Review: Lil Yo ‎- Youngsta’s On A Come Up

Review: Lil Yo ‎- Youngsta’s On A Come Up

Lil Yo ‎- Youngsta’s On A Come Up is a real masterpiece of Memphis rap and hip hop. Anyone who disagrees doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The dark sounding sinister atmosphere, his triplet flows, snap music, and gangsta sound are what make this album great and enjoyable to listen to. The best songs on the album are “Creepin” and “On My Way To Texas”. Lil Yo had a dope killer rap flow on this tape with his triplet flows as he was spitting heat. DJ Sound and Kingpin Skinny Pimp produced this legendary album on the local production label called Gimi Sum Productions. The sounds of snap music and gangsta rap are truly dope.

For those who did not know, Lil Yo is Yo Gotti. Yes, Lil Yo and Yo Gotti are the same people despite what some people believe or have you believe/think. It’s Yo Gotti before he became Yo Gotti.

Yo Gotti started rapping under the name Lil Yo in 1995 and had recorded this album in 1996 when he was 15 years old. This album was released on cassette only in Memphis, Tennessee on a local production label called Gimi Sum Productions. He was leagues ahead of his time the way he mastered triplet flows in his raps. He was the dopest teenage rapper out of Ridge Crest in Memphis, Tennessee at one point. Crazy how Lil Yo went from this to Unplugged. Hard to believe this is Yo Gotti. He was 15 years old when this album was released. His flow was murderous at that age.

People say Lil Yo was biting Three 6 Mafia, Tommy Wright III, Gangsta Pat, Lil Gin, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, and whoever else from Memphis. That is false as it’s a Memphis flow period. The Memphis flow is what he uses in his raps with the fast pace of triplet flows. People have compared him to xxxtentcion interestingly enough.

Many Memphis rap fans seem to favor Yo Gotti’s older style of rapping from when he went by Lil Yo than his new style of rapping as a national artist. Many Memphis rap fans like Yo Gotti better when he was a local artist especially old heads. They wish they would hear him rap like this now because he lost his Memphis flow and beats when he became a national artist. Old heads and haters consider Yo Gotti to be garbage now. People seem to like or dislike Yo Gotti these days in terms of popularity. Either way, people should respect his hustle as he has a family to feed. Times and situations change. That is why he changed his name, his beats, and flow.

Lil Yo ‎- Youngsta’s On A Come Up is one of the most sought after cassette tapes in Memphis rap. The album is impossible to find especially with the original cover still in place. Many copies that still are in existence have no cover intact. The album sells for astronomical prices when sold online by hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Creepin is one of the dopest junts on the album that is still a classic to this day. The junt has that dark grim gangsta rap vibe that was trending in the Memphis underground during that time. The junt Creepin is one of his best works on this album and of all time. This junt will take you on a trip down memory lane. This is one of those junts you’ll keep coming back to and listen to. Creepin is a highly influential underground classic in terms of Memphis rap.

He killed this junt by mastering triplet flows in his rapping by rapping 3x times fast. That is a true Memphis flow. He was way ahead of his time with this junt. Especially in 1996 when no kid rapper was using triplet flows in a fast manner like him. His flow was murderous at that age. The production of Creepin was inspired heavily by the horror film Psycho which is why you can hear a mixture of horrorcore rap, snap music, soundtrack, and gangsta rap. Lil Yo was inspired by the sound, style, and influence of Tommy Wright III, Lil Maniyak, Soul Takers, Psycho, and Kingpin Skinny Pimp.

Creepin has been sampled in new school rap junts such as Bodyguard – Fatal and Lil Ramsey – Magnolia. The most notable example of Creepin being sampled in a new school rap song is Bodyguard – Fatal. A vocal sample from Creepin can be heard at the 0:38 duration mark. The other samples that are included on there are start to kick in after the 0:38 duration mark plays.

On My Way To Texas is a classic. The junt has that dark grim gangsta rap vibe with those raw beats produced by Kingpin Skinny Pimp and DJ Sound. On My Way To Texas is similar to Creepin. Lil Yo also uses triplet flows here. People say Lil Yo was biting Three 6 Mafia and Tommy Wright III. That is false as it’s a Memphis flow period. His raps are brutal either way. The junt has that Down South flava.

Now the sample used on this junt used is from Geto Boys – No Nuts No Glory. That is where the lyrics “been selling out the same dopehouse since the age of 16″ come from. That song has been sampled a countless number of times. The Geto Boys also had an influence on Memphis rap and snap music. That is where the scary tune sample comes from also. That is why this junt has got that Houston-Memphis vibe.

On My Way To Texas has a strong influence of 8-Ball & MJG. Lil Yo was inspired by the sound, style, and influence of 8-Ball & MJG that was trending and becoming popular in Memphis at that time when he wrote this junt. That is why the 8-Ball & MJG influence is heavy and strong on the junt On My Way To Texas. The production was inspired heavily by the horror film Psycho which is why you can hear a mixture of horrorcore rap, snap music, soundtrack, and gangsta rap.

Not only was he influenced by 8-Ball & MJG. He was also influenced by Three 6 Mafia. One can tell Lil Yo was obviously influenced by Three 6 Mafia when he wrote and recorded On My Way To Texas. Ironically he used to talk shit about Three 6 Mafia back in the 90s. As for his feud with Three 6 Mafia, he had beef with Three 6 Mafia and was arguing with them at that time over who was the better rapper. He did not want join Three 6 Mafia after that beef/feud.

Wicked Hearted uses a small layer of beats and a single bass line which plays only a few musical notes. The junt is about how Lil Yo is a cold hearted wicked person. Lil Yo is the first person to rap and Mr. Yack is the second person to rap.

Wicked Hearted was heavily influenced by the Geto Boys and MC Eiht as this junt samples clips of their songs. The junt Wicked Hearted samples Geto Boys – Be Down and MC Eiht – Def Wish III. The vocal sample of “I’m taking my nine” comes from MC Eiht – Def Wish III. Many people have wondered where that vocal sample came from. Not many people know this but Memphis rap was heavily influenced by Geto Boys with horrorcore oriented gangsta rap sound and edge. Geto Boys also had an influence on rappers such as Lil Yo and MC Mack.

Amazing Murder is a horror film inspired gangsta rap junt which uses a sample from the movie Natural Born Killers. His raps about a brutal murder that took place in Memphis, Tennessee. Lil Yo and Lil T went the hardest on this junt with their verses.

Now what stands out about this junt is the sample that is used. The sample at the beginning of Amazing Murder is from the movie Natural Born Killers. The sample comes from the sub climax of the film which opens with the journalist interviewing Mickey Knox. That is also where the junt begins. Actor roles for the characters are as follows: Robert Downey Jr plays the journalist character. Woody Harrelson played the character Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers.

The case of this murder is an unsolved mystery. Everyone is wondering who killed Ted. Ted was an innocent citizen who wound up dead as he was murdered. He was murdered in the projects. There are no leads to any suspects. Ted was 21 years old when he died.

His family is constantly going to court. Tears were shed. There is nothing sadder than hearing tears of sorrow. The funeral was so sad. This brother had plenty of knowledge, edumacation, and skills.

Already 3 days later and someone else wound up dead in the same projects. It’s the same old shit everywhere we look. Death and destruction. Killing over nothing. Everybody is suspicious. Wondering who is committing these murders. They found another person on the curbs already. Detectives have no evidence. So who could it be? Your guess is as good as mine.

Funky Town is a funky Memphis rap junt about cocaine. The junt is not about Fort Worth, Texas as some people would believe. Lil Yo raps about how he gets crunk off that funk on Funky Town. Funky Town! Funky Town! Lil Yo is straight crunk off that funk. This is a Gimisum Family posse cut with Lil Maniyak, Lil T, and more.

This goes to these buck ass niggas who be snortin’ that funk better known as that powdery white substance drug called cocaine. Just spread your glock, start to pop, and lay them lemons in the trunk. For all ya niggas goin’ funky, throw your sets in the air and keep these bitches out your business, Postin’ shit like ya’ll don’t care. Just get real buck and tear shit up until you finish your job.You full of white, you ready to fight, and bustaz try like they hard.

Lil Yo is a buck ass nigga from The Crest (Ridge Crest) who grew up breaking the law. He started but he had to stop because he knew that’s so raw.

It’s Lil T! 1 in 1 cocaine is in his nose. Don’t you know he’s on that blow? Line after line. Time after time. Parallelization got him chasing demons that be dwelling inside of him. Nightmares have got him blowin’ so much coke. Lil T with the glizzo (glizzock/glock) make them bitches run. W-B, S-O-P, and R-C-G are up on that funk as they hit the party motherfucking deep up on the creep. It’s gonna be do or die when they are on that funky shit.

Funky Town is in Lil Maniyak brain. Now you know he’s insane. Lil T is by his side and they are ridin’ Chevy thang finna make a stang (commit a robbery) on a busta lemon lame and throw him in the grass. Both of them will lock him in the trunk and snort some funk. Mayne, let’s go get crunk. If a punk wants to talk some shit, he gets his wig split. S-L-B and R-C-G, Tha Funky Town Killa Klick don’t stand for that punk ass shit. Ridgecrest is just too thick. Ridgecrest niggas are so buck.

Lil Maniyak rapped the most quotable memorable lyrics which were “If a punk want to talk some shit, he get his wig split” and “Niggas be talkin’ that shit ‘n I whoop to yo dome, ‘n you bitches up in a ditch”

Lil Try is beating you bustaz to the floor. He told you bustaz once before that he is clicking while he is on that blow. He is quick to break a bitch and then get on that white hoe cocaine, bitch. Ain’t nothin’ like that whitey shit. Lil Try is on that fry. You will never see Lil Try falling because he stands tall and snorts a pack of cocaine.

Lil John The Crooked 1 is smokin’ that dope and feelin’ real high. North Memphis is where he is chiefin’ that herb. Smoking that hay.

Try Me If You Wanna Bitch served as a warning to those trying/attempting to test Lil Yo to not try his patience or bother him when he is selling drugs. Try Me If You Wanna Bitch is one of the mysterious darker sounding songs on the album. The heavy bass and that twangy diluted guitar give the song a mysterious sinister sounding edge. This is a classic junt which has that old school Memphis sound with the dark vibe, thick beats, and eerie sound. Try Me If You Wanna Bitch is a highly influential underground classic in terms of Memphis rap.

Lil Yo was saying the most quotable lyrics for a kiddie rapper at his age. Now these lyrics are raw. “I don’t go to high school cuz I go to school high” Nobody out of Ridge Crest was as raw as Lil Yo was. If only he was still this way. The main chorus uses quotable lyrics also. “Try me if you wanna bitch/Ridge Crest my stomping ground/Tiptoe with them niggaz and the Gimisum Family in walkers and browns”

Lil Yo was brought up in Evergreen. Niggas are coming right clean. So he came up on a tomb as he moves with his .4 inch gun (?) late at night. A .40 glock be on the scene and Da Yeezo got his back. So he can’t fall off or get caught slipping off guard. The illegal drug trade business has taken over Memphis, Tennessee. Lil Yo has been selling illegal dope at his high school on a 2 for $15 on the week special for quite some time. It’s $1.05 for a gram. He is booming weight at the back of the school at 3:15 PM. This week’s special is 2 for 15.

Try Lil Yo if you wanna, bitch. Ridge Crest is his stomping ground. He tiptoe with them niggaz and the Gimisum Family in walkers and browns.

Lil Yo doesn’t go to high school because he goes to school high. Why are some of these niggaz snorting fry? An undercover police officer posing as a killer hit Lil Yo with that bullshit charge of possession of drugs and the intent to sell or distribute drugs. That’s how that undercover police bust a nigga quick. I’m talking about a 25 years to life sentence of incarceration. To make things even worse, police recovered the .9 millimeter glock Lil Yo used to kill that bitch (woman) over some ana (animosity). There’s a double lame in the game who is a foul nigga.

The song Ridge Crest is about an apartment complex called Ridge Crest Apartments. Ridge Crest is a classic song which has that old school Memphis sound with the dark vibe, thick beats, and eerie sound. Nobody out of Ridge Crest was as raw as Lil Yo was. If only he was still this way.

The title track, Youngstas On A Come Up, are about how young black males are coming up and earning that cash by committing crimes. People do what is absolutely necessary for them to do in these streets. Throughout the song he commits multiples time flows about crimes all over the city of Memphis, Tennessee. The gist of Youngstas On A Come Up is mainly about teenagers doing crime(s). Lil Yo uses the triplet flows when he raps in the song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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