September 24, 2023

If you are familiar with what Tech N9ne’s label Strange Music usually puts out, then you know it’s going to be the shit, killer, and hardcore! Prozak – Paranormal was released on Strange Music in 2013. Think Rock and Hip Hop/Rap. The lyrics are real meaningful with inspiration. This album was everything it was hyped up to be! Prozak’s flows are undoubtedly the best!! (There are bonus tracks on the re-release editions of this album!)

The intro says hopes and dreams fill our desires to live.You will encounter good and evil people throughout in life. Prozak tells on the intro how one must spend time in darkness. The next track is Prepare For The Worst. Prozak tells us there is one life, one death, and one path. Prozak also tells us on this track to hope for the best. The lyrics are real meaningful with inspiration.

End Of Us has some killer guitar sound!! Sid Wilson of Slipknot is also a featured guest star on this track! Think heavy metal. The Hip-Hop DJ scratching sounds can be heard on this track. Tell A Tale Of Two Hearts is about bad relationships. Line in the Middle with Twizted is the hardest metal rap track ever!! Best track on the album!! Farewell is a reference to mankind’s mistreatment of the planet Earth. Dark deep organ piano sounds are heard on the track Fuck You.

Perception Deception is about what’s real and what’s not. Everything is not as you make it seem is really what this track is all about. Also the 9-to-5 work grind is mentioned as well. Conforming to the normal everyday life; It’s like you’re a slave.

Wake Up You’re Dead sounds as if this track came from a badass horror movie made in 2011. Which makes the track even more hardcore!! The deep voice on Hate sounds similar to the voice used on Brotha Lynch Hung’s song Meat from the 2010 album Dinner And A Movie. No coincidence there. Don’t good get me wrong, it’s still badass!!

Until Then is a track that mellows out the whole album. It’s just one of those tracks that you mellow out to. But don’t let that demotivate you to not buy the album. It’s still great! Million Miles Away is an acoustic track and another mellow tune. Tune Back is where the album picks up to its hardcore metal rap peak slowly. The same goes for Full Moon. One Of These Days is yet another mellow tune track. Alien is the last track on the album where it finally picks up.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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