Review: DJ Pinky ‎– Deadly Friendz

DJ Pinky ‎– Deadly Friendz has the most ethereal distorted beats for a 1998 album. Deadly Friendz is a DJ Fela masterpiece. The whole album goes fucking hard! 100% percent original underground Memphis shit. DJ Pinky produced all the tracks on Deadly Friendz himself. He puts in his own eerie dark twist in his production style. Each junt is tight and worth listening to. Highlights on the album include Head Hunters, Holy Ground, Lov & Happiness, Never Change, Deadly Affair, and Super Flying.

DJ Pinky put his dark Memphis rap twist and production style on Lov & Happiness with those super heavy synths. DJ Pinky never fails to disappoint his audience. Lov & Happiness is a dark Memphis rap cover of Al Green – Love and Happiness. Lov & Happiness sampled Al Green – Love and Happiness.

Love is a drug which will make you think, “Family & friends. Who can I trust?”. Sometime you have to prioritize love and happiness in your live. Love and happiness do not always mix well with each other even though some people will want you to believe love and happiness fit perfectly well with each other. That is not always the case or situation.

The song Head Hunters has that dark Memphis sound due to the ethereal beats, distortion, and lo-fi sounds. The song goes fucking hard! Head Hunters about a lady who is this head hunting bitch who will rob you for your dick. DJ Pinky raps about being a head hunter (killer) who murders random people throughout the song.

DJ Pinky wakes up in the morning searching for the thrill to kill and murder any person. He is walking through his neighborhood with a nice little switchblade. He is fucked in the head. The reason he is walking through his neighborhood with a nice little switchblade is because he is out looking for some niggas to kill and murder. Now he is still on the run.

DJ Pinky gets into the subject about this head hunting bitch. Don’t make a move as she will rob you for your dick. This head hunting bitch is in disguise wearing weave, a tight mini-skirt, and has long pretty nails. Another noticeable feature of her is large size breasts. So stay low and undercover.

Funkytown Part 2 uses a handful of funky African drums, super heavy synths, and beats over crunchy vocals. Those African drums are filled with loudness. This is a junt as they say in Memphis.

Holy Ground is an underground Memphis rap just that is not as well known by Memphis rap fans. This song has that dark eerie production similar to production from DJ Fela. One can easily assume DJ Pinky was influenced by DJ Fela’s production style when he recorded and composed this song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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