Review: DJ Snake & DJ AK – Till Bass Do Us Part

DJ Snake & DJ AK – Till Bass Do Us Part is a hodgepodge of samples over scratching along with breakbeats with an ensemble drums and bass on beats. Most of the drum programming, beats, and percussion was done by DJ Snake. DJ AK did most of the cuts and scratches. The bass is blasted heavy throughout the entirety of the album. Samples used on the album range in sub-genres and genres from old school hip hop, gangsta rap, Electronic music, Miami bass, Dallas bass, Screw music, West Coast rap, East Coast rap, rock, and dance music. DJ Snake and DJ AK both showcase their legendary DJing skills on this album!

Till Bass Do Us Part was released on Youngsta Records from San Antonio, Texas in 1994 on cassette, CD, and vinyl. DJ Snake is from Dallas, Texas and DJ AK is from San Antonio, Texas (now Houston).

First off is Moments in Bass which is sampled from Moments in Love by Art of Noise which is a 5 minutes long instrumental track. Moments in Bass is super low bass and heavy hitting high percussion. The beats were programmed by DJ Snake. A genius idea was to turn Moments in Love into Moments in Bass. Who else besides, DJ Snake and DJ AK, would have thought of that?

Buggin’ Bass starts off with an insect in the bass speakers. The main idea is bass on Buggin’ Bass. Low heavy bass is prevalent throughout the 5 minutes of this track. Buggin’ Bass is sampled from 3rd Bass – Step to the AM and Nemesis – Oak Cliff (1986 version and not the widely known 1989 version.)

Drop The Bass was a Nemesis track was on the 1989 version of the To Hell and Back album released on Profile Records from New York City. Drop The Bass is a classic Nemesis track! Only this track is an extended version of that track. The track Drop The Bass is the highlight track for Till Bass Do Us Part.

Too Damn Low is a 3 and a half minute long track of low bass. Super heavy low bass with repeated sound samples in ensemble.

Just A Beat (Stomp Action) samples Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon and N.W.A. – On Tha Set. The beginning starts off with the legendary Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon rock sample which is a classic! Breakbeats and programmed drum beats just continue on from there. Vocal samples are added into the mix too.

Snake’s Last Remix is a 7 minute long instrumental track filled with low heavy bass and a repeated sample on percussion.
The beats are ok. However this is not DJ Snake’s best work though. His best work is with Nemesis, P.K.O., Too Short, DJ AK, K-Sam, Nino, Royal Flush, Ron C, Quint Black, and Chyna Whyte along with many more.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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