Review: DJ Sound – Hatred

DJ Sound – Hatred is one of the many legendary Memphis rap albums from the mid-1990s. DJ Sound displays and showcases his legendary ethereal beats throughout the album with his production. Listen to the beats. Those beats were way ahead of their time. His sound was visionary compared to other rap that was coming from Memphis during that time. The album has that trademark dark Memphis sound. Everything in this album fits together perfectly. You have the most gangsta tracks such as Watch Out For Da Click and Kickin N Doors. This is one of the best DJ Sound albums of all time.

Watch Out For Da Click uses some haunted chilling basslines and bells over rigid crunched synths over lo-fi soundscapes. Those basslines make the song haunting especially over those lo-fi soundscapes. Watch Out For Da Click warns us to watch out for the Frayser Click. This is some deep Frayser shit and playa shit. Real nigga shit. One of the most gangsta tracks on the album.

Niggas betta watch out for the click because this shit is thick as ever. Frayser shit and playa shit. That’s what pimpin’s all about.

This intro’s for hoes that didn’t know they flex like this. Jealous tricks run they mouth but they hesitant. Small but strong. These fools can’t fade Frayser Click. Especially those faggots Three 6 Mafia, Krucifix Klan, HOH, Lil Grimm, and Hypnotize Minds.

The game don’t change. So don’t let the game change you. There’s no muthafucka lovin’ in this game. Stay true to the game and the game will stay true to you. Live by yo rep. Because bustaz be stankin with the quickness.

But step into a real killa, you’re ass gonna get burned if you try to step to this murder murder murder. Gunshots is all the fuckin’ sound you heard. And niggas ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Gas and flames. There ain’t no witnesses.

These lyrics highlight what the US Government wants to see with black people. “Black on black crime is what they wanna see”

Kickin N Doors is another one of the most gangsta tracks on the album. The sound is quite dark. Not to mention brutal. You have those deep basslines over lo-fi electronic productions and a beat machine.

MC Money and Gangsta Gold are Kickin’ in doors for kilos. Not no motherfuckin’ petty crumbs. This is some serious shit. No playin’, hoe. Break yourself and hit the floor. Give me all your money, hoe. Red will make a sting as they lay them down.

Blu is on a mission. His hobby is clickin’ the trigga. Blu is scoping these niggas out. Kickin’ in doors that’s right up his alley. He is demanding your money and dope. He gets impatient. First slug in that scope with no love drop it off bout’ to get hauled off in a hearse. What’s worse than a nigga with a trigger, that’s bigga? One that’s aimed and cocked. About to slang and drop. Stains of blood are on the wall.

From a killa with the trigger of a tech to your chest. Done put you to rest as you have no bulletproof vest. Blu is mass murderer who’s making a mess. It’s a bloodbath from a psychopath. Any type of massacre possible. Bullet wounds with the sound covered. With your tombstone engraved by a robber. He kills people as he has a bloody habit of clickin’ with an automatic thang for puttin’ stains on you heavy hoes. Watch as he scopes and you slippin’, endin’ up with a TEC-9 at the same time kicking in doors. Don’t you mistreat Blu.

Dirty Red is fucked up. So he goes home to get them thangs’ and a mask, mane. Right about now he is thinking about that cash flow. He went to the first suspect’s house and kicked in the door. Then he started blastin’ like an assassin. He shot the fan off the ceiling with the AK. What he obtained was 22 Gs and 5 Keys.

Yeah Lil Noid sat back in the cut waiting with some patience. Now he is reaching for his mask. You know he’s full of funk. Packs of blow won’t let him go. So he is feeling crunk. Lil Noid creeped up to the house. He wasted no time to hit the window. Niggas in the kitchen be smokin’ weed and choppin yayo. The dope is lookin’ good as they placed it on the platter.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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