Review: C Stud Vill – Trick-uh-Treat

C Stud Vill recorded Trick-uh-Treat in 1993. Soon enough, the song became a hit with the underground and received some radio play in San Antonio. The hit single Trick-uh-Treat exploded producing sales of over 30,000 copies alone in 1993. The single had sold over 33,000 units later that year. This success gained the attention of an independent record label called Mystic Records operated by Anthony Jasper Sr., Anthony Jasper Jr., and Papa C.

Due to inexperience of the music business, C-Stud signed a 2 year contract with Mystic Records without a legal review of the contract which entailed the release of all his music rights to Mystic Records. Due to financial strains within the record label, C-Stud Vill was released out of his contract and given back all his music rights in 1995.

The song Trick-uh-Treat is gangsta rap at its finest. Trick-uh-Treat has an eerie gangsta rap sound over grimey beats. Perfect for halloween. Real eerie sounds similar to PKO, K-Sam, Natas, and Esham. Papa C engineered and mastered the song. Anthony Jasper Sr. and Anthony Jasper Jr. did the final mixing for this song.

The song Trick-uh-Treat is an example of gangsta rap due to the set tripping and neighborhood rivalries with enemy gangs. New Light Village is Blood territory. East Terrace Gangsters (East Terrace Gangster Crips/East Terrace Courts Gangster Crips/East Terrace Crips from East Terrace Courts) and Skyline Crips from Skyline Park are enemies with New Light Village Bloods and Blood Stone Nation (Blood Stones). Skyline Park and New Light Village have a neighborhood rivalry with each other due to gang politics.

A judge says, “Plea bargain denied. I find you, Mr. Villian, guilty of all charges. I now sentence you to 15 years in the state penitentiary.”

The East Terrace Gangsters want to fuck with C Stud Vill. He doesn’t think so. Not today. Coming straight out of the penitentiary headed straight for San Antonio, Texas. Ready to bust a cap on mark ass niggaz. Making a swift decision. He smokes a motherfucker leaving the body in a plastic bag undiscovered. He loads up the .45 to smoke a snitch. C Stud Vill is down with the Dog Gang (UNLV/New Light Village Bloods). You better think twice before fucking with C Stud Vill. Because C Stud Vill is the crazy motherfucker that took your homie’s life.

He be slanging that cocaine. Holy shit. The 5-0 is on his back tracing his path. So now he has to bail out. Niggaz get the fuck out. He is headed back to the jailhouse if he gets caught. Now he is getting his serve on as he gang bangs.

At the 2:49 mark in the song is where C Stud Vill begins to engage in sexual activity. He’s got a young bitch and an old bitch. He puts both of them to the test to see which one of them can really handle that dick. Oral sex ensues. It quickly turns into a gangbang session. He wants his dick sucked and his butt licked.

At the 3:01 mark in the song is where C Stud Vill introduces members of UNLV/New Light Village Bloods. Lil Red is in the click. Then you got C Dogg chilling with the AK. Then you got T Dogg chilling with the 12 gauge. Swerving around the corner, he sees members of East Terrace Courts Gangster Crips. Lil Red lets off a round of bullets. Shot the fucker in the head. Them niggaz straight up insane.

C Stud Vill disses neighborhoods East Terrace Courts and Skyline Park right at the very end of Trick-uh-Treat. That was diss to those neighborhoods.

1 To 10 was a short (55 seconds) less than a minute freestyle rap with gangsta rap lyrics. Gangsta rap meets freestyle rap on 1 To 10. Honestly 1 To 10 was too short of a track should have been extended even longer. The song was recorded in 1993.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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