Review: Ski Mask Troopaz ‎– Ski Mask Troopaz

Ski Mask Troopaz ‎– Ski Mask Troopaz is a classic Memphis rap album which constantly gets overlooked often. This album leaves everything to be desired from the triplet flows to creepy lo-fi synths to the thick beats. Unsurprisingly this is one of those darker Memphis rap albums. Ski Mask Troopaz are one of the hardest underground rap groups out of Memphis, Tennessee known for using untypical distinctive flows. Talk Yo Ass Off, Change Of Plans, and Sticc Up are highlights from this album.

Ski Mask Troopaz marked their way onto the music scene with one hell of an esoteric intro. They clearly give away any indications of them being killers who wear ski masks and act as a troop. Such brutal honesty here. There is no guts, no love, no murder, and no glory here.

Ski Mask Troopaz are blasting murder assassins. They are gonna make you crush your skull and blood be soaking up the floor. Ringing shots out from the Glock and leave the victim in the cut. A bullet has gone through your temple. Hollow point ballers rush the scene.

Playa Dre the crooked type killer aka the Black North Memphis Rambo is a nutcase. Lemons are in Dre’s scope. Prepare for the evilest look in his eyes. He’s dragging a body away from the robbery he committed to fill them up with holes. These niggas must die.

Gimisum Productions is leaving your body numb with their music and bullets. Strapped with the Tommy guns. Niggas be actin’ like bitches. So these niggas must die. Killamac is feeling so high off the fry that he smokes when he is blowin’ that dope. There is no guts, no love, no murder, and no glory here. Killamac plans to go buck on a bitch.

The beats and heavy synths at the beginning of Sniperz will give you heavy chills. The song uses a breakbeat sample from Scarface – Sosa’s Theme. Of course those warm synths from beginning to end give this song a haunting foreboding vibe and nature. Those warm synths blend in perfectly with the bass. The Ski Mask Troopaz are snipers that out on a mission to kill, murder, and slaughter.

Shit is about to hit the fan as the Ski Mask Troopaz are snipers that out on a mission to kill. They have berettas which do anything it takes. Time has come to detonate a bomb. So a bomb is placed outside a bank which Ski Mask Troopaz plans to rob. Ski Mask Troopaz walked into the bank and said, “Welcome to Vietnam!” It’s do or die. One of the hostages screamed and pulled off a mask. They attempted to make a run for it. So fuck the police. Don’t make Ski Mask Troopaz act a motherfucking fool.

Talk Yo Ass Off is one of the most violent and lyrical songs of theirs which is notable for having thick drum patterns and untypical distinctive flows. The message which Ski Mask Troopaz conveys in this song is “Talk yo ass off, we gon blow yo ass off”.

Oh shit! Here comes Rez dropping them bombs full of that redrum. Creeping up on behind you is a nigga with that motherfucking shotgun. Playa hatin’ niggas make him mad.That’s why every night he make some bitch stare into his ski mask. He laughs from the motherfucking gun blast. So prepare to meet your maker in that motherfucking body bag.

Rez was clearly into that gang banging shit as shown in these lyrics below. The North Side of Memphis is what he claims. If you are not from North Side of Memphis, then Rez will break your fucking neck.

I’m from the north so nigga claim your motherfucking set
If you ain’t from the north then I’ma break your fucking neck

Z-Dogg claims them Hill Top niggas ain’t shit to be fucked with. Hill Top niggas are sticking up and stabbing you bitches. Making hoes real quick. Hill Top niggas are on the block selling quarter pounds of that weed. That fire ass weed. So stand your ground. Playa hatin’ niggas better not come around. Them Hill Top niggas don’t fuck with you playa haters. Z-Dogg’s in the house kickin’ it with the Gimisum Productions clique. The Hill Top click is in this bitch. They will leave you in a ditch.They’ll smack you like a punk ass bitch.

Z-Dogg, them Hill Top niggas, and Gimisum Productions are going all out by wearing flashy expensive clothing. Read these lyrics underneath.

We sportin’ them gators, and makin’ that shit get greater later
We tote non stop we sportin’ them Locs, big boy blunts we smoke
We on the track we sellin’ that crack, keepin’ our pockets fat

AK is that real nigga stepping in to your front door strapped with the 9mm cocked back just in case. He loads up the 9 with the hollow tips and 16 round pistol extra clip ready to kill. He called up the killers from the Gimisum Productions clique. Step on up. You’re next in line.

Next he ends running through the crowd shooting things in the air with his 16 round pistol speaking loud and clear. Look in his eyes and you’ll see there is no fear. Your ass will end up lost with the rest of your body in a ditch. He will leave your body in a ditch.

The rhyme scheme is perfect as the words at each end rhyme with each other. “AKA speaking loud and clear, look in my eyes you’ll see no fear”

That nigga So Serious is on a mission like a soldier with a bulletproof vest all across his chest. His trigger finger shaking ready for the timing to release a slug to your neck. No crosses or no losses. Redrum milla killa hangin’.

Playa Dre is about to place a 9mm handgun at point blank range to the middle of your eyes. He shoots to kill like a 50 tec with a hollow tip grip. You better use the police as a shield when he strikes. Shot after shot clip after clip round after round. He finna die let you know you can’t skip a real trill motherfucker. Ain’t no rushin’ at me when you’re fuckin’ with So Serious and the Ski Mask Troopaz Buckin’ at them duckin’ and dodgin’ fraudulence. So Serious gotta touch and bust them hoes cause there’s always a body fillin’ up another ditch. So Serious never shows anyone mercy.

Things get nihilistic on Change Of Plans as the song is very evil sounding and just plainly grim. Nihilism and realism meet each other on Change Of Plans. Vocal samples from the Blood In Blood Out movie give the song an even more graphic touch. Calling this song dark would be an understatement.

One thing that stands out about Sticc Up is the opacity and density of those snares. Kingpin Skinny Pimp produced and killed those beats. The bass line is up to synchronization with those snares you hear.

Mayne these niggas done fucked up. They need to pay Lil Debo his fucking cheese (money). Evil shit is in his mind currently. Too many folks done crossed him. He could be concerned less about serving jail time as he more concerned about making money.

Lil Debo goes out to murder somebody. He drags their ass out to the fucking cut. Then he takes the body out to the ditch. The Homicide Squad from Memphis Police Department is looking for evidence. However they didn’t find any fingerprints. Eventually police catch up to Lil Debo to apprehend and arrest him for his crimes.

Lil Debo’s mother is sitting in the courtroom feeling sad. His mother brought him into this world. She wish she never had given birth to Lil Debo. A gangsta baby boy living in these fucking streets trying to make ends meet. Living day to day experiencing poverty. Every day some shit ain’t right for him. Every time he look around a young brother’s gettin’ harassed by these crooked corrupt cop ready to blast on a nigga’s ass. Just waiting for a case of police brutality to happen.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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