Review: Lil Black & CKC – Dark Territory

Dark Territory is one of the most darkest hardcore gangsta rap EPs to have ever come out of Austin, Texas. The album has those eerie G-Funk synths over explicit hardcore rap lyrics with thick heavy bass and extremely loud beats. Tales of death, drug selling, and killing are what you can expect to hear on this EP. This is Texas gangsta rap at rawest. Dark Territory has some gritty G-Funk sounds. The EP includes the deadly Droppin’ Bombs, mournful It’s Yo Cap Peeler, and the shake Can I Maintain.

Recording sessions for this EP took place at DJ Cassanova’s studio. Members of CKC recorded in the closet with clothes hanging. Dark Territory was also allegedly mixed and mastered at the Tarrytown Garage Studio of Spoon drummer Jim Eno in 1996. Several DAT tapes were used to record the instrumentation on. Big Bailey and DJ Cassanova produced the Dark Territory EP. Although it was mostly DJ Cassanova who did most of the production and engineering. This album is known for its excellent production.

The album cover has a drawing of a longhorn cow which was designed by Elisha Wright. That person was responsible for doing the artwork. Here the artwork was designed using watercolor pencils. Just take a look at the album cover and back insert.

Now this particular EP was Lil Black’s and CKC’s first EP that was released out of the trunk only in 1996. Dark Territory was later only available through mail order only. Only 9,000 copies of the Dark Territory EP were ever sold. Today this album is considered a collectors item and extremely rare. The EP sells for hundreds of dollars when sold online.

CKC was Ciller Klan Click. Ciller Klan Click consisted of Lil Black, Gangsta Lo, N-Do Smoke, S.A. Fool, and Big Bailey.

The song It’s Yo Cap Pealer tells the story of Lil Black killing someone in retaliation for the murder of his longtime friend who lays deceased. This person had murdered his brother out of an act malice and meanness. Lil Black plans on getting justice for his friend by commuting murder in the first degree on the person who killed his friend. Premise of this song is based on a retaliation killing. That is why Lil Black unleashes his anger out on this track.

It’s Yo Cap Pealer was a solo track written entirely by Lil Black himself without the help of anyone else or has any members of CKC contributing.

The song is known for its chilling but negative vibe, smooth vocals, and G-Funk sounds. So enjoy the extremely pleasant and smooth sounds of Lil Black. Lil Black’s chilling vocals bear a resemblance to Scarface. You will be satisfied.

The song begins with a tambourine followed by 2 delicate piano notes played in minor keys. Heavy bass kicks in at the 0:03 mark. Those eerie G-Funk synths start playing afterwards followed by vibra slap.

We are gathered at the cemetery checking out his dead brother’s casket as he lays in peace. His brother was his partner. Lil Black has visions of the murder of his brother. So he has to kill that bastard and get revenge.

Lil Black is riding down the street smoking on a Swisher Sweet while jamming Scarface – Mr. Scarface. He never saw a man cry until he saw a man die. Now it’s time to enact his revenge with members from CKC. He is plotting a way to execute and murder the person who killed his brother. He writes the plan down. The person who killed his brother is now an enemy. That friend was like his a brother to him. Another day, another jack off in these Texas streets. It’s all good because CKC is out to play for keeps.

Lil Black and CKC are riding down the street while thinking about this enemy. CKC has Lil Black’s back. He just won’t be satisfied until he sees that person dead. He has to kill that person for his brother. Lil Black approaches the person and gets out of his ride. That will stop this motherfucker. Lil Black sees the person who killed his brother at a red bouncin’ in a drop top convertible. He creeped up slowly on that person with his glock cocked. Then he blasts at that person which separates the head from the shoulders. There is a smile on Lil Black’s face as he has got the last laugh. That person should have not fucked with the E-Town soldier named Lil Black. Now that person lays in the dirt. So he goes off to smoke some weed.

What happened is that Lil Black committed murder in the first degree. What’s done is done.

Can I Maintain is a song that tackles issues dealign with drug abuse of cocaine. The song also deals with the issues of substance abuse and drug abuse of cocaine. Maintaining your sanity while using cocaine is not the easiest thing in the world. Lyrics to the chorus are a reference to cocaine abuse. “Can I maintain fucking with that bitch cocaine?/Can I maintain?/Fucking with that bitch cocaine”

Can I Maintain is a CKC posse cut that got considerable amount of radio play on KAZI FM 88.7 as White Brotha played hip hop/rap songs on that radio station. Radio play is what made Can I Maintain a definitive ATX classic.

Trying to maintain in these streets is difficult. Fuck the flossing. Trying to maintain in these streets is difficult because there are so many playa haters in Austin who hate on other people’s success. Especially them triflin’ ass holes and assholes.

“Now can I maintain?” is what S.A. Fool asks himself. His homies know the struggle of going through cocaine abuse. So they often help. He fell into the game at a young age when he was youngster. Dead bodies of people lying by the dumpster is a sight he used to seeing. He is trying to maintain in this game because it’s hectic. Bitches are getting pimped out of their cocaine.

S.A. Fool is straight outta SA Town. SA Town is the city known for blasting. That is true because during the 1990s San Antonio was the murder capital of Texas and United States. San Antonio went through a wave of gun violence, gang violence, and drivebys during the 1990s. That is what the lyrics “Straight up outta SA Town/The city known for blastin’” are a reference towards.

The niggaz in the CKC click are all about their money. So don’t disrespect their game or get in their way. So game recognize game.

Lyrics to the chorus are a reference to cocaine abuse. “Can I maintain fucking with that bitch cocaine?/Can I maintain?/Fucking with that bitch cocaine”

Lil Black’s life is at the end of survival of the fittest. The hood done took him under. So he has game for you bitches out there. Lil Black stays posted up with rocks as he checks out the scene. The streets got him looking like a dope fiend high off cocaine. He starts seeing the dangers of cocaine. Cocaine gets him angry due to the high dosages he takes. So he starts smoking fry sticks to control his anger. Law enforcement is up in his cut and up on his nuts. Trying to catch that crack knowing that Lil Black has to make his paper stacks. Can he make it? Yes he can. People get killed, jacked, and in trouble over cocaine.

Droppin’ Bombs is a lyrical freestyle rap song performed and written entirely by Lil Black himself. Lil Black unleashes his anger out on this track also. Lil Black is dropping lyrical bombs on you bitches. Droppin’ Bombs is an Elgin and Austin classic. The song is heavily dependent on a kick drum which gives away a loud vibrant presence. This kick drum is driven by mischievous dark upright bass. Shakers also give this song a loud presence as well.

Droppin’ Bombs a song of his which got considerable amount of radio play on KAZI FM 88.7 as White Brotha played hip hop/rap songs on that radio station. Radio play is what made Droppin’ Bombs a definitive ATX classic.

Droppin’ Bombs uses a vocal sample from Kris Kross – Da Bomb. That is where the vocal sample “I drop bombs like Hiroshima” came from.

It’s that nigga Lil Black back in this bitch once again for the 96. So let that be the reason niggaz keep on getting their mug split because they keep on fucking with that mad man killa. He smokes Swisha Sweets to calm his nerves. These niggas keep on talking shit but they are about to get serve off something proper. Get your body when this nigga’s in your hood laying low in them bushes and is up to no good.

He caught someone slipping. So a 211 (robbery) is in progress. A 187 (murder) happens at the same time in these project. Homicide. Another person died up in these Texas streets. The victim lays stretched out. Paramedics came to the scene where the victim lays. Unfortunately that person did not survive after being hit in the chest with a .45 blast. Lil Black left that person dead. It’s another murder with no suspect. Just money and a Rolex were stolen. Lil Black is dropping bombs on you bitches.

Aggravated like Vietnam. Embalming fluid got him calm. Walking through his hood with this pistol in his palm til dawn. You better just hid away because someone might just die today. Getting blowed like a nigga oughta. Cant forget the two that’s dipped in water. Those pants are saggin’ as his mind is in that killa mode! That is what the lyrics “Pants saggin’/Mind’s in that killa mode” evidence.

You niggas thought Lil Black was joking all because he is not 6 feet tall with swollen muscles. But he has knock power when he hits your jaw. He hopes you can take a hit or a punch. And if you get the best of him, retaliation is on his mind. Because he was raised up in that Elgin, Texas. A small country town but them folks are still reckless.

Lil Black is checking niggas constantly as they are mean mugging him. CKC is his click and they got love for him. And he shows his niggas love back by putting them in his music. Playa haters hate to see Lil Black make it in music. They want to see his downfall and watch him suffer as he fails. But that won’t happen. Because they know his shit is tight. They quick to say it ain’t but his tape is playing in their ride. What’s up with that? These niggas make Lil Black laugh. Punk mothafuckas. Lil Black is dropping bombs on your ass.

Gangstaz was another posse cut that became an underground hit for CKC and Lil Black due to radioplay on KAZI FM 88.7. This song was constantly back in the days.

Lil Black is running with them gangsters. Smoking on a tight Swisher Sweet. Chilling in his hood. He is on the creep after midnight. Niggas on the prowl and dope fiends know the deals with the big bricks. The Ciller Klan Click is coming hard for the 9-6. They steady ballin. Flossin up in Austin. Feds are coming thru and people are taking losses. So keep your game tight and listen to OG Lil Black. You owe him for making money on his turf. You owe him for pimping hoes in his town.

Lil Black learned a lot of shit fucking with the CKC click. Survival of the fittest when you’re clocking cash. Watch your back at all times never trust a friend or foe. Never let someone else roll your endo. This because niggas sure can be shiesty. Lil Black is walking with these gangsters. You busters just can’t find him.

Now Lil Black flips back to the South Side of Elgin. Mean niggas out to eat. Best believe they down to hoo-ride. They are some aggravated killas. Down to die for anything. Lil Black is trying to stay sucker free. His niggas got his back when anyone want to fuck with him. Lil Black is hanging with these gangsters. They are always in them streets hustling hard.

His click and friends showed him game in 1991. They showed him how to keep his game tight by making him go to college, save his money, and get his paper right. Carl Franklin made Lil Black do all that. Lil Black started taking business courses at Huston-Tillotson College in 1994.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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