Horror movie IT a timeless masterpiece.

The Stephen King inspired horror movie IT is a timeless masterpiece. That is no coincidence as the the movie IT is based on the popular bestselling Stephen King novel of the same name.

The movie has all the elements needed to make a classic timeless horror movie. A creepy antagonist scary enough to make you shit yourself, a bloodthirsty psychopathic clown, and teenagers facing their worst nightmare. The movie IT covers all bases necessary to make a perfect horror movie such as teenagers facing their worst nightmare, a bloodthirsty psychopathic clown that preys on minors, having the plot based on a bestselling Steven King novel, and foreboding themes.

A bloodthirsty psychopathic clown emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on children who live in the town of Derry, Maine. 7 young teenage outcasts must work together to face their fears as well as overcome their own personal fears to fight against this bloodthirsty psychopathic clown known as Pennywise aka “IT”.

Pennywise is a bloodthirsty psychopathic clown that serves as the antagonist of the movie. Although Pennywise is terrifying enough, no one would expect the name of clown named “Pennywise” to be terrifying at all. However that is not the case since this is a horror movie based a Stephen King novel. Because Pennywise is the title character and the main antagonist of the movie who is gruesome, murderous, and malicious.

That is why over the years the movie IT has been regarded as a 5/5***** star classic, a timeless masterpiece, and is a classic horror movie.

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