Review: Various Artists – The No Limit All Stars: Who U Wit?

The No Limit All Stars: Who U Wit? compilation album was a rap compilation that had a more commercial sound than the other albums on the No Limit Records label in 1998. The album was advertised heavily during No Limit’s commercial peak in 1998. Master P was very skilled at piecing together an album that featured all of its artists instead of just overloading the album with its biggest names giving them national exposure. The entire album had songs which revolved around the sport of basketball. That makes sense given that Master P was once a basketball player.

The song B-Ball revolves around the sport of basketball. The song heavily relies on the sample of Full Force – Basketball hence the sports related theme. The song used to promote Master P’s brand of Converse footwear back in 1999 as Converse B-Ball. Converse and Foot Locker endorsed the song.

They’re playing basketball. We love that basketball. Who you wit? Who you wit? That’s right. No Limit. If you still love this game called basketball, make some noise!

Some ball players like the microphone. Some ball players like the court. Charles Oakley and Charles Barkley like to break bones. Ron Mercer likes to slam dunk straight to the hoop. Derek Anderson loves the alley oop. Allen Iverson likes the pick and roll. And Scottie Pippen’s rolling with the dream. Jalen Rose rolling with Reggie Miller. Kevin Garnett jumps out this world. Some say Sam Cassell look like Earl The Pearl. Shaquille O’Neal got the money and the power.

Fiend explains how he is cold with his basketball game as a basketball player on his song called Cold Wit It. That is why you can hear a basketball bouncing throughout song.

Fiend is cold wit it. Know what I’m sayin’? If you don’t know by now, now you know. He just can’t be faded when he performs his jumpshots or his fadeaway. Other basketball players get jealous of his jumpshots. Many crashed and burned because his basketball game is cold as Alaska. Once he steps onto the court, he can’t be outdone. There is dangers from all angles as he roams the rectangle. Leave your feelings at home because this could get painful.

Fiend the number one draft pick. That’s no shit. He makes basketball players cough up their last chips. His feet came with springs like a mattress. Fiend is frightening faster than the speed of lightning. He’s a starter like Maurice Carter. Here to serve ya. Naturally made for the game like D.A. and Brian Mercer. Exciting like the fights of the 1993 Mike Tyson.

You Ain’t a Baller is a Magic & Master P duo about basketball. The entire song revolves around the sport of basketball of course. Magic & Master P can tell by your game that you ain’t a baller

Master P asks you (and us) these questions. Can you palm the ball like this? But can you shoot the ball all day? But can you dunk the ball like this Basketball. That’s good enough. Where the ballers at? Let’s get ready to rumble!

Magic just done shot a three-pointer. He slam dunked on your team. You did a lot better on the corner. Because he can tell by your game that you ain’t a baller.

Well it’s the first of the month and Magic just got paid. So he is trying to go home and catch a basketball game on cable television. Something about the NBA keeps him watching basketball game on cable television. Magic gets hypnotize every time he watches a basketball game all night.
All that slam dunking got you feeling like you were born to lose. It’s going down. Somebody going to be high tonight. Somebody getting slammed on. So stop complaining. Play the game like a man. Dennis Rodman might fight tonight.

Are you mad cause you got juke juked? Somebody left you stuck in suspense, broke your confidence, and got you looking for the bench while the world is watching you. Magic had a bad game when he got dunked on about 4 times. Better luck tomorrow. But to beat this squad, you gots to be a baller.

Who remembers Mo Cheeks, David Johnson Elvin Hayes, and Bill Walton? Ball handling from the Earl the Pearl and the three-point shots from Larry Bird. Check out passes passed from Pistol Pete and the way Dr. J made everything look so sweet. What about the tower called Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem? Got us in the game again. Bill Russell won 11 NBA championships. Walt Frazier could be better known as a pimp. Elgin Baylor made shooting three-pointers look easy. Magic Johnson in Magic’s opinion was no better leading. Michael Jordan is amazing. How does he jump so far?

No matches are perfect. So Magic thinks Michael Jordan might be from the planet Mars. And to you upcoming stars, you know who you are. Feel blessed and thank the Lord that you’s a baller.

Two For One – Pass The Ball was used as track 14 for the compilation No Limit Soldiers Who U Wit? compilation. Pass The Ball was produced by Beats By The Pound. The song uses some heavy rumbling bass. This is a sports rap song about the sport of basketball.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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