Review: The Shacks – This Strange Effect EP

Mix ‘60s progressive rock and ‘70s psychedelic rock and you have the sounds of The Shacks – This Strange Effect EP. The Shacks are quite similar to Lil Cap’n Travis and The 13th Floor Elevators. It’s if Neil Young were to meet The Black Keys or if Neil Young were to meet MGMT. This is no conventional type of rock or rock band at that. This digital EP was released by Big Crown Records in 2016.

‘60s progressive rock meet ‘70s psychedelic rock on the song Strange Effect, which is no surprise because the song covers The Kink – Strange Effect. Henceforth the hazy humor laced over distorted twangy guitar notes. The song does have strange yet desirable effect on its listeners. So far this is the best cover version of The Kinks – Strange Effect. The Shacks did wonderful performing this excellent cover song.

Sharon Wise has an Enya vibe in her voice. She also has a Tweet vibe in her voice as well. Her whisper-vocals breeze through the speakers. You can hear the youthfulness in her voice. You will love the real dreamy sound. Notice the cool chord changes. This song certainly has an edge.

The song plays in synchronicity as they blend and loop with each other. This song is a song that will get stuck in your head and you will have to research and look it up online to listen to over and over again repeatedly. The synchronicity of this song is what really stands out.

Strange Effect is their most well known song(s) to date. The music video for Strange Effect reached over 100,000 views on YouTube since 2016. The music video has since surpassed over 300,000 views!

The music video for The Shacks – Strange Effect is currently featured in the Apple iPhone 8 global ad campaign that has been playing on television and the internet. The music video has appeared on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram reaching up towards 20 million views worldwide combined.! The lead actor in the spot was all over the place in the music video.

Reggae meets rock on Hands In Your Pocket. Frightnrs represent the rhythm section backing Sharon’s voice with Max Shrager on guitar. The reggae sound on this track is what really stands out the most. The song is a pitch-perfect melody. Max Shrager does half of the acoustics.

Laying down a pitch-perfect song was an easy task for Sharon Wise. Sharon Wise laid down her vocals perfectly. The pitch and octave range in her vocals make the melody of this song perfect. One thing’s for certain is that Sharon Wise has an Enya vibe in her voice and also has a Tweet vibe in her voice as well.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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