Review: X-Raided – Eternally Unforgiven

X-Raided takes back to the “recorded live from jail” quality sound and production similar to the Xorcist album 1995 as most of this album is very similar to the Xorcist album. So if you’re expecting a high quality album from X-Raided such as Bloc Biznez or Vengeance Is Mine, then you’re in for not such amazement. It’s truly amazing how a rapper can record an album behind heavily guarded prison buildings behind the politics of systematic incarceration. Some of the verses on this EP are from older albums such as The Unforgiven, X-Ology, Vengeance is Mine, Deadly Game, and Xorcist which may make it seem to be rehashed material.

These 8 tracks were originally written and produced for the Assisted Suicide album back in 2008. But he felt production was taking too longevity time wise. So Eternally Unforgiven was released as sampler as X-Raided’s attempt at keeping fans at bay and to hold their attention over for future material from Bloc Star Entertainment from 2009 onwards for all things to come in the future. Simply, Eternally Unforgiven was a sampler for all things to come. Of course, X-Raided wanted to show everyone what he was working on while they awaited for the Assisted Suicide album to be released later on that year. X-Raided issued an apology for the brevity of this project in the liner notes.

Eternally Unforgiven was released on CD in 2009 on Bloc Star Entertainment from Sacramento, California. However the EP was released as a digital download first in this case.

The short introduction at the very beginning explains to us that the following recordings were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act after it was determined that the Federal Bureau of Investigations tapped the phone lines at the offices of Bloc Star Entertainment under the authority of the Patriot Act for whatever the reason may be for the FBI to undergo such legal operation. (Yes the fascist neo-nazi Patriot Act.) Anyway, this material was derived from those recordings.

The reasons why the FBI tapped the phone lines of Bloc Star Entertainment under the authority of the Patriot Act are currently unknown. What is known is that the FBI performed such legal action.

Eternally Unforgiven in a nutshell is about how X-Raided led a lifestyle that would eventually land him in prison for 31 years. He expresses remorse and regrets for his actions as a youth. He’s no longer the same person he was when Black Market Records released Psycho Active in 1992. X-Raided has changed since languishing in prison.

Neo gangsta rap sounds on this track are similar to the gangsta rap of the 1990s. With lent production from Filthy Rich and the rebirth of West Coast gangsta rap, you can’t go wrong with this track and Acid Rain. X-Raided compares himself to Nas and Tupac on this track. The mood gets very depressing as X-Raided history from his past. The details are lurid and not very pretty. To sum it all up, X-Raided was a minor who was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong kind of crowd. This could have all been avoided.

As long as the world keeps spinning whether X-Raided is dead or living, he’ll be hated forever on the track Eternally Unforgiven. For all the times he committed sin. The misery never ends. X-Raided is having visions of the Flames that his soul will be burning in unable to find peace with people praying that I rest in grief.

Now X-Raided gets biographical in the first verse. X-Raided started life as an infant. He was described as a bouncing baby boy with a beautiful smile. He was cute and peaceful until he turned 16 and started shooting people. He was murdering innocent folks due to him gangbanging representing the Garden Blocc Crips from 24th Street while slanging his cocaine. The drama is painful.

Next, X-Raided explains the Siccness as he, Sicx, and Brotha Lynch Hung were the creators of the Siccness. They were the genesis behind the Siccness. Now the Siccness is gangster shit so pure. So sick with no cure in a literal sense to an extent. X-Raided joined the music business in 1991 with Lynch and Sicx.

In the beginning stages of the Siccness, it was Sicx, Brotha Lynch Hung, and X-Raided. Lynch resided in the Florin Gardens neighborhood. Sicx resided in the Battle Creek. X-Raided was freestyling to Dr. Dre instrumental beats rhyme about car chases. He was sick and out of his mind. By the time X-Raided met Sicx in 1991, he was sick with his rhymes. Sicx introduced X-Raided to Lynch. They started producing the hits such as the Niggaz in Black EP that came out on cassette in 1991 and the Nigga Deep album in 1992.

Then they hit the streets in Sicx’s Caprice. It was on Florin Road in the Tower Records parking lot they hit up next where all the mischievous trouble happens. If people hated, X-Raided and company stomped them out whether they were hard or not. Now X-Raided at the time was 16 having wicked, sick, dreams on missions to get cash.

X-Raided gets into how the criminal lifestyle influenced him at a young impressionable age. He saw apartment managers evict the indigent fiends whose kids will never know what legitimate innocence means. The scenes were live and explicit. This all happened at the Cadillac Apartments on Stockton Boulevard and Riza Way. An expatriate gangster named Old Man from PJ Watts Crips in Los Angeles was slanging 3 kilograms of cocaine a day. These were the gangsters that would say X-Raided would be a G (gangster) some day.

Brotha Lynch Hung told X-Raided to chill. Sicx to X-Raided to deal. The homie C-Bo told X-Raided to get funding for studio time. The real homie in the crew was Big Tony. Big Tony was the only real homie that told him the truth. He told X-Raided to stay true to the rhymes. But X-Raided was youthful and ignorant. Black Market Records gave X-Raided a record deal. By that time, X-Raided was out of his mind. J-Dogg and Slim from the 24 Street Garden Blocc Crips handed him guns and trained him to kill. And that’s exactly what he did! The truth is deeper than you can define. The truth is divine. There should be no lies. There are no lies!

J-Dogg from the Garden Blocc Crips was murdered by the Meadowview Bloods. J-Dogg was supposedly murdered by KK and Jamal Harris. That’s where the Meadowview Bloods vs. Garden Blocc Crips dispute rose from. A crew of Garden Blocc Crips went to the home of Patricia Harris in the Meadowview neighborhood at 2 in the morning to settle the dispute. They crew kicked the door down in the pitch black night and entered the house. Patricia Harris was murdered and she died on the scene. X-Raided saw her on the news the next night. Emotional distress ran high as gang members seemed revenge.

Anerae Veshaughn Brown bka X-Raided was eventually arrested and put on trial. It was an absolutely tragic event. He didn’t even know she was dead until after the him. Now he regrets invading her home and the gang killing her. Now he asks the Lord for mercy. He shows repentance and regret in his emotions. He’s no longer the same person he was when Black Market Records released Psycho Active in 1992. X-Raided has changed since languishing in prison.

Acid Rain describes in lyrical detail about the depression of X-Raided’s emotions. He breaks down into a mood of depression. That’s why you can feel such a cold negative eerie vibe if you listen to this track. Filthy Rich lent a hand with his signature production style. Horrorcore meets G-Funk on this track. Acid Rain is a neo gangsta rap track.

A quarter of the time, it feels as if X-Raided is dying inside because he has never had this much clarity in his life. The walls are closing in like claustrophobia exposing him to his deepest fears while buried deep behind penitentiary walls thanks to systematic incarceration. X-Raided feels claustrophobic due to his own fears. Tears ensue. Everything X-Raided touches feels like acid rain. It feels like pain. It makes you want gasp in pain. Life gives no warnings. So he gives niggas no warnings. So prepare for the worst. He is suffering in misery by being in prison.

X-Raided deals with his feelings of claustrophobia on this track. His deepest fear is claustrophobia. He feels like the walls are closing in.

Assisted Suicide deals with the extremity of police brutality of how police help kill us. Police are the enemy to certain people. They want to send us to the penitentiary. They arrest, beat us, and choke us. The government are the ones injecting drugs, guns, violence, sex, and other negative influences into the neighborhoods. We don’t fly cocaine, ecstasy, weed, speed, and heroin into the neighborhoods. It comes from them or it all comes from somewhere else. The government gives us everything we need in order to kill ourselves.

Assisted Suicide is X-Raided’s attempt to reach the youth and the masses of an audience from a broken generation. From the perspective of X-Raided, the youth are impressionable as they are often the ones who resort to living a criminal lifestyle at most. As cited in the verse: “But the least we can do is attempt to reach the youth as they are impressionable.”

On the High Notoriety interlude/skit, X-Raided’s inmate notoriety status is explained in a legal context by Elayne B. Parker Brown. The legal detail are extremely complicated.

According to the California Code of Regulations; Title 15, Anerae Veshaughn Brown bka X-Raided is classified as a high notoriety inmate. The California Department of Corrections has designated, Anerae Brown aka X-Raided, as a high notoriety inmate of the state.

High notoriety describes an inmate who must be treated as a significant escape risk due to the unusual level of public panic is or her escape would likely cause. The risk of public panic is based upon the nature or circumstance of the crime. High notoriety is based on the inmate’s behavior in custody and extensive or prolonged media coverage of the crime beyond the closest large city and its surrounding communities. A high notoriety inmate is one who is perceived by the public to have criminal influence or access to significant amounts of money or drugs or power that may enable the inmate to escape and trigger a public nuisance. Or in such case victimize any person or witness to their conviction offense. The high notoriety designation include but are not limited to execution type murder, multiple murders, mutilation of victims, etc.

X-Raided breaks lyrics down into a freestyle on Still Can’t C Me. He was spitting fire. He is the rap game’s next greatest. X-Raided came to bring the West Coast back where it belongs. The beats were fire. Still Can’t C Me is a freestyle track.

Focused was geared on the goals for Bloc Star Entertainment. Bloc Star was serious about releasing many albums for the year of 2009. X-Raided took over the West Coast that year with his record company. His focus was to take over the West Coast that year. Lyrics from inside the track Focused were the hardest lyrics. The beats were fire! Focused is another freestyle track.

Lyrics from The Legend of Ice Cold track is where the album really picks up! You feel a chilling negative vibe at the very beginning of the track as the violin strings attack. Many references to rock bands are made and referred to throughout the track. Tales of Sacramento gang life have lurid details.

Ice Cold was a dangerous thug. He was sick and deranged. He was a Crip but he would bang on his own gang and the Bloods. Ice Cold was an extremely muscular person. He had a scar on his left cheek from 120 stitches. (Probably razor residue.) Somebody filled his head with more Led than Zepplin. Kept his weapon in his holster when he was supposed to shoot it. Guess the truth is he wasn’t half Loc’d as reputed.

Ice Cold had a feud with someone from Meadowview Road and 29th Street. Said person drew a knife and sliced him. Likely the case would have been gang related as the Meadowview neighborhood has a high crime along with South Sacramento. Meadowview is a Blood/Piru neighborhood.

Ice Cold was riding around with a 9 glock and a plot for a robbery as he was flat broke. He saw a black Cadillac truck as it stopped at the intersection of Franklin Road and Florin Road. He headed toward the Cadillac’s direction. Ice Cold followed the Cadillac down Franklin Road until it made a right on Mack Road and when Mack Road turned into Meadowview Road, a robbery took place. The driver was on the phone so he didn’t notice Ice Cold. Target was the drivers head. The first bullet shattered the window and the second bullet left the driver dead. (Ice Cold didn’t give a fuck.)

As Ice Cold moved closer realizing he killed a passenger. Passenger turned out to be a child. The child was not even 11. He had a hole in his chest from the bullet. But the child was still breathing. Not even Ice Cold was willing to kill a child. So he said, “Good luck, little man. You might live.” Ice Cold stripped the money and the jewelry from his victims. Ice Cold was true to his name. Not the slightest twinge of guilt in his gut was shown emotionally. (Still, Ice Cold didn’t give a fuck.) The child was still in the truck. Too terrified to move. His big brother lied in a pool of his own blood. The child looked up to realize his brother had just been killed. Ice Cold called 911. Help arrives.

Picture this, 5 surgeons trying to keep you alive. You’ve lost too much blood and you’re too weak to survive. Paramedics were ordering pints for transfusions. His arteries were exposed with clamps attached. They keep fighting.
The doctor tries to save the brother, but the doctor started shaking his head. Sadly the doctor says “Nothing more that we can do because he’s already dead.”

5 years have passed. Ice Cold is still representing Garden Blocc Crips and showing no signs of changing. Ice Cold stayed true to the drug game flipping them keys. He never got arrested for the murder he committed on Mack Road. The child eventually recovered from his injuries but not mentally. His memory was vivid. He couldn’t get it out of his head. Just couldn’t understand why the killing had to happen. His brother was dead. After years of being physically and mentally in misery, he snapped. In homage to the killer, he took the name “Little Man”.

A drug vendor named Damu who produced crack. Damu got followed home one night. He was ducttaped and kidnapped, butt raped and bitch slapped by a nigga in a mask. (Damu was followed home one night by Ice Cold who kidnapped him.) Ice Cold demanded crack. Damu was noncompliant to produce crack for Ice Cold. So he started pulling out his toenails with a pair of pliers. It was a gruesome scene. Ice Cold grabbed his baby and threatened to shoot. So Damu produced the crack. Ice Cold found $150,000 in cash from the stash of Damu. Ice Cold never looked back after that caper.

Little Man was getting short on cash. Little Man contemplates about his purpose in life. He was tired of being broke. He went on a mission with intent of strictly stacking his paper. After he got his strap, Little Man stopped in traffic at a red light on Mack Road and Stockton Boulevard by the Motel 6. We now enter into a parking lot full of cars. A blue Lexus Coup is spotted. Little Man couldn’t help but notice it. He followed the Lexus Coup at a distance. Little Man started shooting at Ice Cold. Ice Cold floored the gas pedal. Little Man started gunnin.

It’s the turning point of the story. On Florin Road and Power Inn Road, Little Man opened up his car door. Gun in hand. He ran to the side of the blue Lexus. Eye contact is made. Ice Cold floored the gas pedal. Little man started shooting Ice Cold.

Ice Cold lost control and crashed into a phone pole. Grabbed his throat and stated, “Yeah, Bitch-ass nigga! I know you remember me.” “Look into my eyes. Let me refreshen your memory.” “You the one who shot me in the chest and murdered my brother. You should have killed me, Nigga! You stupid muthafucka!” He beat Ice Cold with the butt of the gun and at the height of the pain, he put the barrel to his head and shot Ice Cold right in the brain. Little Man murdered Ice Cold! He took his life in the rain. What goes around comes around. That’s just life in the game. The story ends with a cliffhanger.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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