Review: C-9 – Lyrical Legend

Review: C-9 – Lyrical Legend

C-9 – Lyrical Legend is one of those Memphis rap junts that does not get the credit, recognition, acclaim, accolades, and references truly deserved. C-9 – Lyrical Legend is one of the Memphis rap albums that got overlooked but is well-appreciated by Memphis raps across the world. Now his amazing tongue twisting lyrical ability is what made the Lyrical Legend album a highly sought after classic masterpiece of an album. His ability is amazing. The album featured Al Kapone, Yo Lynch and more. DJ Sound, DJ Paul, and Tommy Wright III produced that album.

C-9 was one of the best rappers to do it with his amazing tongue twisting lyrical ability. Now his amazing tongue twisting lyrical ability is what made him ‘da fastest’ rapper in all of Memphis, Tennessee. C-9 was the Twista of Memphis. He was the ‘da fastest’ rapper in the hip hop game in Memphis at spitting rap lyrics.

C-9 went hard on High Speed Chase. This was the most bumpin cut on that tape. It’s like listening to never-ending bars in a rap battle or a freestyle. That last verse will make you say, “whoa”. The song Memphis Drama is one of the best songs off the album. Memphis Drama uses wavy warpy synths from a lo-fi keyboard and thick beats. Playa Fly did go off and kill that shit on Memphis Drama.

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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