Review: SWV – It’s About Time

Review: SWV – It’s About Time

SWV – It’s About Time is one of the best R&B/soul albums of 1992. The album was a platinum success due to their soulful vocal harmonies, catchy hooks, acapellas, and beautiful chorus lines. The album used a mixture of New Jack Swing, soul, pop, and hip hop. You’re Always On My Mind, Weak, Downtown, and Right Here are the highlights for this album.

You’re Always On My Mind is one of those beautiful love songs with infectious sultry vocal harmonies and beautiful melodies. These sisters singing and vocal melodies are sublime and beautiful. This song is just as good as their song Weak. This song defined 90s R&B/soul. Honestly this song could be described as a Coko and Brian Morgan duet. Coko and Brian Morgan should have recorded more songs together with just them two.

Coko can’t seem to get the boy she loves outta her head. But there’s something about him that makes Coko smile. She likes the way he makes her feel. Brian Morgan never thought he would find someone to love him. Coko is the only one he wants in his life. And the special touch Coko gives comes from her only. That’s why she is always on his mind. Sometimes, she finds it hard to concentrate because thoughts of them together fill her head. It’s hard to sleep at night when he is away. So she holds her pillow tight like her thoughts of him.

This song is so good to the point where SWV should have re-recorded this song as 2 separate songs such as “She’s Always On My Mind” and “He’s Always On My Mind”. Of course with same instrumentation and arrangements intact.

The chorus for She’s Always On My Mind would go as:

She’s always on my mind
She’s always on my mind
She’s always on my mind
She’s always on my mind

The chorus for He’s Always On My Mind would go as:

He’s always on my mind
He’s always on my mind
He’s always on my mind
He’s always on my mind

These lyrics would be used also on both songs.

[Bridge 4x]
Thinking ’bout ya, thinking ’bout ya, I can’t stop thinking ’bout ya
(On my mind)

Coming Home is about going home to the person you love.

Love is just like a storm. There is no sunshine at all to guide you their way. Don’t be afraid as love is here to stay. You don’t have to be scared. Love is strong.

Taj tells the man she loves, “Come here, boy. How many times do I have to tell you I’m never gonna leave? Home is where my heart belongs. Because home is where you are. Your love is so good to me. Words can’t express.” Coko tells her man, I can’t wait. “Gonna make love to you all night long.”

Lelee says the song Downtown wasn’t about going shopping. SWV wanted to make oral sex special for married people. So that’s what they did with the song Downtown. Downtown is a song about oral sex for married people.

Lyrics such as “Make the first step to release my emotions/To take the road to ecstasy”, “My desire is begging for the healing/Let me guide you down to the place to be”, We’ll be making love all through the night/Until you uncover the mystery/Take it nice and slow/Baby, don’t rush the feeling”, and “That’s the love that you’ve been dreaming of” indicate the song is for married people. So do lyrics to Verse 2.

[Verse 2]
Keep on doing, doing what you’re doing
‘Til you feel the passion burning up inside of me
If you do me right
We’ll be making love all through the night
Until you uncover the mystery
Take it nice and slow
Baby, don’t rush the feeling
Now you know how you can make it happen, yeah
My desire is begging for the healing
Let me guide you down to the place to be

Those pounding bass lines and vintage thin synths are what make the song Downtown special along with their sultry vocal harmonies. Those pounding bass lines and vintage thin synths clearly indicate how 90s this song is.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!


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