Review: DJ Sound – Negative Thoughts

DJ Sound – Negative Thoughts is yet one of the many legendary Memphis rap albums from the mid-1990s. DJ Sound displays and showcases his legendary ethereal beats throughout the album with his production. Listen to the beats. Those beats were way ahead of their time. His sound was visionary compared to other rap that was coming from Memphis during that time. The album has that trademark dark Memphis sound. Everything in this album fits together perfectly. Negative Thoughts is just as good as the Hatred album is. That is no coincidence given how both albums were released during the same year.

I.N.T.R.O. is the muthafuckin’ intro, bitch. Yes this shit is bumping, mane. DJ Sound’s Intro is quite esoteric, whimsical, and violent in nature.

DJ Sound is gettin’ fucked up with his nigs’ in the click.They ain’t takin’ no bullshit. They are servin’ junkies and slangin’ dope. When you caught in the wrong, your ass die by the rope. Or by these haymakers or the fuckin’ pistol. He won’t fuck with you if you don’t fuck with him. But a lot of bustas seem to always fail the test.

See DJ Sound is the quiet type. Layin’ low in the cut and on the creep.DJ Sound is making these niggas drop it off or catches them while they’re sleep. He’s a mean one. DJ Sound started doing wrong by sellin’ dope but never got caught. He used to go into a fuckin’ coma with these negative thoughts. Waking up 2 weeks later with a nose bleed. Waking up again to see that it was just a bad dream. The worst nightmare he ever had. Negativeness in his thoughts. Y’all know the rest.

Steppin’ up to the mic once again is the Baysta aka Lil Bay. He is true muthafucka. Niggas think Lil Bay soft but that is not the case. He is never falling short or having any fallacies of sort.

He is going on a raid to get paid by any means necessary. And after he does his dirt he’s burning your obituary. Down with the click kickin’ in doors on a mean one toting a machine gun. Machine means its fully automatic.

Nigga Creep also known as L.A.D is in this bitch lurkin’ out the dark. He is ready to make some big ass cheese. Not some petty ass pocket change. You didn’t know his high could make a muthafucka die. Don’t ask why. Better watch out for Nigga Creep as he is creepin’ with a vest. But nowadays a nigga gotta watch they back. Fucking with the Frayser Click, you really hear the rat-at-at.

Kee Wee’s in the house doing this shit for you down niggas and you triflin’ hoes. Get buck, y’all, to this shit, cause you know it’s on. The click is taking over. So what you bitches gonna do? Click niggas take care of they own. Some lame ass niggas talkin’ about what they gonna do. Kee Wee ain’t trying to get shit from a triflin’ hoe. You hoes better recognize before you get your wig split.

GB is on the scene smoking green with the Frayser Click. Inked out and smoked out on you weak ass busta tricks. Bloody Bones in this shit. He’s down with the click.

Lil Yo finna flow. Bumpin’ on the intro. Down with Sound on Volume 9. Beatin’ you bitches all the time. You really can’t fuck with a killa’ from the Crest. Knowing that you can’t fuck with this. Lil Yo is a true type killa on the forilla. Straight up out the Frayser Click. I’m Whoopin’ you niggas that flodgin’. Nine times out of ten he’ll have the pistol grip.Runnin’ straight, left and right, jackin’ niggas at the light. With his nigga Lil Bay smoking on a sack of hay.

Bout Our Hogg is basically about selling dope.

Frayser Click is servin’ junkies and slangin’ dope. Mommies and they daddies always beat MC Money on a payday cashin’ fat ass checks. There’s no way he’ll let them get away. Junkies out to smoke that shit on the block with that cheese. Sweatin’ the track with the pistol grip just to serve them fools.

He be bonin’ all these crackheads pocketbooks. No need to be afraid of MC Money cause the robbers are the real crooks. He got them tens and twenties for them bitches that be smoking that shit. And he also got that funk for them niggas that be snorting it. MC Money is smoked out on the scene. Serving all them hoes with that shit for the needy green. Rich enough to buy your ass a new life with the money he made. MC Money is slanging rocks nonstop.

Busta boys on that shit, niggas be wanting to try that coke. They hit Gangsta Gold with some cheese. Gangsta Gold is smoked out and quick to let the trigger pop. Making stangs on you bitches that’s just hoeing up the block. Niggas all around trying to come and short him for his ends

Raise Your Plate uses some of the eeriest synths, beats, and bass in all of Memphis rap. DJ Sound’s hi-hats are legendary. Especially behind those layers of instrumentation.

Raise your plate, Over your chest. Make me put your grip to test. If you stepping wrong, Mad Maine is gonna put your head to rest. Smooth killer type shit.

Mad Maine can beat all niggas. You’ll get your ass erased. This is a murder case. One dose to your fucking face. Infrared to your head. You gave the chase. Now Mad Maine’s gotta track you like a bounty hunter. There is nowhere to run or hide. He’s scoping you out. Want some drama?

He will surely find out where you stash your ducets. Now her has an infrared pointed to your head. You’ll be begging, “Maine, Don’t kill me please.” I see you scared. One more nigga dead over petty stash. Suicidal thoughts got Mad Maine stalking like he’s been possessed. Mad Maine has nothing to live for.

These are some of the best violent, esoteric, and graphic lyrics to the song. “I should’ve told you that I’m not your average nigga bro/I’ll let the trigger go/Cause I have nothing to live for/Suicidal thoughts/Got me stalking like I’ve been possessed/Raise your plate/Over your chest, Make me put your grip to test”

Niggas still got Anna with Mad Maine. But see he’s bucking them down. So he can get about hiss hustle and make busters walk to the stash spot.

Kickin N Doors is another one of the most gangsta tracks on the album. The sound is quite dark. Not to mention brutal. You have those deep basslines over lo-fi electronic productions and a beat machine.

MC Money and Gangsta Gold are Kickin’ in doors for kilos. Not no motherfuckin’ petty crumbs. This is some serious shit. No playin’, hoe. Break yourself and hit the floor. Give me all your money, hoe. Red will make a sting as they lay them down.

Blu is on a mission. His hobby is clickin’ the trigga. Blu is scoping these niggas out. Kickin’ in doors that’s right up his alley. He is demanding your money and dope. He gets impatient. First slug in that scope with no love drop it off bout’ to get hauled off in a hearse. What’s worse than a nigga with a trigger, that’s bigga? One that’s aimed and cocked. About to slang and drop. Stains of blood are on the wall.

From a killa with the trigger of a tech to your chest. Done put you to rest as you have no bulletproof vest. Blu is mass murderer who’s making a mess. It’s a bloodbath from a psychopath. Any type of massacre possible. Bullet wounds with the sound covered. With your tombstone engraved by a robber. He kills people as he has a bloody habit of clickin’ with an automatic thang for puttin’ stains on you heavy hoes. Watch as he scopes and you slippin’, endin’ up with a TEC-9 at the same time kicking in doors. Don’t you mistreat Blu.

Dirty Red is fucked up. So he goes home to get them thangs’ and a mask, mane. Right about now he is thinking about that cash flow. He went to the first suspect’s house and kicked in the door. Then he started blastin’ like an assassin. He shot the fan off the ceiling with the AK. What he obtained was 22 Gs and 5 Keys.

Yeah Lil Noid sat back in the cut waiting with some patience. Now he is reaching for his mask. You know he’s full of funk. Packs of blow won’t let him go. So he is feeling crunk. Lil Noid creeped up to the house. He wasted no time to hit the window. Niggas in the kitchen be smokin’ weed and choppin yayo. The dope is lookin’ good as they placed it on the platter.

Frayser Click Is Getting Thick is about the Frayser Click is getting thick in this rap game and drug game. Mad Maine says the Frayser Click is gettin’ thick and the posse is gettin’ thicker. I thought you already knew. I guess you don’t really know. Step up your shit because the Frayser Click is in this bitch. They are killaz straight outta Frayser. You fucked with a killer named DJ Sound who is outta Frayser. Now your motherfucking ass is dead.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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