September 24, 2023

Atom Smith – Bass Age Big Band is an album which focuses on electro swing and that jazzy big band sound. Comin’ Up Swinging and Stickup Kid are the highlights of this album. This was one of the lesser known electro swing albums of 2020. California produces some swinging jazz electro swing music.

Comin’ Up Swinging uses a mixture of big band jazz and swing music. But just remember this one thing. If you push me around or try and knock me down, I’m comin’ up swinging.

When you’re the talk of the town and everyone gathers around to hear what you have to say, you better say it loud. Then everyone disagrees refuse to see how you see. It always talking and talking about it until your ears bleed. Most people forget to be the change that they wish to see. They just don’t know how to ask for what they really need.

But when my friend are in need or even my enemies. I’ll see them through if I can. But I’ll say what I please. And you can comе to my house and sit on my couch. But just remember this one thing. If you are pushin’ me around or try and knock me down, I’m comin’ up swinging.

Most people don’t seem to see how dangerous it can be to want to act violently when they just disagree. Whatever you might believe, we’re basically 6 degrees from where we all want to be. We eat, drink, and sing.

Stickup Kid is a story about the 2 Six Shooters including Atom Smith and DJ Fresh. The story takes place in the Wild West and revolves around 2 Six Shooters and the DJ Fresh.

Everything got kinda blind sided when it all started. The law done had enough of the rich tryna rob the poor. Atom Smith done had enough of the rich tryna rob the poor also. So Atom walked in the spot with not a plan or a thought. It was word and he heard his share.

They didn’t want to pay so he said, “This is a stickup, everybody get face down! Left me no choice, everybody on the ground! I don’t want the whole stack nah I ain’t taking your money I just want mine back, yeah!” So they put it in the sack.

It’s when he turned to leave that the guard let his son crack. It was self defense. Now Atom Smith is on the road with a price on his head.

A thousand yard stare caught his glare so he is headin’ right toward that. He pulls up smoothly at a new saloon takin’ whiskey shots, Then Atom heard a whistling tune. But this gutless dude tried to make his move. Then the last man standing need a damn thing changing. 2 Six shooters and DJ Fresh wander the West.

Special guest Miss Emmma pulls off an original and specially recorded big band orchestration with contemporary beats scored by Hollywood heavyweight Elliot Deutsch on Not Sorry Charlie. Not Sorry Charlie is backed by big band orchestration which consists of a horn section heard during a cabaret, drums, and super thick bass lines behind some infectious finger snapping.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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