is smooth and seductive. A man who’s really got a plan. It’s drawing her in magnetically to him. Caro is like the smoke on his fire. Smoldering endless desire. How long will his flame burn?

Caro needs an escape from her concrete jungle as 6 days a week is too much for her. The monotony of a 6 days a week work schedule is draining her. So she plans to go on a little getaway vacation for the green endless countrysides. Somewhere she has never been. That is what Riviera Life is about.

Caro is really tired of her concrete jungle. 6 days a week is way too much for her. The monotony of a 6 days a week work schedule is draining her from a mental health standpoint. So she plans to go on a little getaway vacation. That is what the phrase, “I’m gonna make the great escape/Go on a little getaway” means. She’ll go get her beat-up motor vehicle, start it up, and head for the green endless countrysides. And go somewhere she has never been.

She’ll stop and kiss her blues goodbye. Breathe until she soars outside her crazy nights and live a Riviera life. I’m sure that by candlelight she’ll be alright.

Caro feels the wind in her hidden hair bow. Her face feels the clear breeze. And down below she sees Monaco. She takes drive to the principality of Monaco. She drop off the keys at the valet of the hotel she is staying at. She looks out her window bay with her one afternoon martini. Caro wouldn’t want it any other way.

So whenever her eyes get weary she is not fearing whatever life brings. When times make her teary, she’ll know what she is meant to do. She’s got nothing at all to lose.

Back It Up is a swinging jazz song which will make you want to dance. In this swinging jazz song, Caro doesn’t want the dance to ever end, so she demands the song “back up” and play again.

Caro can’t stop shaking. The room has a groove and the floor. It’s almost earthquaking. History is being made out on the floor and it’s just awaking.

So DJ get that needle in the core. Scratch that back and give Caro more. You know exactly what Caro came here for. Back it up and do it again. From the middle to the top to the end. Back to the middle to the front to the end. From the front to the middle to the back to the end. She doesn’t care if he’s a friend. Back it up and do it again.

DJ give her some of that funky. The kind that the Duke Ellington used to play and make it more swingy. And then give her a some horny horn selection/section. Slam that bass and make it sing. Give those strings that rip ‘n’ zing.

The Other Woman is about how men lie and leave the woman they love for another woman. That woman will always be known as “the other woman”. The song educates women on how to look out for men who are deceitful and lie.

Little girl, just keep on waiting for that man to give you a life. You keep on hoping so this prince can save you. Keep on dreaming which is his scandalous lie. Is he the hero for your love? Does he know that you begging him please? In your despair does he get up to leave?

At the start of his goodbye, do you ever realize that you’ll never get the chance? All you get is alibis and lies. When smoke begins to fade and you’re standing face to face. Does he kiss you in a way to say, “You’re the other woman” which he rudely refers to you as? The other woman.

Wear that dress the one you rely on. Wear that slip up high that shows off your underwear. And when he’s arriving, give him that invitation. Keep on wishing on his dollars and cares. For your love, he is your hero. Even though you are begging him please. Woman I’m scared your risks are never ending. And don’t you pretend you don’t live what you breathe. You’ll always be the other woman.

Trust that Caro has been there before. You don’t know him. Caro know him more. Listen to her words of advice to gain some experience.

Caro explains how weekdays are impossible for her to function through on Absolutely Me. But when it gets to Friday, what you get is absolutely Caro. At least at/in the ballroom.

Clear the way, boys! The lady has arrived. All you handsome fellas, please wait for Caro to the right. Mr. Bandleader, let’s kick out the jam! Give her something that will light it up and make her feet go bam bam bam! Because Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are impossible for Caro, you see. But when it gets to Friday, what you get is absolutely Caro. It’s quarter past 11 PM and she is not in the mood to drink alcohol.

Here is what Caro tells everyone, “Clear the way, boys! The lady has arrived. All you handsome fellas, please wait for me to the right. Don’t keep me waiting. Ooh, thank you for the drink. It’s quarter past eleven. I’m not in the mood to think. Mr. Bandleader, let’s kick out the jam! Gimme something that’ll light it up and make my feet go bam bam bam! Because Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are impossible, you see. But when it gets to Friday, what’cha get is absolutely me.”

Sweeter than the candy about to caress her lips. Imagine all the sugar when she start to shake her hips. It’s not an illusion. She’s as live as she can be. Instead of all your promises, why don’t you show all your charms to Caro? But when it gets to Friday, what you get is absolutely her.

Mr. Bandleader, this arrangement has to change. Give Caro something that’ll light it up. Won’t you let the boogie start to play?

Caro doesn’t want a serenade or a drink. Caro doesn’t want to hear you say a thing. All she needs is your attention and a 10 karat diamond ring.

The man Caro loves doesn’t really love her. However Caro already knows this yet she still loves him. That is what You Don’t Love Me explains.

Another day, another night has got her thinking, “What is it with him? He’s naturally moving slow. I see him at the corner bar. Am I dreaming? Surrounded by friends. it’s got to end. I need to know. Am I just a night of lust? A lost temptation? Is someone like me his destiny he’ll never know? I gotta find a way to show my expectations. He ends it where it begins but I won’t let go.”

She sees him at the corner bar surrounded by friends. What is it with him? He’s naturally moving slow. Caro needs to know if she is dreaming, just a night of lust, or a lost temptation. It’s got to end. Is someone like her his destiny he’ll never know? Caro has to find a way to show her expectations. He ends it where it begins but she won’t let go.

Caro knows he doesn’t love her. But still she burns for him. This flame will die. Her soul beared completely. Doesn’t seem like enough for him. Caro knows he doesn’t love her but the message can’t get through to him.

Any man can see that Caro worth the talking Love can be bittersweet when a girl hears “no”. Opportunity knocks, but your doors don’t open. But she feel a fire inside that’s about to blow. So sweep her off my feet and show her something different. You know all the tricks. Come get your kicks. You know Caro is fair game. You gotta understand a girl needs more than romance. How many chances lost until you just run away?

Caro made an appointment for a special rendezvous to see a man of miracles named Dr. Wanna Do. She hopes he can be the man of her dreams. That is what Dr. Wanna Do is about.

Caro just made an appointment for a special rendezvous to see a man of miracles and all that he can do. She checked in at the reception desk. She put her hat onto her lap. She sat down and waited until she heard her name get called.

And when he walked in dressed in white, she had a heart attack. Her eyes went ooh and voice just cooed. Her mind let loose. She caught her breath and ran into his arms. Caro can’t get over Doctor Wanna Do (Dr. Wanna Do). He asked Caro to step forward for endless observation.

Stuck is based on Caro Emerald’s persona of a woman who married a man after being promised jewelry and perfume and all sorts of lavish gifts during their courtship, but he couldn’t deliver, and she feels stuck (hence the title) in a marriage that she is bored in and no longer desires. However, she can’t deny that they have a chemistry, and she realises that she loves him anyway at the end of the song.

Caro closes her eyes and dreams about a sunny holiday. She wishes that she was beaching down on Saint Tropez or sitting in the lobby at the fabulous ‘Pierre’ with diamonds on her fingers and not a single care. Instead she is on the avenue where nobody goes with fields of green that wilted like a last summer rose Some people call it paradise but she calls it pain.

He promised her a motorcade and endless perfume. A palace in Geneva with a perfect view and dreams painted yellow like the color of gold. And dine with kings and queens ’till the food gets cold. This dream is now a comedy she doesn’t wanna see. Some people call it laughter, but she call it pain. Caro knows they have a chemistry which is a heavenly combination.

Caro knows that the man loves genuinely loves her clearly. That is what I Know That He’s Mine is about.

It’s 3 o’clock (3 PM) on a late Sunday morning. The candles have burned to their end. She found the pictures they’ve taken. And now she has awaken and sleep’s her invisible friend. So she’s staring the hands off her wall clock. Seems both of them just hang around. Sadly she’s got no one to warm her and nothing to hold. Her body needs what it doesn’t have.

Without him she really doesn’t mind. However it is a little bit lonely. But he’ll make up in time as long as he loves Caro. He’ll answer to his crime. The door stays wide open. Caro knows that he’s hers.

The tracks of her tears keep on freezin’. Caro is now melting the cold in the halls. There’s no one around. Perhaps if she played the seductress, a passionate woman of guile, then he’d be there in a minute. The heat won’t diminish. He’d wear nothing more than a smile.

Charlie keep singin’ that chanson pop music. Your words always make so much sense. And though they’re in French, Caro has got no defense. She knows that she is reaching the end. He’s right around the corner. He knows that Caro is home now.

Caro looks for a man to make her night feel complete on A Night Like This. However she feels as her night is incomplete. Here A Night Like This uses Latin salsa styled beats over lounge jazz and bossanova.

From where you are, you see the smoke start to arise where they play cards. And you walk over, softly moving past the guards. The stakes are getting higher. You can feel it in your heart. He calls your bluff. He is the ace. You never thought he’d play that much. And now it’s more than all these cards you want to touch. You’ll never know if winning this could really be enough.

Caro has never dreamed it. Have you ever dreamed a night like this? She cannot believe it. She may never see a night like this. When everything you think is incomplete starts happening when you are cheek to cheek. Could you ever dream it? She has never dreamed a night like this. This is one of those surrealistic magical nights. Take a look beyond the moon you’ll see the stars. And when you look around you know the room by heart.

How many times has Caro been waiting by the door to hear these chimes to hear that someone debonair has just arrived? And how many times has Caro opened up to see my world before her eyes? That silhouette creates an image and a night she can’t forget. The night has the scent of something special. She can’t resist temptation. Caro walks away and suddenly it seems she is not alone. He stands in front of her. Caro stops before he goes on.

Caro gets suspicious with her man as she notices the lipstick on his collar of his shirt. The lipstick on his collar doesn’t seem to match her lipstick. That is the gist of The Lipstick On His Collar.

The clock has ticked eleven and the place is clear. Reality is kicking in and so is Caro’s beer. She doesn’t make excuses when it’s all her fault. If a heart is made of money he’s cleaned out her vault. Caro feels and believes that it isn’t fair to sit inside a parlour and see him standing over there as smug as a robber that a cop can’t catch The lipstick on his collar doesn’t seem to match hers.

Now Joe behind the bar is offering advice because Caro a broken record and he has to tell her twice. Why don’t she understand that he just can’t change? Caro wants to be his woman not his weekend dame. Now Joe has eyes a’rollin’ says it’s just too bad and he’ll be back tomorrow for my heartbeat crash. This line is disconnected.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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