Review: Adam X – The Conflict

Adam X – The Conflict is one of the most overlooked and underrated albums out in techno music history. Fate Unknown is filled with that dark EBM industrial techno that Adam X is known for. The album was surely ahead of its time for 2005. What makes this album organic is the fact that all of these songs are all original material produced by Adam X himself. Originality is what makes this album of his stand out. These songs were recorded between 2001-2004.

Digital Eyes uses a dark electro soundscape which blasts electro-psychedelic sounds over techno-industrial complex. This is EBM industrial techno at its best.

Is It Deja Vu? is driven by hard kick drum beats which rumble the speakers along with the distorted bit crushed synths. The mood is both dark and upbeat at the same time. The song is similar to an intense level on a video game played in hard mode. Adam X is a genius when it comes to laying down synths and beats.

Photosensitivity is driven by a robotic vocal sample and high-paced beats over distorted bit crushed sounds. Just listen to the song closely and you’ll hear the distortion.

Sounds at the Siding is hidden track on the album which was also included on the State of Limbo album. The song has that authentic rave techno sound. The static on the song is very retrograde. Adam X is a genius when it comes to laying down synths. You feel the intensity inside the synths.

Robot Rebellion in 2071 is one of the more well known songs among Adam X fans that got constant play in the clubs of New York City in the early 2000s. The song was known for upbeat nature, vocal samples, and dark EBM industrial techno sounds. Beats to this song are insane. Distorted kicks blend in perfectly with those noisy interference samples. Robot Rebellion in 2071 was surely ahead of its time even for 2004.

Robot Rebellion in 2071 is what helped him gain more notoriety and respect in the industrial techno scene. This song further help him spread his trademark EBM-techno across the globe both online and offline. That is why Robot Rebellion in 2071 is one of his more well known songs.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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