Review: Lil Mo – Meet The Girl Next Door

Meet The Girl Next Door was more romance themed than having an actual slice of live vibe that her debut album Based On A True Story was. Some of the song titles are dead giveaways as to how this album is more romance themed. Songs such as 4ever, Doing Me Wrong, Why Do We Fall In Love, Shoulda Known, So Lost Without You, 1st Time, Ain’t No Reason, Brand Nu, and Get Over It are dead giveaways.

Also, this Lil Mo album is more inspirational than her last one or any of her other albums for that matter relatively speaking. Songs such as It’s Your World, Letter To My #1 Fan, So Lost Without You, and Ain’t No Reason are key inspirational songs. Her vocal range is much wider, her notes are richer, and her voice is stronger. The production that accompanies her is very well done and professionally produced.

The Meet The Girl Next Door album by Lil Mo was very underrated and overlooked for its time by fans and mainstream media. Mo should have put out more singles and music videos for this album as she did with her debut album Based On A True Story. All the songs had hot production by Missy Elliott and Chucky Thompson. Sadly Elektra did not do much to promote this album in terms of promotion. Elektra did not give this album much of a push which is sad because this album truly had such potential.

Lil Mo sings about why we fall in love on the song Why Do We Fall In Love. Why Do We Fall In Love is a song which gives us answers as to why we fall in love. Why Do We Fall In Love is similar to the song Why Do Fools Fall In Love from the soundtrack Why Do Fools Fall In Love. You know the old saying. Only fools fall in love.

Let’s talk about love. Love is something you can feel, but can’t see it. You can’t taste love, but you can hear about it. You can say it, if you don’t mean it. You can buy love even if you don’t need love. People talk so much about love. What is the meaning? It makes no sense. So what’s the reason? Tell me why do we fall in love?

They say only fools fall in love. However love was meant for all of us. So what we think we know, we don’t know. You can never know enough about love. Love is materialistic, physical, and sensual.

Love can make you laugh and make you cry. Love can make you tell the truth or tell a lie.
It could be your life or it could be your death. However love can and will destroy your soul. Figure it out.

They say you can buy love. That is what the lyrics “You can buy it, if you don’t need it/You talk so much about it, what is the meaning/It makes no sense, so what’s the reason/Tell me why do we fall in love?” mean. People do buy each others love.

We think love is perpetual, but the one who loves you will let you go. The pleasure of love is imaginable. As humans, we take love for granted. Do we really know what love means to us? If it wasn’t for love we wouldn’t be born. Love puts us together and tears us apart. Factually speaking, love can even mend or break your heart. Love is what we have for our self and/or what you say to your child.

These are the things that we really need when we talk about this thing called love.:

Physical affection, emotions
Feelings, honest
Wanting, opposites of desire
Longing, needing
Craving, lusting
Baby you light my fire
Graduation, kissing
Hugging, touching
Yearning, sexing
Mother to her child

Doing Me Wrong is a percussion driven and guitar driven ballad about how many men did her so wrong in the past. She finally meets the man of her dreams after having so many men who did her wrong. The song shed light on Lil Mo’s perspective of men and how she feels about men. The vibe is more negative due to the sounds of the low notes played on the guitar despite fans saying Doing Me Wrong is an uplifting song.

Now the percussion selection used on this song fits in perfectly with the mood

Precision, Chucky Thompson, and Missy Elliott produced Doing Me Wrong. Missy actually co-produced the song in 2002 and again in 2003.

The person Lil Mo was with changed her and the way she felt about men. She was just so disgusted because the one she loved she couldn’t trust him. She couldn’t trust him. This person told her that if she had never been hurt, she would not know what happiness is and just how good it feels.

Lil Mo was scared to give him all of her. This is all because her last lover left her helplessly. She was just sitting around like a bird without its wings.

She was so afraid of going through the same thing again. She had been through so many things she can’t name. He showed Lil Mo not to block her heart from every man that walks up to her. Because he was the right man for her.

She never thought she would ever find love this good. Every man she had but him did her wrong. He’s a wonderful man. She is glad to have given her man a chance to prove to her he was the right one. She is glad and appreciative of her man.

Lil Mo was so afraid to open her heart to him. To break down that wall. She was so afraid of falling in love and getting hurt again. She was used to sitting around. Lil Mo never thought she would ever find love this good.

Missy Elliott inspired her to write this song. Lil Mo wrote this song when she was going through a tough breakup in 2002. These lyrics are a reference to the previous sentence.: “Thank you Missy for writing this song/‘Cause I remember I used to be sitting around/Lookin’ all crazy, Lookin’ for love/But now I found it/And it feels so good”

It’s obvious from that Lil Mo is happy with her new marriage and her firstborn child. She states she’s really to settle down and have some kids on the song 4ever. She’s ready to live life. It’s ride or die and do or die for Lil Mo! She’s ready to get married and be in a marriage.

Lil Mo and Fabulous make a great duo! Fabulous raps and Lil Mo sings resulting in a perfect combination. That’s why whenever they both collaborate, their songs turnout to be a success with fans alike. This isn’t the first time Fabulous and Lil Mo have collaborated. Check out songs such as Superwoman, Sumtimes I, and Can’t Let You Go!

Lil Mo is at the point in her life where she is tired of playing games. She is ready to settle down, to buy a house, change her last name and have some kids. She is ready for the life to live and all love has to give.

Lil Mo shows maturity in this song. She went from being Superwoman to a wife. These lyrics highlight her maturity as a woman: “Ready for the life to live/And all love has to give/I been your superwoman for so long/Ready to be your wife”

Now that love’s taken over, she is 100% sure that it’s here to stay. There are no issues standing in her way. Both of them aren’t going anywhere.

Let’s make it official. Together for always. Marriage will be crazy, baby. Can you live with it? To have and hold forever. Baby ride or die till death do us part. Let’s make love last forever. Let’s make it last forever.

It’s Your World is an inspirational song telling people they can do whatever they want. Lil Mo intends to inspire by reaching out to the youth on this song. You just have to have a drive to do want you want with you.

Stand for something. Don’t fall for nothing. Not even a piece of good loving. Always be a leader, a giver, and not a receiver. Be a dreamer as well a believer. Reach your dream. Just believe in your dreams. It’s not as hard as it seems. You can become or be anything because it’s your world.

Lil Mo is a believer and a leader. Now that Lil Mo is grown, she teaches these young girls a lesson. Good morals over power and over peer pressure. People will try to stress you. Thought they talk about they will respect you.

Strive for perfection and keep your head to the sky. Always make them follow the leader even though you want to be down. Never ever follow. It’s your world. You can have anything. Anything that you need. All your heart’s desires. Just believe in your dreams. It’s not as hard as it seems. You can become or be anything because it’s your world. The sky is the limit.

The song So Lost Without You is about how Lil Mo is lost without her lover in her life. The song takes place after a lovers quarrel or in this case an argument.

Last night they had an argument. Lil Mo said things that she didn’t really mean. She let the moment get the best of her. Now she asks for forgiveness. She already promised she wouldn’t be that way to him. She wouldn’t know what to do if love walked out of her life. Now Lil Mo doesn’t think she could carry on because she would be so lost without him. She would be a mess for the rest of her life.

Life would be so unfair as everything would never be the same again.

On Letter To My Number 1 Fan, Lil Mo lets us know just because she is a singer and a celebrity, she is just like you and everyone else. She is a regular human being.

Don’t you ever think of just seeing her on the TV screen or in a magazine that her life it seems to be one big fantasy. When the lights go down, the cameras wrap and go, Lil Mo gets to really be herself. But one thing you should know is that she is just like you.

Lil Mo is loved by millions.People know her name. They recognize her face. Some nights she never gets to sleep because there are so many people to please. Sometimes she wishes she was you so you could walk in her shoes. She is only human.

Lil Mo’s Ten Commandments was a cover of Notorious BIG – Ten Crack Commandments. However this version of Ten Commandments is for the ladies. Lil Kim’s raps gives the song a flavor of East Coast rap and raunchy sex rap. Lil Mo wrote herself a manual on how to keep your man. Those are her 10 commandments.

Ain’t No Reason inspires people who are in a relationship not to fight but instead to work things out. Lil Mo inspires people to stay in a relationship before deciding to call it quits. There is no reason to people relationship can’t get through trying this time. Before calling it quits, let’s just talk about it and work it out. We can work things out. Relationships can be for better or for worse. You can work it out. The best solution is to talk things out. It’s not too hard to talk it out. That’s a way to work things out.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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