Review: Buttabean – Livin Large

Review: Buttabean – Livin Large

Livin Large was an album Buttabean released on Wrecking The Mic Recordz based outta Waco, Texas in 2002. This album is of his is a living testimony about survival of the fittest. He explains his rise to power in the underground scene of Waco rap with songs such as My Testimony, Living Proof, and Survival of the Fittest. He even has something for the ladies or for a night of romance with songs such as OOOH Baby and Freak Wit Me. Livin Large is some heart pumpin’, fist pumpin’ music that is surely confrontational and gets real raw. The style of country rap on this record is unique and unheard of.

Living Proof is a song about how you can be a legend if you motivate yourself to become one. True legends are bought with money. He explains his rise to power in the underground scene of Waco rap on Living Proof. Buttabean is living proof of what Texas rap has been missing in.

Come With Me came from the underground sessions (studio sessions) of recording the Livin Large album. The song is a freestyle. The song Come With Me appeared on his other 2002 album Just Give Me One Shot. The song is ridden with a fat bass line and dark thick piano notes. The song is fuckin sick!

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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