Review: C-Roc – Mental Illusions

C-Roc – Mental Illusions was one of the darkest Memphis rap albums of 1998. The album uses a dark psychological twist with a sense of suspense and related drama. This is definitely the more sinister underground vibe here. The album stayed indebted to the trademark dark and grimy sound of Memphis. C-Roc has definitely gotten better since Dramatized Minded. C-Roc – Mental Illusions is one of the Memphis rap albums that got overlooked but is well-appreciated by Memphis rap fans across the world.

This Street Smart album had the best production by Maceo. This is some of Maceo’s best production work to date. Maceo was in his prime when he was on the production team for Street Smart Records. His beats and style are the reason why C-Roc – Mental Illusions is the best Manson Family project.

C-Roc – Mental Illusions is one of the many sought after Memphis rap albums many people want. Many people know that C-Roc – Mental Illusion is one of the Street Smart Records releases that were stolen when several masters to the Street Smart Records albums/releases got stolen in a home invasion back in 2001. However the C-Roc – Mental Illusions album was one of the very select few Street Smart Records albums/releases to be reissued later with new tracks. So fans actually got to purchase that album. The album has been reissued onto CD-r several times over the years.

Some of you might remember that the album cover had C-Roc dressed in a white straight jacket underneath bold purple words which say, “MENTAL ILLUSION”. Mental Illusion was the working title of the album before this album was repackaged and rereleased as Mental Illusions. The cover was designed by Street Level Graphics in 1998. This album cover was advertised in several Street Smart Records albums and releases throughout the late 90s and early 00s.

Now the cover to his album that was modified, changed, and reorganized several times over the years. The album cover was modified in 2009 using a red, white, and black color scheme. This included the grayscale album cover from 2011. That album was sold on the IAP-TV Store later that year. Some of you might remember that the upcoming album C-9 – Bad Surroundingz just had him sitting in a car with the album title underneath. The cover was designed by Street Level Graphics in 2001.

C-Roc talks about slanging and selling cocaine rocks nonstop throughout Slangin Rocks. The memorable message and motto of/to this song is “Slanging rocks slanging rocks nonstop till your casket drop”. The song is similar to an early UGK song recorded in the 90s. His flow is consistent throughout the song with no fallacies.

The song is memorable due to using repeated lyrics to create a catchy hook that captivates listeners to listen to this song. The lyrics can be heard at the very beginning of this song. The repeated lyrics which create a catchy hook go: “Slanging rocks/Nonstop/Nonstop/Slanging rocks/Slanging rocks/Nonstop/Nonstop” This hook made Slanging Rocks a real banger.

Lethal Injection was a real banger with hard hitting heavy beats and flashy synths. Lethal Injection is one of his lesser known songs. The song is as fatal and deadly as a Lethal Injection hence the song’s title.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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