September 24, 2023

October is one of the most personal albums in MC Overlord’s discography. This album is a mixture of folk and rap. October is a folk rap album that is mostly acoustic. Think acoustic hip hop. Lead guitarist Jason Mozersky provided the acoustics. Jason Mozersky, Adi Welk, and other live musicians worked with Overlord on this album. Most of this album has a sad mournful but heartfelt vibe with songs such as Forever, October, and Stand. MC Overlord got personal on songs such as Forever and October as mourned over the loss of his longtime friend Cory Paul Ziegler.

Originally he was doing albums such as this one just to get his name out in order to raise money. It was Wan Santo Condo, a friend of his, who convinced him to complete an album of acoustic hip hop and dedicate the proceeds to a scholarship fund in Ziegler’s name.

The whole album was dedicated to Cory Paul Ziegler after he lost a long battle with leukemia. The profits from this recording were donated to “The Cory Ziegler Fund” which went to a scholarship fund in Ziegler’s name. The album/EP, October was something he started as a plan to commemorate a close friend. Now this album is more of an EP than an actual full length album due to there only being 7 songs total.

The song Forever commemorates the memory of close friend Corey Ziegler. Corey Ziegler lost a long battle with leukemia. The flutes and guitars used on Forever are subtle and quite settling. This song was another way he dealt with Ziegler’s death.

The song October deals with the death of Cory Paul Ziegler who lost a long battle with leukemia in October 1992. Cory had been battling leukemia for 5 years since 1987. Instrumentation is compromised of an acoustic backing track which is Jason Mozersky playing a guitar. This song was the way he dealt with Ziegler’s death. Corey Ziegler was one of his closest college friends when he attended UT Austin.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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