Review: Omicron ‎– Symbolis EP

Omicron ‎– Symbolis EP features some excellent ambient tracks from the group Omicron. These tracks have a minimalistic feel as they lean towards a minimal techno sound. The deepest song from this EP are Arrowdrum and T.

Arrowdrum is uses a more minimal techno based sound with the fast paced techno beats, repetitive synths, resonating bells, and rhythmic bongo selection. Arrowdrum is similar to those songs you would hear from Blue Man Group. Omicron must have been inspired by the works of Blue Man Group when composing and arranging this song.

The song called T has an intergalactic extraterrestrial planetary feeling due to having and boasting such a futuristic spacious electronic soundscape. The song puts you into a deep extensive trance in some of way partly because of those late night sounds. This song is one of Omicron’s excellent ambient tracks and is a highlight off of this EP.

Whaler is one of the definitive epic track off the EP and is a favorite among Omicron fans. Whaler uses uptempo drums n bass sounds over a techno soundscape. This is some more experimental electronic greatness from Omicron.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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