Review: Ski Mask Troopaz – Let’s Go To War

Ski Mask Troopaz recorded a follow-up album to their debut album called Let’s Go To War which was released in 1997. Let’s Go To War was released on cassette only and CD later. Mista Dre from Doom Shop Productions produced Let’s Go To War. Sadly the audio quality and production is in poor low quality compared to their first album. Quality of the audio is what sets this album apart from their debut album. Ski Mask Troopaz – Let’s Go To War was a flop compared to their debut album. Yet unique songs such as Cheeze In My Pockets and Live To See Another Daywhich help make this album stand out.

Cheeze In My Pockets is one unusual Memphis rap song due to the usage of a steel drum which is played throughout the song. Cheeze In My Pockets is one of the more unique songs on the album due to choice of instrumentation used. This is one of the higher quality songs on the album.

The song Live To See Another Day explains the dark roads which lead to death. However the shortness of this Ski Mask Troopaz song leads to a sense of incompleteness. There are so many killers and drug dealers in Memphis. They just don’t know how to clean up their act. This man became a victim to alcoholism. He was robbing and sometimes mobbing on people. He was not thinking about falling down the dark road leading towards alcoholism. Inevitably he started drinking excessive alcohol. Death was soon inevitable for him as death would catch up to him sooner or later.

The song Puttin In Work uses some unique gangsta beats over dark roaring bass. Of course the vocals and lyrics are difficult to decipher due to the low quality.

I rate this album 2/5**.

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