Review: Lil Cap’n Travis – For All the Trick or Treaters

Lil Cap’n Travis – For All the Trick or Treaters is one of the most lively and eclectic EPs to have ever come from Austin rock. Country meets alternative rock on this EP of theirs. You have the naive charm of the Beach Boys sprinkled with an edge of grittiness similar to Crazy Horse. Alternative rock can’t get any better than this. To all you LCT fans, if you were looking for a full album, you will be disappointed as this recording is an EP. Although short in terms of duration and longevity, Lil Cap’n Travis manages to have highlight songs on this EP such as For All the Trick or Treaters and With Caroline.

Lil Cap’n Travis – For All the Trick or Treaters was an EP that was released on CD in 2003 by their own independent label Sleep Bunny Music in Austin, Texas. This EP would serve as a prelude and precursor to their 2004 album In All Their Splendor which was released on Glurp Records from Seattle, Washington. 4 songs were included on this EP.

This EP was packaged in a brown cardboard sleeve format This EP was sold locally in the Austin area only which is why the EP is highly sought after by LCT fans. The EP itself is rare and quite hard to find in stores. LCT’s EP sold for $2 to $3 at Waterloo Records at the time the recording was sold. But that alone does not stop the album from being difficult to find as Lil Cap’n Travis has now put For All the Trick or Treaters on their Bandcamp page to stream along with all of their albums.

For All the Trick or Treaters is a song that serves as a dedication to Halloween.

For All the Trick or Treaters is the title track to this EP. Powerful psychedelic rock music is what is played on the song underneath an airy/foggy mellow vibe. Their songcraft/songwriting is as powerful and trippy as ever. Oddly enough the vibe is not spooky yet the song has underneath a foggy mellow vibe. Take notice the two-step used in this song. Overall this song is the best track off the EP.

The song starts off with an airy retro alternative rock opening with a single electric guitar playing. Soon a few more guitars start playing.

Children don’t ask for much when trick or treating on Halloween. All they want is candy. However adults can be unfair by closing their curtains and turning off their lights. Sometimes adults choose to ignore children on Halloween. Lil Cap’n Travis encourages the trick or treaters to put up a fight. This is shouted in the chorus line, “To all the trick or treaters, let’s put up a fight!/We’ll take back the night!/We’ll take on the town” They encourage children to get their voices heard.

With Caroline is a teenage love song. We’ve got two teenagers in love that cannot be separated apart by anyone or anything. But we all know teenage love is not that simple since emotions often take over reality and rationality.

The song has that Sixties kind of charm. With Caroline is reminiscent to the naive charm of the Beach Boys sprinkled with an edge of grittiness and use of a woozy kind of twang. Gritty is one word to describe this song. With Caroline is another one of their most overlooked songs.

With Caroline would be used on their 2004 album In All Their Splendor.

Doghouse is where things start calming down as the mood slows down to a single gritty electric guitar. Two words to describe this song are slow and calming.

The EP concludes with the mystical song Magic Of December. Magic Of December is a hard rock driven ballad song that sort of has a country music feel. Magic Of December is sort of similar to New Bohemians – Air Of December in terms of mood, sound, tone, and style. The song Magic Of December was used on their 2007 album Twilight on Sometimes Island.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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