Review: Tommy Wright III – Runnin and Gunnin

Tommy Wright III – Runnin and Gunnin is a testament to underground rap. Underground rap is so much better then mainstream rap. Everything from gangsta rap to horrorcore is included on this album. The sounds of Memphis rap are dark and raw. This album is no exception. Now this album is his most gangsta rap oriented rap album to date with songs such as Runnin and Gunnin, On Da Creep, Homicidal Ride, and One Man Gang. Memphis rap fans will surely dig this album. Runnin and Gunnin is his most gangsta album to date.

Homicidal Ride samples Ice T – The Tower. That is a perfect sample for a haunting track such as this one. Memphis has been on that haunted shit for a while now. The song uses snap music beats from a drum machine. Notice how the beat drops at the 0:06 mark.

Life In FCP uses a soulful and gangsta sound in one song. It’s nothing but pure Southern funk on Life In FCP. Think soul rap. Now the song has a slow vibe similar to a DJ Screw song. Life In FCP samples Usher – Can You Get Wit It, Led Zepplin – Stairway to Heaven, OJays, and Jodeci.

Still Pimpin’ is one of the songs that features the legendary Princess Loko and Mac T Dog. Still Pimpin’ is a pimping and pandering type of track. Princess Loko and Mac T Dog rap a majority of the song.

Princess Loko is pimping till the end. Making that green. Its just a game to get sum up for a pocket full of cheese. Coming on the scene with the Tommy Hilfiger. Bitch please, motherfuckers ain’t stopping her. Now Loko never goes for the niggas on her dick. Niggas get broke for the end trying to pimp her out of cash or weed. She be playing all these boys like toys.

Notice on Verse 2 how Mac T Dog’s verses are much shorter than Princess Loko’s verses. His verses are the shortest verses on this song. Read and analyze the lyrics below to get a better understanding.

[Verse 2: Mac T Dog]
Bitches got to recognize the game I spit, I’m Mac T Dog
Make a hoe any minute trick, next that hoe coming out them draws
Hotel bound, we get silly bitches up on the [?]
Then I call my nigga Lil Mike, with the clique gone pay the court
Got that hoe in the back with my niggas in the front
If the bitch get out of line, I locking this slut in the trucks
V.H.S. camera on my motherfucking shoulder pads
Taping this stupid ass bitch at the hotel while she blowing up Tommy’s ass
Lil Mike flat out dicking that bitch got that hoe backbone broke
Plus my nigga ave shovin dick all down the bitch them throat
Now ya know the 4 corner clique trick so motherfuckin wild
Put that fuckin bitch in the house while we still pimpin hoes in style

Now compare Mac T Dog’s verse to Princess Loko’s verse on Verse 3.

[Verse 3: Princess Loko]
Let me teach a lesson to you stupid hoes in Memphis Ten
Get your paper, boots, utensil, don’t forget your fucking pen
First of all I’m sick of you bitches
Saying your man do this and that
Lyin’ just trying to keep your friends when you know all they do is hit that cat
Wearin’ your mother’s ring claiming this what lil Tommy bought
Knowing if he ever heard you lie like that he smack you in your fucking jaw
Hickeys on your neck but then you say you got some more that’s bigger
Yeah I bet they is between your legs from fifty other niggas
Freaky-deeky bitches fucking on niggas that they barely know
Then they want to get mad when niggas call they slutty and some hoes
You might say you run a busta but you know he’s pimpin’ you
Bitches got you fucked up in the mind and in the pussy too
Trying to be a player but you can’t cause you a freaky bitch
The only playin you doing is with your hair, you hoes can’t be too slick
Let these niggas have they way because he said he love you bad
Yeah he show you love with your pussy and your cash
Bitches just don’t know about the game, the niggas popping hoes
But Loko gonna stay hip
Cause I never buy no niggas no clothes
Niggas try to run their sad ass shit expecting me to go along
I don’t trust these cowards so I tell them to take they ass home
Do I look just like your mammy
I hope it’s me you tryna gank
Bitch, you better run you’re ass back to the bank
Cash a fucking check or something
And fall up out my fucking face
Taking me for a dumb hoe
I think you got your fucking bitches misplaced
Love ain’t shit but a nothing false mistake for a long relationship
Fuck that lovey, dovey player cause I’m a motherfucking pimp
Loko just ain’t fucked up about no nigga trying to fuck me over
Boy you better it combated, trick my meal in ninety-four

Runnin-N-Gunnin is an action packed gangsta rap song which gives us details Tommy Wright III’s run in’s with the law and the escapades that follow. The bold and daring Runnin and Gunnin does not fail to disappoint. Runnin-N-Gunnin serves as his story of how he committed a 1st degree murder. One can expect the song to get violent and gruesome.

Tommy Wright III started out with six bullets but ended up with zip. So he fucked around and bounced. He gave his Glock 17 to his road dog (roadie) fully loaded. Creepin’ never sleepin’, duckin’ and divin’ as Tommy does his thang.

Tommy tells us exactly how his gang got raided at the shack they were at in these lyrics. “Left my gang at the shack, some of my niggas was left on the track/Boomin’ dope, never soap, but them folks set up a raid/All them dealers dropped they dope and got my cousin caught that day”

He left his gang at the shack. Police had the shack set up to be raided so they could catch criminals. His cousin got caught in the raid that day. He got charged for 40 rocks. Police discovered his cousin had a gun and took him into custody. Now he’s serving time in the penitentiary. Down in 201 is a reference to doing time in penitentiary or the county jail.

So Tommy has his Glock with six shells. Finna break his cousin out of jail. Drivin’ down the highway, mane. You know someone is from Memphis when they say mane. He got off at the Union exit. Tommy is now scoping out for police cars. He ain’t scared ’cause he’s hard.

So Tommy walked up to the door and broke out running past the checkout cop. The metal detector went off because he shot froths chrome glock. His cousin is located on the fourth floor. Tommy finds his cousin and escapes jail. The jailbirds escaped with them. Police put out an APB. Now they run deep through downtown. They get into the hooptie, but for some reason the car is not working. All they need is to find a car that works.

They went into a bank. Tommy shot the security guard while his jailbirds stuck up all the bank tellers. All the jailbirds jumped in the back with the money sacks. Now he is down to four bullets but had to use the fourth one. He saw blue lights in the rear view mirror ahead. So he punched the gas and drove off. Memphis Police Department blocked off the street. So everybody ran on foot through the woods. Duckin’ and dodgin’ from them folks.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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