Review: Swift – It Ain’t Safe No More

Swift – It Ain’t Safe No More is a swift, smooth, suave rap album from Austin, Texas that got overlooked during the rise of Southern rap in 2001. Swift takes each track by storm as he performs his raps. Each song on this album is produced in the style of club music produced by the legendary Carnival Beats. You can never go wrong when you have an album produced by Carnival Beats because each song is going to be a banger no doubt. Guest artists include Dynomite, MC Fatal, and Salih Williams.

Swift be dropping rhymes so quickly on the opener Swiftly. The beats were produced by Carnival Beats. The song serves as the Austin answer to Outkast – So Fresh, So Clean. That is no coincidence as Swift copies André 3000’s style of fast rap. Now the beats and flute are what stand out about this song. Swift be dropping rhymes so quickly and swiftly.

Walk In The Club is a club music oriented rap track suited for the club. Swift talks about how ladies show him love when he walks in the club.

Swift just got off work and he’s tired than a muthafucka. So it’s time to hit the club. A party is going on the floor. He’s feeling the night is his. Sipping the finest of wine. There are plenty of dime pieces everywhere. The club is packed. The parking lot is packed to the point where there is no available parking space. Boppas show Swift love when he walks in the club. The afterparty is here.

When Swift transforms from Transformers to Sliver Stranger, haters are in danger. He is a rap singer who is unique. So hold your plex. Ya’ll know the deal.

Salih Williams of Carnival Beats put a zydeco twist on the song Bounce by adding an accordion to the mix. The song has a swamp boogie vibe. That is what stands out about Bounce.

Herbal Smoke is the weed smokers joint dedicated to all the budheads. Perfect for all you weed smokers and budheads. What else needs to be said other than that?

Swift is blowing on herbal smoke. Whenever he blows herbal smoke, his problems go away. However there is too much deception in his brain from all that THC. Don’t get this shit twisted as this can happen to you too. Some smoke to pass the time. Some smoke to make their problems go away.

Herbal Smoke uses that club music sound.

The Pole is a song perfect for the strip club as the song gets into detail about Swift’s sexy encounter with a stripper. Salih Williams of Carnival Beats sings the hooks and leads.

Radio personality White Brotha of KAZI FM 88.7 serves as the announcer at the very beginning of this song. He gives the song a lively presence.

Here is what is said at the very beginning of the song: Hello, This is White Brotha. Welcome to Club Carnival. The hottest spot for all your erotic fantasies. And coming to center stage right now is our main dancer, the reason why you came to the club and the reason why all of your dicks are gonna stay hard. That’s right. Introducing the one and only black queen that calls herself Tittilicious. That’s right. Watch her ride that pole like she’s getting ready to cum on herself. Look at her.

She twerks it and works it as she rides that stripper pole. She slides down to the center stage floor. Making all that cash with wonderful tricks. All she wants is the pole and no dick. She lets that body roll.

This stripper is a star on the stage. She likes to go all out. She’s got a college degree. So she’s no fool. The only reason she is stripper is so that she can financially support herself through school. Swift tells her, “Bullshit. Be proud of what you do. You’re good at what you do.”

This stripper wears a tight outfit as she performs on stage. The spotlights shine bright onstage. People are in a daze as they stare and gaze. She goes all out she dips her ass down that pole. Just like a professional. She twerks her ass in a gyrating motion on a stripper pole as she lets her body roll. Then she drops down to the floor. She shakes her breasts.

The production on Can’t Stand Me is mediocre compared to all the other songs on this album. The muffled violins notes play through a filter where the treble has been reduced significantly and the horns selections overlaps the vocals.

The Come On Down skit is another song that uses the accordion and has that zydeco flavor. Salih put a zydeco twist on the song with the accordion and hand claps. Juneteenth is celebrated throughout this skit. Swift and Salih show love.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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