Review: DTK Posse – Gettin Major

DTK Posse – Gettin Major is a jazz rap album where the sounds of old school jazz meet rap and hip hop. This is evident on tracks such as Rapp Star and Gettin’ Major. A touch of old school funk is added to songs such as Nasty Rock, Run Up, and Rapp Star. Each song is filled with battle raps.

DTK Posse – Gettin Major was released when nearly everyone in Flint was in a rap group back in the 90s. This tape got overshadowed due to the popularity of gangsta rap that was burgeoning at that time. Success from artists such as MC Breed, Jake The Flake, DFC, Top Authority, The Dayton Family, and Project Born is what led to be overshadowed. A.L.E., Kool Chief, and Gerald Valentine of RFTW were responsible for producing some of the songs.

The concept of the album cover was based on ancient Greek scriptures which is why you have characters and hieroglyphs such as ∆ and Ω present. Notice how the yellow the ancient Greek scripture is due to aging and antiquity. The second paragraph of the scripture (II) is related to the fifth paragraph (V) because never forgetting where you came form is part of being true to the game and not selling out. So never forget where you came from and be true to the game. No sell out. The second paragraph and the fifth paragraph are about staying true to yourself. The second paragraph and the fifth paragraph are a part of the DTK Law (DTK Laws).

A jazzy grand piano is used all over the place on Gettin’ Major given that those jazzy grand piano notes and chords are a looped sample. That jazzy grand piano is what makes Gettin’ Major a jazz rap song. Gettin’ Major is about getting respect in a major way on a larger scale. Now DTK Posse is in effect demanding respect and are getting major. DTK Posse was getting major in the 93.

Growing up young in the projects (government subsidized housing) in a city full of danger, a nigga like T-uan had to do what was necessary to gain respect. He knew everyone that lived in the projects. Every once and while he would attend a house party. A nigga could get no skins because a nigga had no cash. He grew up hard in a city filled with danger called Flint, Michigan. Flint, Michigan is a city full of and still is filled with danger. T-uan was a little motherfucker with a body full of anger. He’s gotten himself a reputation even though he hasn’t committed any crimes. T-uan could not find a job or get any type of employment. So he devoted himself to a style of music known as rhythm and poetry better known as rap. He hooked up with some niggas out of Flint and formed the DTK Posse. Every time T-uan drops a rhyme, it’s guaranteed to be a hit. Now DTK Posse is in effect demanding respect and are getting major. DTK Posse was getting major in the 93.

A.L.E. was a young nigga coming up running around with the DTK Posse earning money. They have each others backs because posse comes first. A.L.E. is cold motherfucker worse than a Freddy Krueger nightmare. He stalks the parks and projects. So don’t let your ass get caught after dark. He feels no remorse for his actions. You would think A.L.E. worked for the mob the way he plays people. But no, instead he is getting major.

T-uan is getting fat like that as he keeps going and going. He is flowing as there is money to make. He has records to sell. Taking MC’s out on the stage is what he does.

After 10 years on the mic, A.L.E. finally gets a chance to rock the stage. He is getting hype on the stage. Giving up is something he’s never done. Giving up is not an option for him. Those rhymes of his shock people. Being true to the game is what DTK Posse. Only suckers sell out.

Nasty Rock is a funk rap song backed by a bouncy funky guitar reminiscent of a James Brown song or a Little Richard song. You can feel a live presence due to the audience cheering in the background. One has to wonder if this song was recorded live. This track hyped on the dance floor of the COPA on a Saturday night. Nasty Rock is a song dedicated to the city of Flint.

DTK Posse in is the house for 93. DTK Posse is in effect. Their rhymes are clever, cool, and stunning due to their style. There’s no talking. Just freaking on the dance floor at COPA Nightclub if you can find room. Their dope rhymes rock the dance floor.

Rapp Star is a funky jazz rap song backed by a bouncy funky guitar and a jazzy saxophone. This is 90’s jazz rap at its finest. Rapp Star samples the 1978 song Teddy Pendergrass – Close the Door and Joey Lapidos – Batman: Stacked Cards (Beginning). Rapp Star was produced by Gerald Valentine of RFTW. The song is about all the escapades A.L.E. gets himself with women into as a rap star.

A.L.E. had seen this vision of a beauty. So he felt it was his duty to walk over to her to get more than her phone number. She was more than a booty. A.L.E. asks if he can talk to her. This beauty is named Pam. She was thicker than molasses. She was like a beauty queen. A.L.E. tells Pam he is a rap star.

After conversating with Pam, he got back to the mall to meet up with the fellas. He heard this fly voice say hello. She had her eyes covered so he was unable to identify the voice. The smell of her perfume gave her identity away. A.L.E. figured out who she was. She was Michelle. They get into fooling around explicitly with each other. However they get into a disagreement between each other. So A.L.E. stepped up to another mademoiselle. Her name was Nicki. She gave a good quickie.

His game was slick. His mission was complete. So he headed back to the streets to go out making for more hoes. A.L.E. is headed for Saginaw Street. He saw this pretty young thing taking a walk. So he strolls on over. Her name was Sheryl.

Cross Fire is a cautionary tale telling people not to get caught up in gun play and to stay away from violence. So don’t get caught in the line of a cross fire. This is one of the more violent songs on the album. The song uses a rich jazzy piano sample over hip hop beats.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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