Review: Anjali – The World Of Lady A

Anjali – The World Of Lady A one of those left field acid jazz album with a touch of electronic music and production. Fans of jazz and electronic music will enjoy this album. Now most of the album is calming and ambient. Her songs use Bollywood sounds and influences from India and Pakistan a lot more than her previous album did before.

Asian Provocateur is a provocative acid jazz song with Bollywood sounds and influences which is about a provocative Pakistani Indian woman who is a lover. This provocative Pakistani Indian woman is from Mithi which is a city and the capital of Tharparkar District in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

If he only knew a provocative Pakistani Indian woman sat alone. And if his mother knew the things she was doin’ to him. She is giving him soft loving in Mithi by a Mithi style of love. They let the lovin’ flow from the head to the toe. You’ve gotta put the butter on it. Let the coffee stew.

If his mother knew, she’d tell him that they’re through. She said that this salacious provocative Pakistani Indian woman is the devil woman. The lady from Hades.

Rainy Day explains the mixture of emotions Anjali experienced on a rainy day.

On this rainy day, Anjali feels the moon spill drift to silver grey. She would like to feel the sun but it’s too late on this rainy day as my heart still beats in the crowded streets with its solemn beats echo solitude as distant peaks that washes over her and steals the peace.

It’s like the sun was never hers. It took away the silver lines on clouds that broad into the mind and throw it all away. And the grains of time repossess her and all mankind. A fragile entity that breathes inside on this rainy day. It’s like the sun could never see this life that breathes so endlessly. A mellow daze that captures her and throws it all away on this rainy day.

Anjali explains to men how you can never have a girl like her on with the song Seven X Eight.

If you let Anjali go, you’re gonna end up lonely. And if you really know, that’s your folly. That’s your own fault because you’ll never have a girl like Anjali ever. Because Anjali is the best you’ll ever have. She can vouch for that. So don’t come to her with your broken heart. She won’t mend it. She’ll just wring it out. You made a big mistake.

Now what you need is to look for your redemption. You made a big mistake. Don’t look at her. Take a look at your reflection. You can search from Jupiter to Io. You’ll never find another girl like her because she the hot, lickin’, kickin’, lustin’ empress.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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