Review: FOE – Scissorhands

The FOE – Scissorhands album was an underrated classic that was overlooked. The album came out on Black Market Records/Priority Records in 1996 right after Xorcist. Scissorhands was distributed by Priority Records. People who overlooked this album said it was wack. FOE is from NYC, New York.

The albums production and beats are very good and matching up with the darkside horrorcore rap Black Market Records style. Now this album came out after Season Of Da Siccness and Xorcist in 1996 on Black Market Records/Priority Records. FOE has an East Coast flow like Method Man and Mad Skillz out of VA (Virginia). (FOE is not to be confused with Sacramento rapper Foe Loco, who came out with Bomb Sac on Odysea Entertainment/Street Level Distribution in 1998. This FOE is from NYC.)

Standout songs are 21 Gun Shot Salute, Lifestyles, Consigliare, and Scissorhands. Take Covers and Letters are both underrated tracks. Consigliare should have been chosen as a single due to its dark mood.

FOE was signed to Priority in 1996. Black Market Records was up and coming at the time and Priority had sent him there. Black Market was mainly West Coast artists and not East Coast artists along with the exception of a few Southern artists such as D-Flexx, Kock D-Zel, and Savior.)

Black Market Records did not promote East Coast artists very well. Similar to how Def Jam did not promote their West Coast artists well. Similar to how Def Jam treats its West Coast artists. X-Raided’s Xorcist came out during is murder trial and Brotha Lynch Hung’s SODS album hit gold (750,000 units) which is why Sicissorhands album was overlooked and very under-promoted. Despite how Consigliare and Lifestyles had music videos, it was still overlooked.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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