Review: Lil Mo – 4Ever/Ten Commandments

The Lil Mo – 4Ever/Ten Commandments is one of Lil Mo’s best singles of 2003 which was played constantly on the radio and TV. This was one of Lil Mo’s moderately successful singles that got airplay on MTV and BET. Her single has that vibrant urban edge.

It’s obvious from that Lil Mo is happy with her new marriage and her firstborn child. She states she’s really to settle down and have some kids on the song 4ever. She’s ready to live life. It’s ride or die and do or die for Lil Mo! She’s ready to get married and be in a marriage.

Lil Mo and Fabulous make a great duo! Fabulous raps and Lil Mo sings resulting in a perfect combination. That’s why whenever they both collaborate, their songs turnout to be a success with fans alike. This isn’t the first time Fabulous and Lil Mo have collaborated. Check out songs such as Superwoman, Sumtimes I, and Can’t Let You Go!

Lil Mo is at the point in her life where she is tired of playing games. She is ready to settle down, to buy a house, change her last name and have some kids. She is ready for the life to live and all love has to give.

Lil Mo shows maturity in this song. She went from being Superwoman to a wife. These lyrics highlight her maturity as a woman: “Ready for the life to live/And all love has to give/I been your superwoman for so long/Ready to be your wife”

Now that love’s taken over, she is 100% sure that it’s here to stay. There are no issues standing in her way. Both of them aren’t going anywhere.

Let’s make it official. Together for always. Marriage will be crazy, baby. Can you live with it? To have and hold forever. Baby ride or die till death do us part. Let’s make love last forever. Let’s make it last forever.

Lil Mo’s Ten Commandments was a cover of Notorious BIG – Ten Crack Commandments. However this version of Ten Commandments is for the ladies. Lil Kim’s raps gives the song a flavor of East Coast rap and raunchy sex rap. Lil Mo wrote herself a manual on how to keep your man. Those are her 10 commandments.

Lil Mo is loved by millions.People know her name. They recognize her face. Some nights she never gets to sleep because there are so many people to please. You gotta understand these 10 commandments.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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