September 24, 2023

San Antonio rapper L-Dog gets intuitive and very deep on this album as he deals with the problems with the struggle in his life. His life is not without struggle. He vents out his frustration about life on this album of his. His hustle is his struggle. The My Struggle album from 2001 is mirrors similarities to his 2003 album Da World Iz Yourz album. This album definitely went under the radar! It’s a shame it did. Get this album if you haven’t! L-Dog has material that everyone can relate to.

The producers on this album are L-Dog, donron, and Big Boi. donron is the main producer. L-Dog and donron are OGs from SA. L-Dog is a rapper from San Antonio, Texas who has been in the game since 2000.

The verse “Holla! Holla! I need change 4 a dolla” is what makes the song Change 4 a Dolla a memorable song that sticks in your mind for a lifetime. It’s one of those songs that will stick inside your head for an eternity. Change 4 a Dolla mainly deals with poverty. Poverty can be considered a struggle of life. L-Dog raps about how he is loosing composure and sanity because of the cycle of poverty he is caught up in.

The verses below are what make the song Change 4 a Dolla a memorable song that sticks inside your mind for a lifetime for all eternity.

I need change 4 a dolla

L-Dog vents out his frustration about life on My Struggle. L-Dog gets intuitive and deep on My Struggle. There are many issues and variables that lead to the struggle in his life. Such as poverty, drugs, abuse, violence, drama, murder, death, and all other related elements in this game we call life.

He Had It Comen had a powerful angry negative mood found in thug rap. He Had It Comen is similar to thug rap and gangsta rap. L-Dog tells us “Don’t believe the hype!” on this track. The track itself comes with such aggression due to its negative mood.

Make Me Feel Good is one of them sex songs that will make you feel good some type of way in a sexual manner. L-Dog just wants a woman beside him so she can make L-Dog feel good. He wants to feel good. No matter what some type of way. Make Me Feel Good is quite similar to Sexual Healin’. L-Dog experiments with sexual raps (sex rap) on Make Me Feel Good.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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