Review: CKC – The Family

CKC – The Family was one of the hardest rap albums from Austin rap in 1997 and is one of the hardest gangsta rap albums to have ever come out of Austin, Texas. The sounds of hardcore gangsta rap are what you can expect to hear on this album. Each song showcases street savviness and awareness from each member. This is Texas gangsta rap at its rawest. Tales of death, drug selling, daily life, the struggle, political corruption, and sex are the content which can be heard on this album.

The sounds of hardcore gangsta rap are what you can expect to hear as this album has those eerie G-Funk synths over explicit hardcore rap lyrics with thick heavy bass and extremely loud beats. This album is known for its excellent production. Every single song has those gritty G-Funk sounds.

Recording sessions for this album took place at Fat Tracks Studio. Big Bailey produced this entire album himself at Fat Tracks Studio in 1997 as he did all of the production. Although a few of the songs were recorded in 1996. Members of CKC recorded in the closet with clothes hanging. Several DAT tapes were used to record the instrumentation on. DJ Cassanova did not produce this album. David V. McAdoo served as Co-executive producer.

Their full length album sold roughly 20,000 copies. Despite selling 20,000 copies, the album failed to make much of an impact outside the Austin area let alone Elgin itself. Gangsta rap was not exactly popular in Austin at that time despite The Dayton Family having their FBI album sell over 400,000 units in Austin.

CKC’s full length album was distributed by Midwest Records, Select-O-Hits, SoSouth, Gonzales Distribution, and Southwest Distribution. Although this album was mainly distributed by Midwest Records as that was the company that pressed up their album on CD and cassette. Now CKC – The Family was sold and made available through mail order and was sold out of the trunk also. Today this album is considered a collectors item and extremely rare. CKC – The Family sells for hundreds of dollars when sold online. That is why this album is such a rarity.

Now the cassette pressing of this album sells for a much lower price and does not have the radio edits of Another Day and CKC Luv.

CKC was Ciller Klan Click. Ciller Klan Click consisted of Lil Black, Gangsta Lo, N-Do Smoke, S.A. Fool, and Big Bailey.

The album starts off during a dice game floored by a knock on the door. That nigga from the club was out to get his revenge on CKC. He tells them he was going to get them. Gunshots fire off as everyone in CKC disperses from the scene. The intro quickly mixes into the minute and a half long song Revenge which is a solo track by Lil Black.

Revenge is on Lil Black’s mind. Lil Black’s partner was left in critical condition. So his ass must fry. He’ll watch him die like he deserves it while choking on blow and gasping for air. However Lil Black is showing no love. He is letting lose one more time to ease his pain. His brain was blown out. Lil Black watched the struggle of his breath as he died that night. Lil Black didn’t really want to kill but he left him no choice. He shows no remorse for his actions as he got revenge for his friend. Now Lil Black is gone like the wind.

9 times out of 10, they’ll be coming again. You better bring some heat because his kinfolks are down to ride with him and for him. You’ll drop once the bullet hits your flesh. Can you last from 100 different gun blasts? That’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

CKC Luv was the CKC anthem which got constant radio play on KAZI FM 88.7 back in 1997. This posse cut was about unity and how CKC stands together with their strength. There ain’t no love like that CKC love. The song is know for those deep melodic whistles, a vocoder, that funky guitar, ultra thick heavy bass, and bangin’ beats that are thumpin’.

Lil Black was born and raised in the Lone Star State of Texas. Gangsterism is a must for him. But who can he trust? Just the Ciller Klan Clic (CKC) because his niggaz have nuts. There is no gangbanging involved despite being a clique. Bitches in the game owe him. They should already know that. Show him some motherfucking love as he has this rap shit sowed up. He is about to hit a lick across the nation. Them niggaz be waiting for Black’s new occupation. Him and CKC rap in the studio.

What’s happening. People are all of a sudden jealous Lil Black and CKC. They try to hide it and deny it. The fact and truth is that Lil Black is selling CDs just like crack. Police are mad as hell because they raided his room at the motel only to find cassette tapes. They were hoping to find drugs which would get him locked up for an extended amount of time. Damn it feels good. No more ducking and dodging. No more jacking and robbing. No more court cases. Because the money is not around so he can’t be involved.

Niggaz killing each other over colors. However when it’s time to go to jail, they turn on each other and act as snitches. You need that CKC love.

These niggaz riding in Cadillacs and Bourbons. Leaning off of drank. S.A. Fool is a young g from Texas who in this game. Thats no easy task though. People try to test S.A. Fool. However he doubts those who try to test him. His motto is “No Hate”. S.A. Fool is puttin’ it down for A-Town (Austin).

He knows these niggaz have been waiting. He has homies wearing blue (Crips) and homies wearing read. He can’t stand to his niggaz kill each other dead. What he wants to see is unity, love, to stop black on black killings, and his niggaz make money.

These lyrics are a call for unity and love.

I’ve got homies wearing blue
Homies flaming red
Can’t stand to my niggaz kill each other dead
Nigga let’s come together
Get rich up in this bitch
Kick it for our dead homies and show them what they’ve been missing
Because love is the power and power is the key
It’s that CKC love

Like that love from the ghetto. Just drop your top and perfecto. There’s players in every town. Hoes be on your dick when they find out you’re rich. That’s why S.A. Fool rolls one deep if he’s not with his clique. S.A. Fool shows love for everyone. S.A. Fool is trying to make it in life. The Ciller Klan Click is about to blow up in this bitch. Ain’t no love like that CKC love.

What’s Going On? was the gangsta rap cover for Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On. The song explained what was going on in these Texas streets during 1997 with all the murders, police killings, corruption, drug abuse, and politics that are involved in American life. The song sheds light on the issue of political corruption as well.

What’s Going On? is a Lil Black solo. Lil Black wants to know what’s going on in these Texas streets. So he reports and raps about what’s going on in these streets with this song of his. What’s really going on in these Texas streets? That is the question he wants answered and wants to know. Lil Blacks explains why things are the way they are on these Texas streets in the song.

Things that were happening in this song such as murder, police killings, corruption, and drug selling are still happening today. What’s Going On? is relevant today as it was in 1997. This song definitely needs a remake today because niggaz and eses still don’t know what’s going on.

Lil Black wrote the song while Big Bailey did the production. The song uses a warped 45 RPM vocal sample of the song Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On. Notice how his vocal samples are warped instead of played at a normal rate/speed. The RPM rate/speed was set to 45 RPM instead of 33 RPM. Big Bailey did this to avoid copyright infringement and a lawsuit.

What’s really going on with these streets up in Texas? Laws are flexing and plexing by the dozen. Political corruption goes on with law enforcement up in these Texas streets. Law enforcement is tape recording your confession to use in court so they can have a case filed against you. They violate your rights by wire tapping and recording you without your knowledge or consent.

You learned a lesson about speaking on them questions law enforcement asks you. What the heck were you thinking about? Answering questions law enforcement asks you. Because real niggaz don’t snitch down in the South. Real niggaz gonna survive. Trill niggaz struggle with pride.

Lil Black maintains his composure. That’s part of the G code. He stays in his own lane like a soldier. He watches out for those who are claiming to be his partners because they will set him up to get arrested by police. You better know who your friends are because they can snitch on you at any given time. They will set you up. Lil Black puts it down for them niggaz by telling them what is really going on in these streets. He asks them, “What’s going on?”

During the 2nd verse of the song is where Lil Black explains how a police killing happened in Elgin, Texas. A teenager was displaying erratic behavior by acting unusual. That teenager was displaying disturbing behaviors and mannerisms. So Elgin Police Department (Elgin PD) was called to the scene to deescalate the situation. Unfortunately Elgin Police ended up killing the teenager because their officers were poorly trained on how to deescalate the situation. The teenager was shot and bullets ended up piercing the nack killing them. Police later discovered the teenager was high off of drugs.

These lyrics are a reference to how police were poorly trained to handle a situation where someone was high off of drugs.

Another murder across town
Had to lay it down from a tech
Teenager caught a bloody round to his neck
Now check this shit out
Man, it’s no lie
The youngster that had got killed was gone off that fry
So high
Was gone from his state of mind

You find black on black killing over material possessions such as shoes or drugs. Black on black crimes are shown on the 6 o’clock news. Gang affiliation is a war that black people lose. Innocent bystanders remain in a threatened state. Most killers that are gang affiliated are teenagers because they will get a reduced sentence due to age. They don’t give a fuck about the world and its surroundings. The hood mentality has gotten to them. Using high powered artillery to kill people is what they do. Lil Black chooses not live up in these ghetto blues.

What’s really going on? Niggaz ain’t strong enough to make it in the game. They are doing wrong and feeling pain as they are doing cocaine. A small country town is the worst place to be caught doing crimes. You’ll get locked up with no bail if caught.

Lil Black sheds light on drug abuse at the beginning of the 3rd verse with these lyrics.

What’s really going on?
Niggaz ain’t strong enough to make it in the game
Niggaz doing wrong
Got niggaz feeling pain
Fucking with that white bitch cocaine
And all my niggaz in Austin and Elgin feel the same
Houston and Dallas, just a few more to name
San Antonio
Mane, these streets ain’t gonna change
Corpus Christi and P.A. feel the pressure

The 3rd verse is where Lil Black sheds light on drug abuse and no bail sentencing with these lyrics. He explains that law enforcement is tough on crime in these small country towns. They are even hard on drug abusers.

What’s really going on?
Niggaz ain’t strong enough to make it in the game
Niggaz doing wrong
Got niggaz feeling pain
Fucking with that white bitch cocaine
And all my niggaz in Austin and Elgin feel the same
Houston and Dallas, just a few more to name
San Antonio
Mane, these streets ain’t gonna change
Corpus Christi and P.A. feel the pressure
Taylor and Georgetown
Man them laws sweat ya
Small country town is the worst place to be
Caught up in some drama and your ass is history
Locked up tight in a concrete hell
Niggaz doing 50 with a muthafuckin’ L
Sentenced with no bail
Forever in the jail
Rot in that muthafucka till your ass smell
Then they box you up and send your ass back home

Busted Ass Bitch’z is a solo cut performed by Gangsta Lo which is known for its super low bass and mid tempo pace. This song serves as a warning to not mess with Gangsta Lo or cross him the wrong way. He tells busters and bitches to stay away from him. Gangsta Lo talks about how things were on the outside when he was released from jail on the song.

Gangsta Lo is fresh out of jail ridden with aggravation and pain. He has been locked up all these years and now he’s on parole. He thinks his mind is going insane. Vengeance is on his mind. However he lets that go to see his family since it’s been so long since they last seen him. CKC has been with him through thick and thin. They are true riders until the snitch to law enforcement. His homies greet him with hugs and pats.

Youngsters might come and jack (rob) him. He doesn’t mind coming hard as he will push you or anyone else into the dirt. Then he’ll put a pump shotgun to your chest just to show what his money is worth. Living the life of a hustler is what he does. Flossing thru the hood and he’s ballin’ with no busters. Gangsta Lo is back up in this bitch peeping out them Elgin vets. He is locced up on the corner while his partners get choked and wet. He tells busters and bitches to stay away from him.

He committed a murder out of insanity when his homie died. Then he finally realized he was a victim to homicide. His killer would have to pay the cost. So he murders his killer. This serves as a warning to not mess with Gangsta Lo or cross him the wrong way. His hood will be relieved from the pressure. His momma can live her life without the visions of stretcher. Staying strong is all she needs to do.

Gangsta Lo is coming straight up out of Elgin, Texas and is ready to diss a hoe. He is locked in deep into this game. Will a nigga die or will a nigga maintain? Or will a nigga catch a case? Those are the questions he asks himself and contemplates about. It’s hard to make a decision.

Hoe Boss is a fast paced CKC posse cut laced with heavy bass. CKC shows it costs to be the hoe boss as they break us off something proper. They pay their dues. The song is about pimping and prostitution. Pimping ain’t dead. You have to be for real if you are going to be a pimp in this game.

That nigga Lil Black is repack to mack and pimp a weak minded bitch. Club hopping hoes are searching for dick. Bitches are choosing real niggaz from far and near. So Lil Black made a plan so his underground record label and them can all get rich. They got what they need to make money. Bitches sell their asses. Families are in shock. He feels like a pimp. His self-esteem has increased because of this. Bitches should have been smarter. You should have taught your daughter not to fuck with niggaz from Elgin and Austin.

Now CKC is rolling 4 deep to the club and are ready to pimp out some bitches. They came to mack. Bitches swarm in droves. They are told not be stingy with the pussy. Ain’t nothing going on but the pimping in here. CKC is thugs and hustlers. Niggas are showing love for sexual satisfaction.

N-Do Smoke tells us not to trust a bitch because there is no telling who she had sexual intercourse with. She could have a deadly sexually transmitted disease. Nowadays people will sleep with anyone regardless of the consequences. He also tells us a freak bitch is only good for one thing and that is sexual pleasure. Not to mention pleasure. There is no shame in his game. He is from the South Oak Cliff neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas. Every bitch on the block and hood knows N-Do Smoke.

Bitches are made by pimps and hustlers. Bitches love to be pimped with a passion. CKC rolls to your hood to share game. You better recognize.

Playa-Hata is a song about those pesky playa haters that get in everyone’s way and hates on us. The song is quite similar to the soulful O’Jays – Backstabbers ballad cut.

Playa-Hata is another CKC posse cut that is an ATX classic. This is another one of their songs that constant radio play on KAZI FM 88.7 back in 1997. The song is know for that ultra thick heavy bass and bangin’ beats that are thumpin’. T-Baby does the soulful singing which gives this CKC song a soul touch.

Playa haters are people who can’t stand to see you do good yourself. They hate on your success. They smile in your face thinking that they’re your friend. Playa haters are fake people and enemies. They test your faith all time. Misery needs and loves company. So you be the better person. Get up and leave. Playa haters mean nothing. Don’t just stoop to their level. Go on and brush your shoulders off like Jay-Z said. Friends can turn into playa haters quickly and start hating. Your closest friends could turn out to be playa haters. So be aware.

Another Day is another CKC posse cut that is an ATX classic. This is another one of their songs that constant radio play on KAZI FM 88.7 back in 1997. T-Baby does the soulful singing which gives this CKC song a soul touch. CKC gives listeners advice on how to live life.

It’s every player’s dream to make a name for themselves. You take the cards that you were dealt and not the cards from the shelf. If you’re black they hold you back. It’s gets tough while holding on. You get one chance. So be strong. Everybody had a time in their life where they paid the cost.

It’s another day in the ghetto with the drug dealing, smoking, drinking lean, and stacking green.

Have ever you seen a man and his family with no place to stay? Poverty stricken children with no friends to play with. Lil Black prays that he can never fall on that track. His life is hard enough because he is Lil Black. Every day he sees seekers smoking that shit. They forget about their children so they can get a hit which is sad of course.

Lil Black tells us the world is fucked up. Watch them haters unfold. Haters can be heard steady talking on anybody. But there is no hating in Lil Black. He wishes the best for his people.

Hustle On uses a mixture of soul, rap, and country. The song is about getting your hustle on. CKC is on a major paper chase. They have to get their hustle on as these streets are no joke.

Lil Black has been through hard times. For example back in 1994 when he fell out of the game. His situation had gotten so hectic. He couldn’t count $10 dollars to his name or had a pot to piss in. Money was something that he was used to having. Voices in his brain were screaming for him to commit suicide. It seemed the harder he tried, the harder he fell. His mind was made up to give up on life because everything he did never turned out right.

But his kinfolk came to him on a hot sunny day. Told him to take heed on what he had to say. So Lil Black listened to the words of the old school. T-Baby told him to get his hustle on. It’s all about the dollar.

Now it’s up to Lil Black to get back on his feet. He can either stay broke or get back in these streets. All the shit that has happened is hard to explain. This game has caused him so much pain. Ye t he blames his enemies for his mistakes and tribulations.

All these player haters talk bad about Lil Black. They never seen him in their life and heard he got rich. All up on his dick. He’s got them bricks of yayo which he breaks down into doubt ups. He sees nothing but profits as he stacks money. He keeps his head up in his business. Cant get let himself get caught up in grief. He has to get his hustle on all day. He feels the struggle of those locked up. These ghetto streets are hot and filled with trouble. These streets are no joke

N-Do goes on a murder spree on the song Killing Spree. This song discusses the deadly escapades which happen during his murders. The song is known for super low bass, dark bells, and thick beats.

N-Do woke up early to go on a killing spree. He is about to smoke a nigga because his bitch is after him. He has a semi-11 in his bulletproof vest. He has an AK and a banana clip. Smoking on that fry and now it’s to time to kill. He rolled up on a psychopath in Oak Cliff. So it’s about to be a bloodbath. He scoped out the nigga he was after. No fucks were given. He cut out his spine like he was Freddy Kruger. Then he proceeded on his murder mission because he wasn’t finished yet.

His next victim was a female. He knocked on her door. She didn’t know what to expect. Little does she know she is going to die tonight. He tells her, “Bitch get in the car because we’re gong to the motel.” He took her to an alley because she was a slut. He didn’t kill her because he had to bust his nut. His dick is rock hard from all the action and killing. Next he put his pistol in her vagina and it exploded. Suddenly he hears sirens. This was the moment he knew police were after him. They better let him be because he is on a killing spree.

There is no time to waste as N-Do does not fuck around. N-Do is a psychopath straight up outta Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas. He’s cold blooded like a reptile. Visions of everything and everything move around because he is on a killing spree.

N-Do woke up early to go on a killing spree. In a rage. Another fool has made headline news on the front page.

He woke up early in the morning. Voices of the devil float through his head as he wakes up and gets out of bed. Those voices tell him to check a motherfucker for the money. Sometimes he feels like a dope fiend. On the cut late night, he had a fifth (1/5) of E & J, a 20 sack of weed, and a nickel stick of Alizay. High as fuck. Going on a rampage down the avenue. That 12 gauge of his is loaded up as he goes out to look for another person to kill. Another fool has made the front page. He tried to make a move and run away but N-Do shot him down and killed him though.

Thrill Is Gone explores how the thill of sexual intercourse goes away when hoes take advantage of their man. It’s hard to maintain once the thrill has come and gone. Thrill Is Gone has a blues rap type of feeling and vibe due to a bluesy electric guitar playing everywhere. That is why blues meets rap. Now the feeling, tone, and mood for this song is filled with sadness.

The song begins with deep dark mysterious sound bass. That bass is actually upright bass from an upright bass violin. Followed by upright bass is an electric guitar.

N-Do Smoke fell a victim. He has fallen off all over some pussy and went broke in this bitch. He tried so hard to make this damn thing last. What that means is that he tried so hard to make the sexual intercourse last for as long as possible. That is what the lyrics “I tried so hard to make this damn thing last” are referring to. Emotions make you sad when you’re busting your ass. He showed he love by buying her clothes and jewelry.

But N-Do Smoke had to repent and open the Holy Bible. So he hollered at Gangsta Lo cause he tells him the truth about everything. Gangsta Lo tells N-Do Smoke, “You don’t need to fuck around.” At first it was hard for him to relate. So he sits back with his clique. Reclines and unwinds smoking sticks. N-Do Smoke reminisces on all the times this hoe was sucking all on his dick. The thrill of sex is gone for him. Fuck these hoes and their thrills.

As Lil Black sits in his room sipping syrup. He is yearning for her love like a sex fiend. She would never come home. She would stay gone all night thinking tat a good fuck season would make things all right for herself. It’s a brand new game as times have changed. Lil Black is scarred by so many lost memories. The thrill is gone because of that.

Now he has to find himself a new broad or hoe. She better not trip. He tells her to step back. So now he must bail and hit the streets. The thrill is gone.

It’s hard to maintain once the thrill has come and gone. S.A. Fool used to kick it with this hoe on a regular basis but now he is alone. There was too much fussing and fighting. He’s not surprised by her lies. The trust they used to have for each other no longer applies. He hopes she learned a good lesson from all that bugging and stressing. The thrill is gone.

The album closes out with the funky guitar driven rap song Still In The Game. The song also serves as a dedication track. The song is also another CKC posse cut which includes all members. Half of the time they rap and half of the time they talk. CKC is still in the game after all these years. It’s CKC forever.

However the song is incorrectly listed as Still In The Gone on the CD pressing. Ironically enough the song is listed correctly on the cassette pressing. This could be an error or faulty on Midwest Records part since they were the ones responsible for printing CKC’s albums. Still In The Game is the last track on the cassette pressing.

Some of the lyrics from their 1996 song Can I Maintain from the Dark Territory album are used in this song. “Can I maintain fucking with that bitch cocaine?” These lyrics are a reference to cocaine abuse. Maintaining your sanity while using cocaine is not the easiest thing in the world.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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