Review: Jake The Flake ‎– Out 2 Get Rich: The Album

Jake The Flake ‎– Out 2 Get Rich: The Album was one of the hardest rap albums to come from Flint during 1998. Every song from start to finish went hard. Out 2 Get Rich: The Album is an album filled with positive uplifting songs such as Time To Go Legit and That’s The Way Life Goes which encourages people to get on our hustle, go to school to receive a higher level of education, and seek employment opportunities by working. Other songs on this album such as Out To Get Rich, Dayton Don’t Play, and Goin Way Out are about the dangers of the drug game, selling narcotics, dealing with police, politics, and hustling. All of these songs are classics which people have known about throughout his rap career.

Jake The Flake’s Out 2 Get Rich album/EP was released locally in the areas of Flint, Michigan and Saginaw, Michigan at first before being sold nationwide. Jake The Flake’s Out 2 Get Rich album/EP was released cassette and vinyl in 1992 by Stick N Move Records and later re-released by ADA’s distributed Power Records in 1998 onto CD format with new tracks.

Steve Pitts and Stick N Move Productions produced Jake The Flake’s album at Success Studios in Flint, Michigan, US along with Area 52 Studios. Steve Pitts engineered and mixed down the whole album himself though. He is the one engineered those dope beats you hear from the songs on this album. Jake The Flake wrote all of these songs by himself when he was 15 years old.

Jake The Flake calls out specific police officers by name on this album of his. He calls out police officers Harlon Green, Julio H, and H. P. Kendall. These officers worked for the Flint Police Department.

Now many think that the intro was too damn short to be so damn hard. That is a true fact and statement. The intro should have been much longer. Still the intro went hard. Now the intro uses a hodgepodge of samples and vinyl cuts. The lyrics “36 is what I’m coppin’/36 is what I’m selling” became his well known catchphrase among his fans and are his most famous lyrics. Those are the lyrics you hear at the end of the intro.

Out To Get Rich (Out 2 Get Rich) is a song about how Jake The Flake killed 2 police officers for raiding his dope house or in his case crack house. Jake The Flake got rich in the drug game by selling narcotics specifically cocaine. Jake The Flake shows motivation in his ambition to hustle by keeping on selling narcotics. Shoestring of The Dayton Family makes a guest appearance on Out To Get Rich.

Some of the lyrics at the very beginning of this song come from the song Jake The Flake which came from the The Dayton Family – Dope Dayton Ave EP demo cassette from 1991. Read these lyrics from Verse 1 to get an understanding.:

Deep in the ghetto lives a killer named Jake
Booming low key
Selling weight of Peruvian Flake
Copped me a half at the age of ten
Went down on Dayton and boomed my yay

From deep within the ghetto of Flint is where a killer named Jake The Flake aka Jaqualeon Hudson. (Particularly in King Hood on Dupont Street.) He keeps a low key profile due to his booming narcotics sales of drugs or in his case cocaine. He is known for selling weight of Peruvian Flake (cocaine) in the city of Flint. Jake began selling cocaine at age 10. That is what “Copped me a half at the age of ten” means.

Jake went down to Dayton Street (Dayton Avenue aka Dayton Ave) and sold his cocaine. He re-copped the leftover cocaine he didn’t sell or was not able to sell. By re-copping his leftover cocaine, he was able to sell it for a higher price. Now Jake has got something drug fiends can’t live without. Jake has got them up with Durkee and they opened up a trap house on Dayton Street. (A trap house is where drugs are sold out of.) Business was booming 24/7. Jake make a smart business decision by keeping his business open 24/7 that way he could gain more clientele and more money. This is exactly the reason Jake opened up a trap house on Dayton Street.

Jake sold drugs at the addresses of 550 East Dayton Street and 411 West Dayton Street. These addresses are within just blocks of each other. Jake and members of The Dayton Family grew up on Dayton Ave. He is selling more cocaine than average person should.

Jake done bought himself a Fleetwood Cadillac. In the Cadillac are four 15-inch subwoofers and a Kenwood radio which are operating as a car audio setup. Cassette tape units were very popular during this time and Kenwood models were very sought after.

And now he is living off his hustle. His cousin Roachie is my muscle. Jake The Flake was like a young paid ass Barry White who kept his game tight. Slept with about three bitches every fucking night. 36 kilograms of cocaine is what he is copping.

It is now the 1st of the month and he is on his way to his dope house. Copping keys and making Gs is all he thinks about. Vice Squad vehicle were all on the grass. His spot was hit by the Vice Squad. He took a big loss. But Jake ain’t worried about shit. The cop that did that shit won’t do this type of shit no mo.

His drug house was raided by former Flint police officer Harlon Green who was once a vice cop. He was also a known crack fiend who is a user himself. Ironically his job involves arresting both drug sellers and drug users. Jake The Flake calls out specific police officers by name in this song of his.

Jake should have killed his monkey ass when he was staying on McClellan Street. But he didn’t. Jake let him get away. Jake The Flake is the hunter and Officer Harlon Green is his prey. Jake is going to kill that bitch for fucking up his establishment when going out to get rich.

Jake The Flake is riding through his neighborhood with four people in his car. He is paranoid. He’s smoking tree and getting ooted, feeling kind of clever.All that was on his mind was putting Officer Harlon Green to sleep.

Jake rolled by Dayton Street where Officer Kendall and Officer Harlon Green were pulling a raid. The raid was damn near over. They were on their way back downtown. Officer Kendall pulled to the stop sign and then he stopped. A red beam hit his head. That is when Kendall screamed. The red beam hit another officer next.

Two crooked cops lie dead with bullets in their heads or some shit that Officer Harlon Green did. So they know he straight fucked up.They should have known how Jake was cut. They didn’t. But that’s what they get for fucking up Jake’s profit when he’s out to get rich.

Goin Way Out has that dark grim underground Flint sound from Jake, Steve Pitts, and Stick N Move. They all were a long way ahead of their time.

Jake is a nigga with the motherfucking plate full of flake. Them oot-head bitches are on his dick for the pack. He gave that bitch a pack and now he’s hitting it from the back. Your girl was drug free. But now that bitch is ooting cocaine thanks to Jake The Flake giving her cocaine. She is strung out on that blow. She didn’t know how to oot but now that bitch is a pro. Jake The Flake is a provider and dealer.

Chilling at the crib with some bitches, playing Quarter Bounce. A nigga beeped him up. He wants a fucking quarter ounce. He beeped the boy back. He didn’t want no crack. Jake met him around the corner. However it was a motherfucking jack. He really wasn’t prepared. Jake had to let him know he was a real jacker. And jacking was his first trade. Jake was jacking niggas way back in the 1st grade. What was mean for him was never ever meant for you. Now it’s time for payback!

You made a fucked move and now it’s time to get that head cracked. Prepare for the killing coming down on all you hoes. It’s going to be a serious manslaughter in this bitch.

Jake is presently hunting niggas down in other hoods with his sawed-off pump. Jake is killing niggas off for something he really shouldn’t have started. He opened up the pack and hit the flake real hard. Walking through his neighborhood he seen some bitch that’s outside dancing. He wanted to kill that bitch. Visions in his head was kill the bitch like Charles Manson.

Jake The Flake is now in the Genessee County Jail for suspicion of fiending for prostitution. Police caught him in a female sex fiends ride. Police allege Jake committed a homicide. Jake was home alone with his girl that was his alibi. Jake the Flake is upset at a division of police used to hinder their operations because he is drug dealing. But Jake The Flake is real and goin’ way out. Vice Squads are units of a police department that specialize in stopping crimes such s prostitution or drugs.

Shoestring wrote Verse 2 when he was high on cocaine. He was sober at the time he recorded this song with Jake The Flake. His lyrics are disturbing and horrifying at times.

Sheoestring is back from doing a bid. He beefs with many cliques and many niggas they have brung. Some of them niggas went home and some of them niggas got hung.

Shoestring is high at his crib. The cops are peeping in his window. They must have thought he was sleeping. Shoestring has been up for two days and is suffering from sleep deprivation. His body’s feeling numb and nose is steady running. He is looking at his mother as his motherfucking enemy. He wonders if he should I shoot his mother or should rape her. Should he cut her up like a chain and drape her? You have crazy thoughts when you are high on cocaine. And now he’s broke and back in to reality. It’s the same old thing.

Shoestring grabbed his gat headed to that corner looking for his brother and his fucking bots. “I don’t give a fuck. I’ll play them niggas like some toys.” is what he thinks to himself.

Looked up the street and seen his nigga named Jake beefing with his brother and some other niggas. Them niggas stole his rocks where them niggas rolled them, made a fat knot, cocked the 50s back, and folded them.
Now he’s seeing three niggas cocked back pimping around the corner. They’re rolling on Punchy’s rims. Yeah he stopped the car and asked them for his dope. Ike cracked a grin. Shoestring grabbed him by his throat.
Ty reached up back and took a pop at his brother. They ganked him and Shoestring. Them niggas living wrong.
Punchy got his rims back. Ike bought some gear and now them niggas gone to Tennessee. But Shoestring didn’t get his dope. Them niggas from the Ave. go way out.

Time To Get Legit is a positive uplifting song which encourages people to get on our hustle, go to school to receive a higher level of education, and seek employment opportunities by working. We as people. Jake The Flake comes clean about his drug dealing past on this song by explaining in rap how he got arrested while participating in the business of selling narcotics in the drug game.

The song was written and recorded in 1992 by Jake The Flake. Lorrie Coleman sings the background vocals. Steve Pitts engineered and mixed down the whole song. Recording time for this song took less than two months.

At the very beginning of the song is where Jake The Flake comes clean about his drug dealing past. He tells us people in the dope game (drug game) what time it is.

Jake The Flake is tired of being harassed by police who are all over his back. Police think he is selling crack cocaine because he is black. Bitches are on his dick because he is successful in the rap game. Although he spends most of his time fucking hoes and drinking Cognac. Jake loves making money. That’s what he wants and that’s whats happening.

Jake stopped selling cocaine and started back rapping again in 1992. He started rapping again because he did not want to go back to jail. He would rather be free than incarcerated in jail. Jake explains he would rather be riding in a jeep with the top down than be in the county jail for possession of cocaine. Jake has gone the legit route.

You can’t trust a fiend or 5-0 (police) when you’re in the business of selling drugs. Jake cautions us to be careful when in the business of selling drugs period. The drug game is a win or loose game. So peep game! It’s time to go legit.

The following lyrics to the 1st Verse below are still true and relevant today.:
so peep game, yeah
it’s time to go legit

Jake had his time in the dope game. He was pimping hoes at a young age. But now it’s all about making that real legit money.

It’s time to go legit. Jake’s not talking about working at McDonald’s. He’s talking about bachelor’s, associates, and master’s degrees. People need to go to school so they can receive a higher level of education and become more educated so they get better jobs for employment. Jake remains positive by telling people it is time to go legit by going the legit route.

The following lyrics to the 2nd Verse below are still true and relevant today.:
It’s time to go legit
I’m not talking about Mickey D’s
I’m talking about bachelor’s, associates, and master’s degrees
It’s time to make a change
The dope game is playin out

It’s time to make a change. The dope game has been played out for too long. People have already been selling drugs for a long time. People get killed in the business of selling drugs and narcotics. If you want to live or die, that’s up to you. Keep selling drugs and one day you will not be free as you will eventually be incarcerated.

At the very end of this song is where Jake The Flake comes clean about his drug dealing past by explaining how he got arrested. He got caught speeding down a busy street by Officer Julio H. and the Vice Squad.

Jake The Flake got caught by the Vice Squad and Special Ops when he was selling cocaine. It all began during a hot summer day in Flint, Michigan. Jake was driving down Mott Avenue. He hit a stop sign, made a right, and now he was on Dupont Street. Jake checked the rearview mirror to make sure things were clear. Police were nowhere in sight. A cop was parked behind a tree. He didn’t spot that cop due to the patrol car being cleverly hidden behind a tree.

Jake thinks this will be a car chase police will sure able to lose. A car chase ensues. Police followed him for a block. A car chase now become a police chase.

They followed him to his destination on Dupont Street which is his residence. He’s on a busy street trying to turn into the driveway. 2 cops now appear. Jake had cocaine is his possession. He attempts to park in his driveway only to be hit by a member of the Vice Squad. It’s his own fault he got caught. Jake tosses his bag of cocaine into the grass. His cocaine got found. Jake got taken down by the Vice Squad. Officer Julio H. arrested him right there on the scene.

If your money ain’t legit, you money ain’t shit. As long as you are legit, you are straight. People will take you money the faster you make it. Jake The Flake tells people and encourages them to make a change in careers along with their life as he did. He wants people to become more educated and employed.

Dayton Don’t Play uses a more slower, monotonous downtempo sound. The musical keys from the piano gives this song a downtempo vibe. Goin Way Out sounds very chopped and screwed in a sense due to its slow tempo. Steve Pitts plays the piano. Dayton Don’t Play is about how them niggas from the Ave. don’t play around with their money.

Jake the Flake in this bitch to let us know Dayton don’t play that shit. You’ll get your skull split. As soon as you run off at the mouth popping hoe ass shit. So you better watch your ass.

Jake and TDF are kicking it and lounging on the Ave. Suddenly a cab driver gets killed. What happened to that cab driver? He got killed in that cab on a street full of lunatics leaving no evidence. The only thing found were dead bodies and Jake’s fingerprints. Flint is a city of crack fiends. The fiends look more spaced out than out on Halloween.

Now Jake is up at the liquor store which is Dayton Food Mart on 2502 Dupont Street where he is getting paid. Of course he is getting paid by selling dope. A fiend came through selling a fresh ass Pelle coat. Jake requested to see the Pelle coat. He liked the Pelle coat. Jake told the fiend to be on the way and never to come back. The fiend left with no problem and didn’t say a word.

Jake went in the liquor store and copped a Thunderbird. He came out of the liquor store where the fiends were lined up. They knew his dope was cut good. But they didn’t give a fuck. He made all the sales.

Suddenly out of nowhere jumped a dealer he didn’t know. From down in his pants there came out his sawed-off shotgun. Jake blew out the dealer’s brains and ran quick. Jake shot that person because he was taking away his clients and making him loose money. He had to let that person know that Dayton don’t play that shit!

On the hook is where Jake lets everyone including vice cops, stanky pussy hoes, and niggas trying to be down that Dayton don’t play that shit. Below is an example.:

Dayton don’t play that shit
Motherfucking Vice cops
Dayton don’t play that shit
Stanky pussy hoes
Dayton don’t play that shit
Niggas trying to be down
Dayton don’t play that shit

He got his 9 down on the corner. Cops roll past him. Jake is steadily clocking cash. They know if they stop he’ll let my fucking 9 blast. Police paid him no mind. At least that’s what a nigga thought. Jake unexpectedly has visions of getting caught. But Jake doesn’t get caught. He always gets away.

Unexpectedly the police circled back to where Jake was. He then ran through the backyard and the trail to stash his cocaine. He came through the trail and ended up on the next street. The police was on his ass faster than a heartbeat. He ran back through the trail and headed the other way. An officer tried to block him off. Jake blew the officer’s ass away which resulted in instant death. They were still following him. Heard gunshots popping at Jake simultaneously. He thought, “Could this be my end?”.

Then he seen his friend coming through popping with a motherfucking Mac-10 shooting the police officers down. He watched as their bodies bled. Another occasion of painting the streets red.They broke them off proper. They had to let them know that Dayton don’t play that shit.

Jake is making my cash legit while people are out there slanging crack and breaking their fucking backs. See Jake stays low key to be safe. Down in his neighborhood a gat is mandatory. Rocking up dope at his spot like a laboratory.

The lyrics “I graduated, so get you a damn diploma” is where Jake encourages people to go to school so they can receive a higher level of education and become more educated so they get better jobs for employment. The positive side of this song is Jake telling people to get a diploma.

He struggled to make it by as the ghetto is a cold place. Flint is a city where you can find strung out crack fiends on freebase. Flint is the way Jake thought it would never be.

That’s The Way Life Goes is an upbeat rap soul song which exposes urban reality. Backing vocals include the harmonious vocals from local R&B duo Night & Day aka Nite N Day. The song That’s The Way Life Goes samples Desmond Dekker – The Way Life Goes. That is the soul sample which you hear in this song.

Young children on the streets dying. That’s the way life goes because that is the life they chose. Standing on the corner all day and night. Plotting an armed robbery or a fight. Not knowing they are killing their own people or own race. All Jake The Flake sees is burnt out streetlights, fiends with crack pipes, and people who aren’t living right. People are out to get what the next person has. That’s how people get shot. Is it worth the sacrifice? Think back to slavery when slaves were dealt some foul low blows. But that’s the way life goes.

Jake The Flake reminisces about his childhood. Visions of him with his mother for some canned goods issued by the government come to his mind. So he shares them with us. Society is based on the upper class. The blacks in the ghetto are considered last. Sadly that’s how life goes in reality.

Jake The Flake explains how he does janitorial work. He cleans floors and bathrooms using a push broom. He is living poor. College is something he could afford. Looking for employment is something he is dedicated at. He wonders what he should with his at this point in the song. Jake wonders what the world is coming to. Even he doesn’t really know. But that’s the way life goes. There’s only so many things you can change.

That’s the way life goes. There’s only so many things you can change in life. You sometimes have deal with what you were dealt with.

Lawless is a polished and remixed version of the song Jake The Flake. The song Jake The Flake appeared on the 1994 demo Dope Dayton Ave. Now the song Lawless shows an edge of dangerousness and rebellion as any gangsta rap song would.

Stepping out of the ghetto is a killer named Jake. Jake The Flake was this kid from the Flint ghetto who was a drug dealer. He was selling kilograms of cocaine every week. Selling weight of Peruvian Flake. He was the one pushing large amounts of weight in Flint at that time. The whole track describes his drug dealing past and run-ins with law enforcement.

He always claims his hood as his hood is where he comes from. (Particularly in King Hood on Dupont Street.) Started off as a shortie with them eight balls and them double ups. He’s a born hustler who can’t help but come up. Bitches want to jerk him. Fiends try to work him. They know he has dope. More dope than Eddie Murphy. Booming at a fast rate. That’s how he operates. He runs his business smooth. Jake used to pull gank moves and rob people. This was done on a mini-bike.

He killed a person and dumped the body in a lake. He never caught a murder case as he got away in every chase. Police will never catch a nigga like Jake the mothafuckin’ Flake!

Now he is sitting up in his dope house with a single shot 20 gauge. Surely he has a 12 gauge if things get too ugly or graphic. Police are about to hit up his dope house. It’s time for him to make a break for the door. He always gets away.Police will never catch a nigga like Jake the mothafuckin’ Flake! Jake the mothafuckin’ Flake!

The lyrics “36 is what I’m coppin’/36 is what I’m selling” became his well known catchphrase among his fans. That is one of his most famous lyrics.

He keeps a low key profile due to his booming narcotics sales of drugs or in his case cocaine. An AK is loaded for them snitches who are jealous. Jake never leaves evidence when he kills people. He is known for selling weight of Peruvian Flake (cocaine) in the city of Flint.

It’s straight up dope game cocaine. Jake is hazardous to your health like poison. To him size ain’t shit. Why? Because Jake The Flake is lawless.

Jake explains how all he knows is street life and criminal activity on Streets is All I Know. He was caught up in that street life when he wrote this song despite him claiming he went legit. He wants to go legit but the street life is the only life he knows. He is caught up in the vicious cycle of poverty which is something that is difficult to get out of.

A different version of the song Streets is All I Know was included on the 1996 compilation album Flint Thugs Compilation. Only that version was a remix. This version uses much heavier bass. Sam Sneed produced the song with heavy bass and thick drums placed in various time spans.

F.A.N.G. is Jake The Flake’s take on Flint Area Narcotics Group (FANG). Jake The Flake put his own spin on Flint Area Narcotics Group (FANG) by calling it Flint All-Star Narcotics Gang and Flint Area Narcotics Gang. Shoestring of The Dayton Family and DFC have guest spots on this song. The beat goes hard on this song.

F.A.N.G. also appeared on the 1996 compilation album Flint Thugs Compilation. Both versions are the same.

Flint Area Narcotics Group (FANG) is a law enforcement agency which fights illegal drug activity in the city of Flint. Flint Area Narcotics Group is one of the many law enforcement agencies operating in Genesee County along with the Flint Police Department. Now Flint Area Narcotics Group belongs to Flint Police Department.

Jake The Flake hustles 24/7 both night and day. Makin’ that fast cash. Money, mackin’, murder. His work is performed using two AKs and a ski mask. The life he lives is do or die. Jake is steady focused on the dope game.

The niggas that he’s rollin’ with got you paranoid and nervous. Jake is hazardous to your health like poison. Niggas die if they falsify anything in this dope game. Flint Thugs they multiply. Flint All-Star Narcotics Gang commit homicide and drivebys. Not only do they force others to commit suicide, they also perform suicide. Flint All-Star Narcotics Gang is an organized crime cartel like YBI (Young Boys Incorporated). It’s in the everyday life of a Flint All-Star Narcotics Gang.

Caps get peeled when Shoestring’s around. Flint is filled with rats (informants). Nickel plated. You can’t fade it. This shit is murder related. Shoestring got into a scuffle while trying to get into his mansion. Federal officers raided his mansion. Feds have been shot dead at by Shoestring at his spot on 411 West Dayton Street. Shoestring gives shoutouts and references to Bootleg, Backstabba, Ronnie Johns, Burke, Lil Joe, Nalda, and the whole Dayton Family set. Backstabba and Bootleg got keys and G’s to make.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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