Review: Gimisum Family – Tha Gimisum Dungeon

Gimisum Family – Tha Gimisum Dungeon is one of the more downtempo Memphis rap albums with a dark vibe and sound. The album has that classic Gimisum production sound Gimisum Family is known for. These Memphis rappers were ahead of their time. Subjects on this album range from pimping to robbery to criminal mischief. Gimisum Family – Tha Gimisum Dungeon is one of the more dark Gimi Sum albums. Overall this is one dark album.

Can’t Impress Me is about people can’t impress the Gimi Sum Family with no bullshit threats. They are not phased or moved by your threats.

You can’t impress the Gimi Sum Family with no bullshit threats.

Lil Debo was born in the North and grew up in Tennessee. He’s straight from the landmark. He tried to coming up for the finer things in his life. He started as a little man. The man that he understands. He stayed out of hands for commands that his daddy said. A month or two and he is living in the street by jookin’ up showing some young hoеs. Many years to come. Ain’t what it just seem to be.

Lil Debo did not take heat to the things that can’t easily. Now that he is down with a neighborhood. They sure won’t realize until he’s in brotherhood, or locked in a jail cell, or maybe in other hell. But he prefers a jail cell so he can make his bail. Lil Debo is a nigga just in the hood. Don’t fuck with Lil Debo or the AK gone come spray you hood.

211 is standing on the fucking corner. Scoping out some bustaz he’ll lay down in the city street. Make them kiss the concrete. Lynching deep, M.J. down with this murder shit. Watch 211 because he’s coming up when he lets the gauge buckshot from his Glock. Red rum here it come. Time to leave some bodies being the victim of his fucking nine millimeter. His fucking nine millimeter is the solver to take care of his fucking problems.

Landmart niggas on the creep with them yak’s. You can talk your ass off. Gimi Sum Family gone blow your ass off.

How in the fuck you figure that you could be straight with Lil Gin? Consider Lil Gin crooked as hell.
He is busting a cap in your face because you’s a snail. You were too slow.Lil Gin is hanging with the niggas only down with him. The Triple Six, and Gimisum, and Hurston niggas down on Nashville Street. And they can fuck up on a trick and smuggle his ass in the ditch.His niggas lugging AK’s for the bills to start some shit. Now watch his hoes take you out because he is a pimp. His leg’s kinda tired so he is walking with a limp.

This nigga tried to rob Lil Gin, but Lil Gin caught him creeping up outta his door. He grabbed some needles and then he stuck them into his buttocks. Next Lil Gin tied him to the chair until his ass closed up. It’s just like playing spades with a handful of hearts. But Lil Gin is the joker that’s cutting your fucking dome. Lames and hoes are getting buried.

Mr. Slicc won’t concern their moaning. He’s got them bitches yawning and groaning. Oh how he misses them fried mornings. For one of you niggas try to step up, Mr. Slicc has no mercy for my enemies and no mercy for thy soul. Mr. Slicc has no mercy for thy shake junt and no mercy for his hoes. Mr. Slicc is pimpin the difficult bitches in Memphis, mane.

Now testing them out on the game to see the sight with slicc-ness. Russian like roulettes when he starts to reck. Hit the deck! He’s robbing that nina fiend for fun. He blends in like mirrors so jackers don’t get near him Slapping ’em with a huff. Blaze a blunt with a rush.

Gimi Sum Family are some straight up murderers who be kicking down them doors, mane. They lay your kids and your mammy on the floor.

I Told Ya is a hardcore “don’t fuck with me” type of track which is backed with a vocal sample from the movie Scarface (1983). The song has that aggressive gangsta mentality and attitude. You would have to live the life to understand this real shit. This is one of the hidden tracks supposedly.

Playa Dre is on a stakeout scoping this nigga in a big boy Jaguar vehicle. He’s gotta get close to his ass. He is smoked out as he has been smokin them herbs. Playa Dre does stick and move under the law. Without the law knowing of course. His mind blinked out in the battle stage. He is one anxious nigga paranoid. He crossed the country to proceed with his mission on scoping this nigga out.

The situation gets sticky very quickly. Playa Dre got behind this fool at a stoplight. He pulled up to the red light. Then Playa Dre proceeds to scare him with the flashlight. He makes him take his hands up off thе seat from the driver side. Now the tables turned around because they weren’t prepared for war because he had a pistol supplied. What they did not know sure hurt them.

Playa Dre is living life on the edge. That has got him scared. Will he die? Damn near his last breath but he’s still getting high. Might take your life. He is on the corner with some thugs. Showing love to his troops. Trying to keep a straight head. Put the feds on a chase at the end of the road

Playa Dre is the beamer in the steamer was his nigga Red Rum. Coppers swarm on their asses. You can bet bottom dollar they flip the strip and then ball off with a cloud on their trail. Don’t you follow if you soft. Another nina round goes your way. Before he reaches his destination by pulling up to your house with the troopers on his side. They are dressed in black when they jump out. So Serious is at the back door. Playa Dre runs up in the front. Red Rum runs up on the patio. Playa Dre is strapped with the pump on the corner until they crash your stash. They are out to get out your ass. Hauling niggas to the morgue. They show no remorse. I told you.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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