Review: X-Raided – And He Shall Appear

And He Shall Appear is a “cut and paste” “compilation album” X-Raided randomly threw together without any effort because most of these tracks are from previous albums of his such as The Unforgiven, Vengeance Is Mine, The Initiation, and X-Ology. If your were looking from new material from X, you will be solely disappointed with this album. It’s cut and past project. Meetcha Maker and Witta Mask On Pt. 2 are the only new songs written by X-Raided on this album.

And He Shall Appear was released in 2002 on his former independent label Mad Man Records. The album was released on CD only. X-Raided, DJ Shareil, Verbal Tek, and KG were responsible for the production. KG and DJ Shareil do a wonderful job of producing.

To the very day, X-Raided is still making tight music from the penitentiary. However this album not his best. And He Shall Appear is his worst album to date. This is not gangsta rap at its finest at all. He can do better with effort such as with his previous albums and compilations from longevity over the decades. He can create and compose better quality albums as he has proven to do so with The Unforgiven and Sacramentally Disturbed. The only highlights for this album are the production and artwork.

Meetcha Maker is another version of Let It Be Known from the 2001 album The Initiation. X-Raided lets it be known to us that death is inevitable. Hence the track having a death theme. For the entirety of this track, X-Raided lets it be known.

X-Raided explains to us through lyrics in the chorus that death is inevitable. He uses such key lyricism to portray reality. He uses dark forbidding imagery.

Ain’t no way around it
They searched for the fountain of youth
But they never found it
And on that day I die
Ain’t nobody going to cry
Everybody wants to go to heaven
But don’t know why they want to die

In the middle of Meetcha Maker is where X-Raided gets paranoid by highlighting paranormal activity.

[Verse 2:]
I’m getting vicious late at night
Like Ebeniezer Scrooge
Dead homies coming back to tell me that to do
Paranormal activity
Like on Poltergeist
Or the invasions of the people that came to snatch your life
I can’t explain it
And I really don’t see no need to
Cause you could feel me if you drunk and off that weed too
Them little voices getting get in my head
Thinking it’s time to murder
So if you slipping
When I’m tripping
Then I’m going to have to serve you
I’m sicker than a nigga that spent his youth in Nam (Vietnam)
That’s why my psych trying to make me take Synnacuam
But fuck being calm
I’d rather tear up shit

Witta Mask On Pt. 2 revisted Witta Mask On from the 1995 Xorcist album with enhanced updated production by KG. The production here on this track is on point. Underground music always been the best!

X-Raided revisits Witta Mask On from the 1995 Xorcist album in these lyrics here.
I don’t give a fuck if it’s Sunday the fifteenth
any day is good for me to go and kill a ho
so fuck the money, mo murder mo murder mo

I rate this album 2/5**.

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