Review: Ivy Mono – Space Dust

Ivy Mono – Space Dust is one ethereal new wave electro-pop album heavily influenced by synth pop. His entire album filled with love songs and futuristic vibes from 2022. Ivy Mono gives synth pop a breath of fresh and revival for the year 2022.

Leather Jacket explained the story of a Californian woman Ivy had eyes set on believing she was “the one” for him to be in love with and be in a relationship with.

Ivy saw her coming for him. She knows it’s true. When Ivy is around her, he can’t help but stick like glue. So he sticks to her like glue and won’t leave her. Ivy worships this Californian woman he believes is “the one” for him. She’s got his leather jacket hanging off both of her shoulders. She must be the one for him.

Now they are drinking Coca-Cola in way of the moon under the moonlight tonight. He doesn’t need a reason to be dragged out all this way. The way her song comes through when she sings out his name lures him in further and deeper. It comes and goes.

Space Dust on the Silver Screen was a synth pop melody written in on a major scale. The song uses a very fairy tale like setting with a bit of science fiction (sci-fi). The song is a love song.

Space dust on the silver screen beside ultraviolet cosmic rays. There is no trouble in paradise. Just trouble with the dashboard light. Let love prevail. Ivy’s plan was to kiss her underneath the stars. They stood right beneath the moon and Mars just like in a fairy tale.

Everything looks pretty from the window. But nothing is as stunning as her lips though. It used to only matter if they were smoking. Now they’re staying in and Ivy is just floating.

He later spots his lover at the symphony in parallel above two steps from the balcony. She was floating like a goth in space. Ivy wrote your name in lowercase with pink pastel. He mixed it with a palette knife. But could she tell? He will let love prevail.

The chorus explores the beauty of this song.

And everything looks pretty from the window
But nothing is as stunning as your lips though
It’s just true, I like my life with you
Used to only matter if we’re smokin’
Now we’re staying in and I’m just floatin’
It’s just true, go around the rock with you

Palm Springs (Another Star) is a song how Ivy and his lover spend their Friday night by the pool for a romantic getaway.

The stars are comin’ out tonight. The moon’s full for a Friday fright. Ivy and his lover spend their Friday night in a backyard and a swimming pool with Cocktails by the cool boombox. He’s bad when she’s good. If she needs to talk it out, she knows Ivy is never far. He is sorry about the fading of another star.

He spots the UFO in the sky through the desert. That’s no surprise. Old stars can still light up Palm Springs. Dirt road where Sinatra sings “That’s Life”. Ivy doesn’t know that he should be down when she is out. Chalk lines circling the floor.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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