Review: Omicron – Acrocosm

Omicron – Acrocosm is a fantastic album which fans of ambient electronic music will certainly enjoy. For those of you who love the Instinct Ambient series, you will love this album. They create some of the darkest and mysterious ambient songs with the sounds of their own music.

Tranquility Base is one of the most dark and mysterious ambient electronic songs in the history of ambient electronic music to have ever been composed due to those shimmery pads and textures which used throughout the song. Tranquility Base is surely a genuine modern ambient electronic masterpiece. Omicron fans call the song “Tranquility Base” one of the best ambient scores ever made that atmosphere. Omicron was clearly inspired by Lemon Sol – Environmental Architecture when composing Tranquility Base.

A Thousand Dyes On The Moist Earth is another one of their darkest and mysterious ambient electronic songs. Psychedelic meets ambient on A Thousand Dyes On The Moist Earth. The song will remind you of a song that came off a Silent Hill OST.

The title track “Acrocosm” is one of the more ethereal yet darker songs off the album which has a minimal touch of psychedelic rock and minimal techno which is used throughout the song. You can feel a sense of uncertainty when you listen to the song. The sounds of psychedelic rock and minimal techno meet ambient electronic music. The song will remind you of a song that came off a Bioshock Infinite OST. The song is certainly synthwave based.

Caterpillar To Butterfly is a more vaporwave based song which does not heavily rely on synthwave as much as the other songs on the album. Soft lush mellow but quick techno beats are used. This certainly will remind you of beating a boss in the Bugdom video game.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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