Review: DJ Pinky and Lil Tino – Sounds of the South

DJ Pinky and Lil Tino – Sounds of the South is one of the most sought after Memphis rap cassettes. Everyone seems to be going after this tape. DJ Pinky produced the entire album himself. You can expect to hear those dark eerie Memphis sounds such as warped distorted eerie synths playing from a low budget keyboard and beats filled with loudness. Be aware that the audio quality is considered to be crappy as a low quality mp3 rip. This is Lil Tino’s iconic tape.

DJ Pinky and Lil Tino turn out the sounds of the South on the song Tha Sounds Of Tha South. The song uses warped distorted eerie synths on a low budget keyboard over a loud barrage of explosions. DJ Pinky and Lil Tino come from the south side of Memphis, Tennessee. It’s all fucked up down there. So are the people. DJ Pinky has no love for you hoes. Lil Tino is the nigga behind the ski mask.

Funkytown uses a handful of funky African drums and beats over crunchy vocals. Those African drums are filled with loudness.

Funky Shit deals with the shit that makes niggas minds click gets them upset. The song uses a mildly warm bassline that roars throughout the track. Funk meets rap on Funky Shit. One of the best songs off Lil Tino’s iconic tape. DJ Pinky’s bass is off the charts!

I rate this album 4/5****!

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