Review: Mac – Son of the City

Review: Mac – Son of the City

Ex-No Limit Records artist Mac has proved that he has not lost a step and is still is a lyrical beast on his new album called Son of the City. Mac can still wreck and kill his verses. Hardcore lyricism over gritty studio beats are what you can expect to hear on this album. Son of the City is Mac’s first album in 23 years since Mac was incarcerated in prison for a crime he did not commit. (Well 4 years to be exact since the release of the Wrongfully Convicted album was released in 2018.) Son of the City is one of lesser known albums of 2022 that is hardly talked about.

Proverbs (If Forever Comes) uses smooth crystal clear crisp jazzy beats and jazz instrumentation. That piano gives the song a laid back lounge sound and vibe. Mac proves his lyricism and flow are still there on this song of his.

Uncut is a New Orleans style lyrical rap gumbo track. Mac killed his verse on Uncut! So did Ex-No Limit Records artists Fiend and Curren$y. Uncut is one of the standout tracks on his album along with 21 Summers, Big Easy, and I Can’t Go. This lyricist proves that he has not lost his touch after being locked up for over 2 decades.

21 Summers discussed how Mac spent his 21 summers in prison while he maintained his innocence about a crime he had not committed. He maintained his innocence because he elaborates that he was wrongfully incarcerated. You can interpret his natural maturity that comes with age. After 21 years behind bars, Mac Phipps gets to tell his story, his way. Mac killed his verses on 21 Summers!

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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