Review: C-Roc – Dramatized Minded

C-Roc – Dramatized Minded was one of the most dramatic Memphis rap albums of 1998. The album has a sense of drama, terror, negativity, and suspense. The album stayed indebted to the trademark dark and grimy sound of Memphis. His album has a dark psychological twist too. This is definitely the more sinister underground vibe here.

C-Roc – Dramatized Minded is one of the Memphis rap albums that got overlooked but is well-appreciated by Memphis rap fans across the world. That makes sense as Dramatized Minded was an underground album with a limited amount of pressings which makes the album difficult to find.

“Don’t worry. Reality leaves” is the message C-Roc is trying to convey on Dramatized Minds. Reality leaves when drama prevails.

The song and title track Dramatized Minded is one of the more dramatic and disturbing songs on the album due to subject matter and material.

Dramatize minds are dramatize minded. Don’t fight it. So I don’t believe your body will bleed. He’ll chop your ass up because you’re light weight to him. Bitch made niggaz are separate. C-Roc won’t trust many souls. Don’t worry. Reality leaves.

Somewhere between the Verse 1 and Verse 2 is when and where C-Roc decides to burn down a shed using gasoline. That is what the lyrics “Gasoline/Fuck whatever of it/Placing the flames as I burn down a shed/That’s a crazy MF” are a reference to. So you know C-Roc is one crazy motherfucker!

Verse 2 is where things start getting dramatic as the situation takes a dramatic turn through an act and formulation of dramacidal meditation. He steals a 64 Impala through an act of auto theft. Then he commences to killing off you and your bitch boy crew. His psychopathic ways are now creations as he grabs machetes to kill people with and drops probations. This is his so-called dramacidal meditation. Read these lyrics to get a better understanding:

I’ma take of in the 64 Impala
To killing off you and your bitch boy crew
My psychopathic ways are now creations
Grab machetes
Drop probations
Dramacidal meditation
Praying till I gain some patients

C-Roc gets morbid with his lyrics during Verse 3 by saying, “Now why should I care?/Now how can I live?/Dead bodies are sourcing my shadows”

He is ripping a hole through a bitch. He can’t let that shit ride So he is ripping your heart through your torso. Having a merciful body chopped up in blood in a room full of bodies that bleed. C-Roc looks to his side. The man in the mirror realize that the killer is him.

Chances With Manson is a classic track from C-Rock’s underground album Dramatized Minded. The song uses some fucking bad ass bass lines to slow slurred rhythm. Chances With Manson samples Isley Brothers – Highways of my life.

Not too many people know this but several Memphis rappers have used and sampled C-Roc – Mental Illusions in their songs over the years. Children Of The Corn used and sampled this song on their song Children Of The Corn – Watch Yo Back. Graveyard Productions sampled C-Roc – Chances With Manson for their song Graveyard Productions – Devil Shyt.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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