Review: L-Dog – Da World Iz Yourz

L-Dog never fails to disappoint and has material that everyone can relate to. He has songs for the hustlers, players, females, and children. This album has songs catered to everyone young and old. The sounds of gangsta rap meet southern rap on this album as is the case on all of his other albums. Highlight songs on this album are We Ride, China Girl, Da New World, and Waiten 4 Da Moment.

Da World Iz Yourz came hard for the year 2003! 2003 was a good year even though the music industry was going to a digital download market. This album definitely went under the radar! Get this album if you haven’t already! As it will soon be extremely hard to find as is the case with all of his other albums.

Da World Iz Yourz is L-Dog’s most well known album that received nationwide distribution from CDBaby in Portland, Oregon in 2003. Da World Iz Yourz was his most easiest to find album thanks to distribution from CDBaby.

The producers on this album are L-Dog, donron, and Big Boi. (donron is the main producer.) Featured artists are Lil Chris, Chilly-D, Big Boi, donron, Denise White, Dirty, and Lil Dog. L-Dog and donron are OGs from SA.

L-Dog is a rapper from San Antonio, Texas. He’s been in the game since 2000. L-Dog is one of San Antonio’s most underrated rappers next to Chilly-D, Tizzy, K9, Sweet-P, Lady Lunatic, DJ Double R, glo, and Lil Sin.

The intro was so dope! The drums and beats are superb! The intro samples Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Dinner and 702 – Get Down Like Dat. The intro begins with a gunshot. Here on the intro is where L-Dog introduces his family members. He talks about how he does more in terms of working and hustling than the average person. He does more than the average Joe. The intro ends with a gunshot.

We Ride is for all the riders out there. Da World Iz Yourz showcases L-Dog’s lyrical style. The drums and beats are dope!

L-Dog and DoMoe Records will be at your door making’ all y’all niggaz lay down on the floor with a tech 9 and a .44 on the song At Yo Door. Get it how you live. This is one hardcore neo-gangsta rap song. Think 50 Cent and WC when you think of neo-gangsta rap.

Solid Ground is pretty lyrical. He doesn’t seem as angry on this track as he does all the other tracks on this album. The vibe and mood seem to be mellow.

Pass Da Sticky is a smoke session song. The flow is slow and the melody is smooth and slow. Smooth and slow are two words to describe this song. Pass Da Sticky sounded a bit chopped and screwed. It was bit short.

Brotha Fucka was a so-so track. Honestly this song is a skip seeing as how it was not that good. It was kind of timid. It was about a backstabbing bitch named Shareefa (Sharita?) who would fuck you and your brotha behind your back. She was so cold like that.

He shows his humorous side in some of the lyrics. For example, “I done witnessed this hoe stick a tree in her clit/well, ok/maybe not all that/A pimp exaggerated a little bit” and “I done seen Sharita put a bat in her mouth”

Haten On Me is about all the haters which the song is aimed at. Haten On Me features Big Boi. The cadence of Haten On Me follows the cadence of George Clinton – Atomic Dog.

Da New World is a biographical track as the Intro, Da World Iz Yourz, and China Girl are. The beginning has that doom suspense sound with an Inception like trailer. The sound is breathtaking. L-Dog takes us on a journey into a world and dimension on this song. The song talks about how L-Dog and donron were barred and banned from the industry!

Pussy, Money, & Da Mic talk about L-Dog’s ambition to be a rapper. All he needs is pussy, money, and the microphone to rape dope lyrics.

A Whole Notha Level is a crunk club song. Beats of this song have a surf rock type of vibe and style. So does the tempo. The beginning of the song will remind you of the Black Eyed Peas song Pump It. You will love it! A Whole Notha Level revisits Anotha Level from Da Sad Truth album.

What U Wanna Do is about L-Dog wondering who can he trust. He has almost no faith in humanity or humankind. L-Dog doesn’t know who he can trust lately. Who he can trust?

The phone rings at the beginning. It’s his friend. He says, “You know what, dog? Nowadays you can trust nobody. You don’t know if they love you or hate you.”

L-Dog has a few problems that have been bothering him. He’s trying to be the best daddy a father can be. His baby mama wants to see him suffer and going through pain. Jealousy and envy make it hard to love her. L-Dog doesn’t know who he can trust lately as he is getting more hate than love lately. Nowadays you don’t know if they love you or are hating on you.

Have you ever seen a bitch so fine to where you get ugly? You buy gifts to get her love. That’s what the song China Girl is about. China Girl is about a Chinese girl that L-Dog met at a flea market and quickly fell in love with.

China Girl is about a Chinese girl that L-Dog met at a flea market of all places. Her hair was black and her lips were pink. Her voice was silky smooth. Her skin had a creamy tan. She had on a mink coat. She sold knock-off gold, off brand clothing, knickknacks, and phat laces. Her daddy was a millionaire in Tokyo.

They got close. L-Dog got next to her heart. He watched her do yoga and martial arts. He quickly fell in love with her and that good shit. The whole scene was dreamy. Not dreary. She truly has got it going on.

L-Dog introduced to the people he knew, the places he goes to, and the things that he does. The ghetto. All them other hoes were jealous roaches. All L-Dog wanted to do was to know and hear that she had to her than just her name and reputation.

The song gets very sexual at the end. It’s Christmas Eve. She had on bikini wear with big blue bow wrapped around her little waist. He picked her up and laid her down on the couch to have sexual intercourse. First thing out her mouth was, “Oww! Shit. That’s dirty south.” L-Dog started spanking her and it didn’t even bother her. She was screaming, “Do it harder! Harder!” They fell on the floor. Somebody’s at the door. L-Dog kept his composure and treated her like she’s his hoe. They spent an hour in the shower.

The next morning, she left with her clothes and ran out the door. L-Dog tells her, “I got love for you, baby. But I’m a player. I’ll see you in the future. Holler at me later.”

Think of the song Delancy Street by Dana Dane when you listen to China Girl. donron singing follows the cadence of Delancy Street by Dana Dane. The Indian sitar used this song is on point. donron produced China Girl and sang on it.

Wicked Thang is a sexual song about a girl. Wicked Thang features Wicked T. L-Dog shows off his sexy side on this song.

He Say She Say has an old timey 1890s/1900s sound to it with an electronic rap vibe. Using a touch of auto-tune would have been appropriate to blend in with the electronic rap vibe.

L-Dog displays his storytelling skills greatly on Bedtime Story. The song is off the hook! Bedtime Story is one lyrical song.

Waiten 4 Da Moment calms down the albums mood as it goes into a downtempo mood. The reverb chorus is on point and echoes have a very chilling effect. This is the best track off the album. The song has a mood of suspense and uncertainty.

Anotha One Afta Me features Lil Dog, who is L-Dog’s son. It serves more of an outro than it does an actual full length song. L-Dog’s son, Lil Dog, is now known as rapper and producer Yung King YK. The song uses processed Afrocentric beats.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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