Review: X-Raided – X-Ology

X-Ology was a greatest hits album and compilation album Black Market Records used to help X-Raided fulfill his contractual obligations. The album was released after The Initiation album was released during that same year. Most of these tracks were handpicked throwbacks by X-Raided and Ced Singleton. This X-Raided album featured some unreleased material never heard before. Some of the material was leftover material that miraculously did not make it onto other albums of his. If you are an X-Raided fan or completionist, then this album will be perfect for you.

The electronic futuristic recording Here We Come was recorded in 1999. It was a leftover from the 1999 Unforgiven album. Some would think this track would be recorded in the year 2000 or 2001 due to the futuristic sound, however that is not the case. Here We Come was an X-Raided and Triple Beam posse cut despite X-Raided doing most of the rapping. Here We Come was supposed to be included on the Unforgiven album, but was not at all included for whatever logical reason. Here We Come is quite hedonistic and menacing.

Here We Come was recorded on an illegally acquired DAT tape recorder inside Soledad State Prison. That is why the vocal quality is so clear. Both X-Raided, Hollis, and KG produced Here We Come. Although KG handled most of the production outside prison walls. KG takes credit for production for the most part.

Where You At is a leftover track from 2000 Vengeance Is Mine album which is an X-Raided solo cut. You can tell by the clear vocals inside the production that the track is from his 2000 album. The vocal quality is crystal clear. Hollis and KG produced Where You At. Both of them were responsible for post production of Where You At as they were outside prison walls. The sound and mood is not too hostile ironically. The beats and chirping crickets help give off an easy mellow vibe despite the track being on a gangsta rap album.

X-Raided reminisces on his childhood in Sacramento, California on Where You At. The details are graphic and violent. He boasts that the city’s murder rate is so high. Murders are a common day occurrence in the capital of California. Nevertheless he gives loves for his city as he holds his weight down on his own tracks. He hold it down on this one.

As The World Turns is an unreleased track that again was produced by KG. It is unclear which album this track was intended for though. The track is not too hedonistic. The beat is quick and fast paced at an adjusted rate of 89 BPM. KG was responsible for producing most of the unreleased tracks that were included on this compilation.

The man who produced I Ain’t Dead Yet is none other than LA Chill better known now as Trumptteezee. Yes Ill was LA Chill who produced the classic Xorcist album back in the day. LA Chill has gone under various names in his career as a producer such as Ill, Chill Will, Trump Tight, trumptz, and Trump TeeZee. No Ced Singleton did not produce I Ain’t Dead Yet. The only thing Ced Singleton did was put that Xorcist album out. Da Misses can be heard at the very end of the track.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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