Review: II Black – Smilin Faces

II Black – Smilin Faces is one of the lesser known II Black albums which not many people know about. Smilin Faces is one of the lesser known Memphis rap albums of course. This album is filled with warped eerie soundscapes and lo-fi beats. However most of this tape is just shoutouts though. The album was pressed up and released locally in Memphis back in 1995.

The junt Smilin Faces uses a warped eerie soundscape over lo-fi beats which sounds like a Blackout production. II Black produced the entire song himself.

Smilin Faces was a Mitchell Heights posse cut where the members of Mitchell Heights Veterans dissed Three 6 Mafia. These are some of the lyrics which diss Three 6 Mafia, “They claim they down with me” and “Screamin tear da club up/Big boy, you ain’t got no guts”. II Black also called Three 6 Mafia “Triple Bitch Mafia” as Playa Fly did. Lil D, Charlie Mac, and II Black were comin’ hard on this hype ass track.

Here are some more lyrics which diss Three 6 Mafia.

II Black for that bangin’ shit
’cause nigga we gotta kill you bitch
Flodgin’ like a killer
But we know you just a Triple Bitch
Fuck my nigga
How the fuck you figure
We gon’ let it slide?
SPL and
Down to ride on any bitch

Flodgin’ like a killer
But we know you just a Triple Bitch
Fuck my nigga

Real niggas, so trick
Watch yo back
Niggas need to wise up
Tryna feel they fuckin’ nuts
Screamin’ Tear Da Club Up
Big boy you ain’t got no guts

Real niggas, so trick
Watch yo back
Niggas need to wise up
Tryna feel they fuckin’ nuts
Screamin’ Tear Da Club Up
Big boy you ain’t got no guts
Deep when we creep
High till we die
Locked till we fuckin drop
Lemonlames talkin’ shit

Lil D of Mitchell Heights Veterans also disses Three 6 Mafia. He claims those hoes in Three 6 Mafia run away because they are not real.

[Lil D]
You punk ass niggas straight kill me
Claim to be my brodie but all the time you my enemy
Hearin’ what you speak
I be swearin’ that you downin’ folk
But real niggas never run
From the fuckin’ struggle ho
Claimin’ you the shit
But ain’t ’bout shit
Sayin’ what a nigga said
Man we gonna get you bitch
He say, she say
The grass where yo body lay
Conversation rules the nation
Betrayin’ will get you sprayed

Smilin faces. They lie. They don’t tell the truth.

Are you afraid to meet your death? Nigga, you afraid to meet your death. Razor blade up your asshole. So you done played yourself.

Now it’s hard for II Black to live when his hand is on the steel. All that madness on his mind comes from him waking up from a dream he had about the niggas he killed. It is now time for him to do this perfect crime. He brings the gauge and shotgun pump. NAP has TEC-9s. Fake smilin’ in his face.
Killin’ all his human race with disgrace. Now you wanna take another niggas place. Fuck them drugs that be on the street. II Black will kill you in a heartbeat. Tryna play Black on this track like a fuckin’ dog. This is not a dream but a nightmare. Maybe he done robbed ’em all. Watch yourself as you may get bit.

II Black has thought of committing homicides as these lyrics indicate.

Now it’s hard for me to live
When my hand is on the steel
Wakin’ up from a dream
All these niggas I have killed
All that madness on my mind
Time to do this perfect crime
Bring the gauge
Shotgun pump
NAP has TEC-9s

II Black is creepin’ through the hood down in Mitchell Heights. He points and positions a Tre-8 to your face as he takes you for your blow. I thought you hoes knew there ain’t no love in this shit. He rolls with the Mitchell Heights feelin’ good on that dope and shit. Super tight and is ready for a flight.

Slippin’ through the Heights at night. The Mitchell Heights Veterans Posse lays down a lemon lame in Playa Posse style, mane. Takin’ over North from a trick because it ain’t no thang. They stangin’ you lemon hoes and lemon lames. How the fuck you figure?

Who the fucks the busta? Who them niggas with that flodgin’ shit? Crenshaw by his fuckin’ side. Crime got his fuckin’ back clicked with Gangsta Blac. II Black is for that bangin’ shit. Down to ride on any bitch. Quick to stang on any trick. Flodgin’ like a killer. That’s what you get when you are slippin’. Straight down your head and now you’re dead. As for The Mitchell Heights Veterans, they are real niggas. So watch your back. Niggas need to wise up.

Lemon lames be talkin’ shit. Don’t test their fuckin’ crew. Bitch so when you slippin’ they will fuck you up in any place. They don’t ever stop. They have no second thoughts about a murder.

You punk ass niggas straight kill Lil D. All this time you claim to be Lil D’s brodie but all the time you were his enemy. He be hearin’ what you speak. You be swearin’ that you down, folk. Claimin’ you the shit but ain’t ’bout shit. But real niggas never run from the struggle. Conversation rules the nation. An action of betrayal will get you sprayed. His nig’ Tony Bone straight from Mitchell Heights is buckwildin’ up on you bitches. Fuck what they talk about. Those hoes wouldn’t run they mouth if they were real. Bonnevilles super tight. Lil D in this motherfucker makin’ you hoes suffer.

They call me Lil D the Hitman. This snow got Lil D feelin’ strange. Lil D just maintains his pimpin’. Crenshaw is about makin’ stains. So bustas just have you heard a murder in the third degree. And that type shit hurt the worst. Psychopathic visions be runnin’ through Lil D’s mind.

The Mitchell Heights clique clicks with the SPV. If that’s not enough they can bring in the RSC and constantly go to war. The Mitchell Heights clique rolls with the BBB. Low key looters gettin’ this case. Real Gs drinkin’ Hennessey.

Second Clique is up in you bitch. Droppin’ bodies in the ditch. Second Clique clicked up with the SPV. MHV and SPV are makin’ hoes lay it down. The Heights is so fuckin’ deep. Lil Gain with the riot pump. So don’t try to front, sucker. Crenshaw gonna buck at you. Read the papers. That’s your folks up on the news. Catch the vapors. Smilin’ faces all around.
Black Bo up in Funky Town.

Charlie Mac says Mitchell Heights is pimps and hustlers. Keepin’ straight to the motherfuckin’ trigger because your ass is a phony G. So you ‘trayin ass fools bitches gonna get sprayed. Motherfuckers talkin’ then ain’t his fuckin’ friend.

Charlie Mac is rollin with some niggas that’s always strapped with the fuckin’ MAC-10 and A to the K. TEC-9 automatic spray because some bodies are gonna lay dead up in the street. G’s are huntin’ on the creep. Bitches are frontin’. Trick ass hoes are constantly coming with that phony fuckin’ bullshit. Mitchell Heights deep as haters creepin’ on you fuckin’ hoes. So they crazy for this shit. Bitch, this shit is super tight.

II Black owned the beats on Buck Wildin. He was killing it with his production sound. II Black and Gangsta Blac did most of the rapping. However Gangsta Blac took most of the spotlight when it came to this junt.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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