Review: Tha Brotha Chilly T & The Boom Squad – Chillies Blunt

Tha Brotha Chilly T & The Boom Squad – Chillies Blunt album was released on cassette only in 1993 on Boom Records from Jersey City, New Jersey. Tha Brotha Chilly T was a rapper from Saginaw, Michigan in the 1990s. He released three album during the 1990s era of rap. This album is a seriously rare local tape from Saginaw, Michigan that came with no barcode which was tape only.

Tha Brotha Chilly T is from Saginaw Michigan, and His raps do have a grimey gritty feel to them. Tha Brotha Chilly T sounds like he came from the East Coast be it New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania. Well Tha Brotha Chilly T is from Saginaw, Michigan. Tha Brotha Chilly T is quite grimey coming out of Saginaw. But then again Saginaw is a grimey place. So just understand him being from there. A huge old school influence is prevalent on this cassette tape. So for those of you who will complain about the bad quality sounding shit, this album’s not for you.

The percussion is super tight on Liven Low! So are the vinyl scratches. Back in the days, Tha Brotha Chilly T was a young broke man clocking dope and selling narcotics. Friends, money, and enemies were made in the process of him being a narcotics distributor. There were casualties. Tha Brotha Chilly T had his jeep parked around the corner in case the spot got hot with law enforcement. Ain’t no time to catch a case or charges. The 50 are on his case but Tha Brotha Chilly T is not having that. Now we are back on the streets. But however Tha Brotha Chilly T is eventually apprehended by police and booked in jail. After a debt to society, Tha Brotha Chilly T is eventually released into society.

Bending Cornas is about how Tha Brotha Chilly T is Bending Cornas in his jeep. He heads up to the spot. What does he see? Audi’s, Benz, Jeeps, and Cadillacs. The bass is pounding heavily from the sub-woofers. Tha Brotha Chilly T gets out to spit a little game to everyone. All of a sudden, police show up. It’s time to leave the spot. Tha Brotha Chilly T sends out flyers to promote for his upcoming show. Tha Brotha Chilly T is just “Bendin Cornas” in his jeep. Bending Cornas is funky track with heavy percussion over a hodgepodge of various samples and breakbeats.

Tha Brotha Chilly T goes straight up Reggae, mon, on Dropin’ Bombs! It’s super dope! The bass and percussion are heavy hitting. Chilly T here talks about the ‘Shotgun Theory’. So you know he’s no joke. So sucks run for cover! Dropin’ Bombs is a Reggae freestyle rap track

Chillies Blunt is a Tha Brotha Chilly T solo track. Tha Brotha Chilly T is in the back snappin’ necks and smoking cigars. His brother is in the back. Tha Brotha Chilly T is droppin’ game on wax (or in this case cassette tape). Also, Tha Brotha Chilly T is producing. He’s in it to win it. The Brotha Chilly T teaches us there’s need to front or diss Also, The Brotha Chilly T reveals that his legal name is Todd Jones.

Where I’m From is about where Tha Brotha Chilly T is from. Tha Brotha Chilly T tells us tales about how gritty, grimey, and raw the city of Saginaw, Michigan really is. Saginaw is a city you don’t wanna fuck around in! Watch your back because there could be a robbery. Saginaw is a cold place both in temperature and mood. OG’s know how it goes. Saginaw is raw.

The samples used were climatically average at best. But what he makes up for in samples he makes up in lyrics. The intro and outro were quite annoying because they didn’t attribute to the grimey gritty theme of the album.

Tha Brotha Chilly T went hard from 1990 to 1993. No one could fuck with him on Boom Records (Boom! Records)! The Brotha Chilly T was so underrated in his time! We need more brothers like him in the watered down flourished, cookie cutter rap game right now.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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