Review: Lil Ramsey – Goin’ Undercover

Lil Ramsey – Goin’ Undercover has the most ethereal distorted beats for a 1994 album. The whole album goes fucking hard and is a masterpiece! The album has the eerie action packed gangsta rap track Kickin In Doors and the insane brooding trap track Loosin My Mind. Ramsey’s young but distinct style makes this album worth listening to. This is some perfect classic underground Memphis rap. Goin’ Undercover is a great album if you’re into Lil Corb, Tommy Wright III, MC Mack, Three 6 Mafia, Princess Loko, Lady J, or anything Memphis.

Tommy Wright III produced the entire album himself without any help from other local Memphis in-house producers. Goin’ Undercover was basically a showcase for Lil Ramsey which is what this entire album served as. The main featured artist is Tommy Wright III who at that time was part of the Magnolia Crime Click and the legendary rap group Ten Wanted Men. Lil Ramsey was best known for his collaborations with Tommy Wright III as a member of the legendary rap group Ten Wanted Men during this time.

Lil Ramsey – Goin’ Undercover was later rereleased several times officially and unofficially. This album has been bootlegged several times. The white label version of this cassette is the original version which was released on cassette only in 1994 by Street Smart Records. The white label version has different hooks and verses than any of those represses and bootlegs. The 1994 version much better than the redux.

There was no CD version of this album issued or pressed until sometime during the 2000s. The CD version was issued and released by Street Smart Records sometime during the mid-2000s.

There is a blue label version of this cassette. The blue label version has the original mix down of Kill at Will with Tommy Wright III. Kill at Will has a completely different beat from the version on the white label version. One version was released for the streets and the other version was released for commercial use.

Kickin In Doors is an eerie action packed, suspense filled gangsta rap track with Lil Ramsey and Tommy Wright III rapping about committing robberies and doing home invasions. They show no remorse, sorrow, or mercy when killing people.

Tommy Wright III got the gat. Lil Ramsey is going to load that hoe (gat) up with bullets. As they break through the occupied dwelling, both of them say, “Get ´em up! Break yourself! Stick ´em up. We’re making stains. A nigga in that markin suit don’t hesitate to shoot that thang.” This is evidenced during Verse 1 at the very beginning of this song.

[Verse 1: Lil Ramsey & Tommy Wright III]
Get ´em up
Break yourself
Stick ´em up we’re making stains
A nigga in that markin suit don’t hesitate to shoot that thang

Drug deals are being kidnapped and hit for their stash spot leaving them assed out. That is what the lyrics “For kidnapping all your dope boys hit your stash spot/Leaving you bitches assed out” are referring to.

Both of them are making stains on that other level. A hoe better not move. Turn around, bitch. Don’t break your cap because Lil Ramsey and Tommy Wright III will peel your cap and commence to killing. So don’t even think about running for that sawed-off shotgun. Don’t think you’re hard and can’t be hurt because Lil Ramsey and Tommy Wright III roll with a ruthless click that specializes in dusting and dumping tricks (bitches) called Ten Wanted Men. He is motivated by pimping and prostitution. Hella fire from making stains from leaving bodies swelled with heads off.

Both of them show no remorse, sorrow, or mercy when killing people. This is evident in lyrics such as these: “Dumping hoes/Leaving bodies swelled with they head off/The victim of a killer/Left ´em stankin when we dropped ´em off” and “Young buck nigga assed out/So I’m going to rob/Better not catch you slippin’ or trying to splurge when I’m on my job”

Tommy Wright is a nigga from 4 Corners that ain’t got shit, ain’t never gone be shit, and never gone have shit. What does he do? He puts in work until the day he dies. He can’t get a job. Nobody move and nobody gets hurt. Always lookin for some trouble. That’s how shit jumps off whenever Lil Ramsey is strapped with Tommy. Now Tommy can’t depend on luck every time he shoots dice while gambling. That is just wishful thinking.

Drop it off and break yourself. Running ain’t gonna save your life.

Loosin My Mind is an insane brooding trap track where Lil Ramsey falls into a mind state of insanity and looses all control as he is a lunatic killer. He plays the role of a lunatic killer throughout the song. The song divulges into the mindset of a lunatic killer.

Lil Ramsey is the lunatic the killer who is dumping bodies and making hella blood stains. Ramsey is alll about his pimping. Whipping those bitches. Slugs from the 30-30 leave bitches bodies numb. Niggas talking shit like they wanna come and get some. Ramsey ain’t got no love for them shaky bitches that test his pimping skills. He executes people for a living. The lunatic killer is a night walking psychopathic mad man. That is what “The lunatic psychopathic night walking mad man” refers to. The villain from Magnolia is just too thick.

Problems on his mind distract him as he is sitting in a deep sweat. He is lost in reality. He is trying to get a grip on reality. Ramsey is mentally insane. Having visions of a bloody bitch. Lyrics to Verse 2 explain the problems on his mind which distract as he is sitting in a deep sweat lost in reality. This is where shit starts getting realistic.

Problems on my mind that distract me
I’m sitting in a deep sweat
Thinking and I’m lost in reality
Trying to get a grip or still I’m changing with a quick click
Mentally insane having visions of a bloody bitch
Down with Magnolia trick
A nigga is staying true and hard

I still remember time blacking out waking up in blood
Having nightmares chilling with the devil smoking bud
This shit is getting realistic
I can’t take it thinking I’m losing my mind
These dreams never change
It’s the same one every time
I’m afraid to go to sleep
I keep on seeing the demon bloody eyes
Watching over a player hoping I slip and I don’t stay alive
See that’s the shit that troubles me
Keeps a nigga on the edge
Wanna fear the clip
Cock the glock and put it to my head
But still I hold it back and turn the suicide into a creep
See that’s the type of problem on mind that distract me

Ramsey still remembers time blacking out and waking up in blood. Having nightmares chilling with the devil smoking bud. This shit is getting realistic. He can’t take it anymore. He thinks he is losing is mind. These dreams of his never change. It’s the same one every time. Lil Ramsey is too afraid to go to sleep. He keeps on seeing the demon watching over a player hoping he slip and doesn’t stay alive. See that’s the shit that troubles him. Keeps a nigga on the edge. Suicide is the type of problem on mind that distracts him.

Hoes Like Sucking Dick is one of the catchy yet explicit and provocative songs by Lil Ramsey. The song is most memorable for the DJ Paul vocal samples. This explains his role in the prostitution game as he does pimping. Ya cum suckin’ dirty hoes that train like you’re hard ‘n shit. You play them big roles, andn all the time you like suckin’ dick. Yeah, this is Lil Ramsey comin’ straight from that Magnolia Crime Click; down with the Triple Six Mafia, BITCH!

These fuckin’ hoes been a factor. We all know that. Because Lil Ramsey got the chewin’ that gives out breath to his fellow foes. Lil Ramsey is straight from Magnolia, mane. But “Freak” is his middle name. He finds himself a dirty bitch and teach her this pimping game shit.

All the freaks of the world who play the game like they are stuck up. Leave a bitch in a ditch with a mouth full of sticky shit. The pimps and the macks, mane. The playas who serve crack and hoes with big butts who love to taste nuts. His mind is hesitated and his dick is elevated.

Verse 2 indicates Lil Ramsey and Three 6 Mafia had a relationship at one point. Just read the lyrics.

[Verse 2: Lil Ramsey]
To the dirty hoes all around
Triple Six is about to clown
We knew in advance
We comin’ hard with this ruthless clan[?]
All you traitors ‘n bitches
That slowin’ niggas wit riches, mayne
I gotta get payed
I gotta mess with the 12 gauge
I was born in Magnolia, comin’ deep out the fuckin’ South
If I didn’t get no cheese, I’m stickin’ my dick in a hoes mouth
These dirty hoes love dis shit, Project Pimp I will always be
Comin’ Straight Outta Memphis, but it’s located in Tennessee
Comin’ hard from the dark side, leavin’ bitches for dead
So find a hoe in an alley, with “666” on her fuckin’ head
Everything slays straight, and quite a step in our fuckin’ click
And if we ever get jumbled, we got the 9’s and the pistol grips
I never had second thoughts, remorse, I know none
We shoot up yo fuckin’ family, and label it “Job done!”
All the pimps of the world, fuck them bitches who talkin’ shit
Been a long time fact, that all hoes like suckin’ dick

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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